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  1. PC bindings just dissapear
  2. PC Chat stops working once game starts
  3. PC Imani's Ult Charge is broken beyond reason
  4. PC Ps4 controller not working on pc
  5. PC play ranked challenge unable to be fulfilled.
  6. PC Performance Issues and FPS Drops in End Times
  7. PC Inara's bug from 2.02
  8. PlayStation 4 quest end of times buged
  9. PC No Ranked Play
  10. PC End of times quest
  11. PC End Times Message UI Bug
  12. PC Viktor's Weapon Audio Bug
  13. PC Bug block when teleporting with nessa in the onslaught map Primal Court
  14. PC Bugs, lagproducing "heartbreaker" weapon, blurred images
  15. Xbox One Mouse on Xbox
  16. PC I keep crashing
  17. PC Character bundle not carrying over to other platforms
  18. PC end times event match counter bugged and msg id error still showing
  19. Xbox One Unsynced account
  20. Xbox One Unsynced account
  21. PC End Times Ultima-Engine bug
  22. PC Battle pass, end times.
  23. PC Battle pass, End times.
  24. PC [Bug?] Keyboard + Controller hybrid play no longer an option
  25. PC New map: siege mode and deployables/bouncing shots
  26. PC Polite suggestion: How to fix no mount on spawn bug
  27. PlayStation 4 terminus new skin health bar
  28. PC Shalin-Impaler Arrow Sound Bug
  29. PC ascension peak not available in custom
  30. PC Champion-specific keybinds are GONE.
  31. PC New Event quest bug
  32. PlayStation 4 System Chat: The queue is not open at this time
  33. PlayStation 4 A fila não esta aberta agora. Bug
  34. PC Maeve Nine Lives Glitch
  35. PC Play 5 End of Times games quest is not able to be completed
  36. PC Bugs in 2.2 end time
  37. PC не засчитывается квест из конец времён
  38. PC Didn't get Heartbreaker avatar after winning a game
  39. PC The game freezes after patch 2.01
  40. PC (that's probably me but) Bugeris
  41. PC the first time i opened this game today i got this
  42. PC the first time i opened this game today i got this
  43. PC A lot of bugs...
  44. PC Sha Lin Omega Ultimate Bug Sound
  45. PC Sha Lin -Impaler Arrow Bug
  46. PC Game freezes while loading profile after today's patch
  47. PC Game crashes after launch on Mac
  48. Nintendo Switch Options reset each time I log in
  49. PC Please help me recover account been 5 days+ and no reply...
  50. PC Con la ultima actualización 20/02/19 me saca de partida
  51. Xbox One Rank not counting match total.
  52. PC Sha Lin seems to Ignore Shields, Sometimes...
  53. PC Award Progress not completing or no credit for completion.
  54. PC Can't queue as a party
  55. PC Rank Placements Not Progressing
  56. PC Rank matches are not counted properly
  57. PC Rank deleted during split
  58. Ranked Matches Not Progressing
  59. PC Mouse arrow disappears
  60. PC 30 ranked matches/only 3 have progressed my placements
  61. PC Talent Bug
  62. PC Bug account cards
  63. PC Removed During a Ranked Match
  64. PC Grohk's right arm is not covered by his capsule hitbox.
  65. PC extra abilities bug
  66. PC (forums bug) Paladins forums is not secure. Password may got stolen.
  67. PC Sometime the 1st player who have permission to ban can't ban any champions.
  68. PlayStation 4 100% tax on Mixer purchase... #TheMixerMixup
  69. PC sha lin unplayble due to audio issue
  70. Xbox One All settings reset every boot up
  71. PC Bomb King animation error!
  72. Stuck on loading profile, game stops responding and ceases to work, nothing works
  73. PC Crashing problem
  74. PC Maldamba Dread Serpent Animation Issue
  75. PC Hunting Party for Tyra still locked at lvl 8
  76. PC Starter Pack won't activate
  77. PC Imani related bugs/problems.
  78. PC The game isnt letting me qualify for rank
  79. PC In Game Daily Rewards
  80. PC Viktor Burst Mode Bug
  81. PC Not having unlocked all talents for Sha Lin.
  82. PC No Custom games for me in the lobby
  83. PC Talents locked
  84. PC Ranked party kicked party members and put in game solo
  85. PC Not able to CAP in ranked match
  86. PlayStation 4 End Times Quest Issues, etc.
  87. PC I can't walk
  88. PC Imani Skills Bug - Weapon Stuck
  89. Xbox One Glitch with buck reload (only temp)
  90. PC Maeve's Double Jump
  91. PC Grohk level 2 ability not unlocked
  92. PC I can't buy Grohk Mastery Emote
  93. PC Ranked screen bug
  94. PC Gifting Bug
  95. PC got some champs to over lvl 8 before new talents and now i cant get them
  96. PC Weird and small Moji thing
  97. PC Skin sounds are way too quiet
  98. PC Steam-Account linking
  99. PC Crashing issue when a Grover use his vine (2.0.3 ! )
  100. PC No Audio When Enemy Gentleman Jenos is Ulting
  101. PC End Times: Previous anti gravity effect stayed until I was killed.
  102. PC Give some love to Russian language. Russian font looks absolutely terrible
  103. PC Sending gifts anonymously is not anonymous
  104. PC Bug After Match
  105. PC Unable to capture the objective
  106. PC Chat bug
  107. PC Large gift not working
  108. PC Imani Key Binding Reset After Ultimate
  109. PC Help ranked tp reward
  110. PC Paladins 2.02 Bug Report
  111. PC Paladins crashes in game randomly
  112. PC 2.02 Ranked
  113. PC Framerate drops with specific weapon skins
  114. Nintendo Switch Goddess pack
  115. PC Astral Mark Bug
  116. PlayStation 4 Can't see skins or loadouts on Main Menu
  117. PC Bug during entering in ranked
  118. PlayStation 4 Not recieving rewards from ranked challenges
  119. PC Game freeze
  120. PC Getting kicked and deserted for no reason.
  121. PC I got rank before I finish placements .
  122. PC Game locking up on Double / Triple kill
  123. PC Champions control is not working!!!
  124. PC I can not log in to my account.
  125. PC lvl 2 capacity blocked on my champions
  126. Xbox One Xbox forced Crossplay with PC
  127. Xbox One Forced to use gamepad
  128. PlayStation 4 Zhin's Ult/Camera glitch
  129. Nintendo Switch Champion's key bindings can not be saved
  130. PC No voice line for Gentleman Jenos' ulti
  131. PC Ping issues
  132. PC Bindings are resetting back to default after a round in the match
  133. PC paladins public test version mismatch
  134. PC Player Reconnects and Becomes Stuck in Place
  135. PC Battle pass - 0 days remaining
  136. PC Kinessa prots out of map (Magistrates Archives)
  137. PC Unwinnable Match - Cap timer would not pass 8%
  138. PlayStation 4 BUG : Missing some of loadout after latest update
  139. PC Pip potion bug is still a thing
  140. PC Sha Lin impaler arrow sound bug
  141. PC Jenos stellar wind sound bug
  142. PC The Ace title challenges bugged?
  143. PC Skye Time bomb indicator bug
  144. PC bug with hooking willo as makoa
  145. PC Strix's Ult
  146. PC Cant cap point but enemy auto caps without standing there
  147. PC Terminus Bugs
  148. PlayStation 4 Falla en campeones
  149. Xbox One Gifting Minimum
  150. PC Infiltrator Strix sound bug (weapon)
  151. PlayStation 4 Respawn Bug
  152. PC Chrome
  153. PC Scope sensitivity and mouse sensitivity roll back after pressing apply
  154. PC Title "Battle Hardened" not equipable
  155. PC Shattered Desert - My Team Couldn't Capture the Objective at All
  156. PlayStation 4 Unable to choose champion then given 'Deserter'
  157. PC Pressed Ranked And Stuck In Custom Game Lobby
  158. PC Paladins crashes at start and returns a blank crash report
  159. PC GAME BREAKING: Enemy team unable to cap the point at all
  160. PC Mastery Poses & Emotes Don't Display 3-digit Levels
  161. PC Groover abilities
  162. PC [PC] Mouse no more working after crossplay update
  163. PC Remix/Music Sound(s) on Champions disappear after a match.
  164. PlayStation 4 Massive problems drawing Khans shield when under fire from multiple enemies
  165. PC Default emote of Sha Lin and Tyra are not equipable to emote wheel
  166. PC Pixelated image of Sugarplum Willo's weapon
  167. PC Androxus Huntsman skin
  168. PC Paladins locked my champions !
  169. PC No BGM during matches
  170. PC Multiple champions loadouts are locked even if I'm over the required level
  171. PC chat
  172. PC Issue: Game Freeze upon Double Kills/Victory
  173. PC Furia Kindle Soul does not heal targets with half body covered
  174. PC Lobby chat not working
  175. PC Gentleman Jenos
  176. PC Talents not acquire
  177. PC Champions icon hitbox mismatch
  178. PC Bug with Sha lin Level and Habilities
  179. PlayStation 4 Champions Screen Bug PS4
  180. PC Match with low ping / high ping, oscillating on each game
  181. PlayStation 4 Constant "Party Unavailable To Join" window
  182. PlayStation 4 Multiple Sprays with Wheel Broken
  183. PC Descriptions of character abilities, cards, and talents on Live server
  184. PC Abilities not unlocking (Strix, possibly others as well)
  185. PC Bomb King's attack sounds like Buck's attack
  186. PC Bug com o salvamento de atalhos de um expecífico campeão
  187. Xbox One Nothing will load
  188. PC Losing 15 pts / winning 8 pts in gold ranked
  189. PC Imani Deadly Bug in ranked matchs
  190. PC Lagging for the whole end of times patch
  191. Xbox One End times Siege map bug
  192. PC Khan ult softlock?
  193. PC Positioning lag
  194. PC Key bindings reset when leaving a game
  195. PC Reset key bindings
  196. PC Missing gold after champion purchase
  197. PC Paladins Patch - "Future's End" - PTS Bug Reporting and Investigating Thread
  198. PC Sometimes can't move upon first logging in
  199. PC PC PTS - can't mute players
  200. PC Tab In to Join match, input not accepted
  201. PC Voice Chat Completely Borked
  202. PC Getting stuck on "Attempting to Log In"
  203. PC PTS Mal Damba Shadow lord skin has no sound and weapon
  204. PC LSD bug
  205. PC Khan is bugged
  206. PC Georgian image frozen and closed
  207. PlayStation 4 Imani Gold Skin Kill Effects Not Working?!?!?!
  208. PC DLC Issue
  209. PC PTS update problems.
  210. PC FROZEN/CRASH During Champion Customization
  211. PC Didn't get Imani Avatar for Woman's Day
  212. PC New Bug "Cannot capture point"
  213. PC Not able to log in to PTS (Unexpected Login Failure)
  214. PlayStation 4 Achievements,avatars,titles
  215. PlayStation 4 PS Mixer Points Bug
  216. Xbox One Rubber banding/uncontrolled movement
  217. PC Bugs i find into PTS (1h play)
  218. PC Hard Freeze at Top Play
  219. PC Крашиться игра
  220. PC Crash Paladins
  221. PlayStation 4 !! Gift problem !!
  222. PC Game crashed
  223. PC Flank/Support/Damage/Frontline Battle Chests Bugged?
  224. PlayStation 4 Paladins ,baraja, GROHK
  225. PC Bug com a visualização de voz
  226. PC Pip - not working talant Acumen
  227. Xbox One End times quests released on 3/13
  228. PC Champions Unpurchased
  229. PC Ash Ultimate ignored
  230. PC Ranked games: Broken again?
  231. PlayStation 4 Constant disconnects in ranked
  232. PC Mission
  233. Nintendo Switch Switch: End Times quests not updating and/or not giving credit
  234. PC End Times Quest not working
  235. Xbox One Chat não aperece para o usuário mas ele consegue enviar mensagens.
  236. Nintendo Switch Dual Viktor skins equipped??
  237. PC Strange Bugs if i want to join a game
  238. PC 4v5 (no bot), bad lag
  239. PC Crossplay issue/glitch?
  240. PC ash frozen
  241. PC End times quest bug
  242. PC Error occurred while retrieving data. Please try again later
  243. PC Game crash every 4-5 game plays
  244. PC Crash in ranked match lobby
  245. PC Visive bug on mac
  246. PC End of Times quests
  247. PlayStation 4 Gentlemen Jenos Ultimate
  248. PC Key binding issue with Cassie
  249. PC Ranked game lobby bug wtf
  250. PC Can't Login to Hi-Rez/Paladins Strike Account - Error occurred while retrieving data