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  1. PC Using 400 gems for the huntsman androxous skin won't work
  2. Misuse of Bug Reporting Section will now cause infractions
  3. PC Bus in Warder's gate map.
  4. PC Season frame Bug
  5. PC Server Lag And Loadout Problems
  6. PC How to fix enexpected login failure
  7. PC Bug: Locked in 3rd Person View with Abilities Locked
  8. PC Steam - Merry Mayhem items unlocked without stocking
  9. PC Bluetooth headphones turn off
  10. PC The game just does not start and gives an error...
  11. PC Head-to-head game ends in defeat when team is still inside of onslaught control point
  12. PC Odd FPS, v-sync stuck on?
  13. PC Enemy Viktor's gun sounds like it's always very close
  14. PlayStation 4 Play of game shooting wall
  15. PC no respawn bug
  16. PC capture point bug on new map
  17. PC Grover ulti bug
  18. PC Couldn't link back to my character after reconnected to compet match
  19. PC Maeve strike bug
  20. PC Separate room Bug?
  21. PC Khan ult bug.
  22. Nintendo Switch Motion Control Configurations Reset
  23. Unable to equip Golden Ash and Grover skins
  24. PC Lian's new skin bug
  25. PC Game crashed when alt tabbing
  26. PC Visual Blue Line Appearing
  27. PC New Siege Map
  28. PC Can't equip Golden Grover skin
  29. PC Patch 1.9 - Keyboard and mouse sensing
  30. PC New Chest screen issue!
  31. PC viktor's new bug(?)
  32. PC Black squares appearing around map blocking whole view.
  33. Xbox One Seris shadow travel effect bug
  34. PC Unlimited ult grohk bug
  35. PC would you mind if I praise the Warder's Gate?
  36. PC Item Bug
  37. PC Furia beam(Pyre Strike) disappears/doesn't go off
  38. PC Mal'Damba Gourd doesn't work when you have two gourds up on the same time
  39. PC Post Match Trap with no exit
  40. PC alt+tab crash and 30 min deserter immediatly
  41. PC Battle pass fake level up pop up
  42. PC Koga Master of Arms STILL not working [patrch 1.9]
  43. PC Anti-cheat closing my game giving me 30minute deserter
  44. PC Voice pack ad bug
  45. PC BUG - Strix not unlocked today
  46. PC Merry Maynhem quests
  47. PC BUG - Banned words includes Night?????
  48. PC all in match dont see weapon and bullet of my drege
  49. Nintendo Switch Merry Mayhem Quests Update
  50. PC Is it only my patcher or someone else found this bug too?
  51. PC Lian's Presence is still bugged
  52. PC Program Files Fail
  53. PC Sniper Zoom Bug
  54. PC Paladins mouse input issue after maintenance
  55. PC Cannot join queue
  56. PC Jenos Void Grip crippling without the talent ¨The power cosmeum¨?
  57. PC Scope Sensitivity Bug
  58. PC Not allowed to buy??
  59. Xbox One Terminus cant ult
  60. PC Auto resize and scrash at the very first boot of the game
  61. PC Saw a red line (Ray cast???) leading to Lian
  62. PC Enemy Koga's firearm can be heard anywhere on the map with100% loudness
  63. PC Lian's Yeti-Slayer No-Scope has default Heirloom Rifle SFX and is missing splash art
  64. PC Standing Near the Payload but it is not registering
  65. PC Emote sometimes causes character to T-pose
  66. PC Mastery Title Screen has a Dead Button
  67. PC Party Bug
  68. PC Koga: choppy climbing
  69. PC Paladins Not Letting Me Choose Champion And Gave Me Deserter
  70. Nintendo Switch Paladins & Nintendo Switch
  71. PC MSVCR120.dll Missing
  72. PlayStation 4 Mic issue
  73. PC Regarding Sha Lin Fps Bug
  74. Nintendo Switch Deserter penalty glitch (with video)
  75. PC Sha lin and Tyra default emote.
  76. PlayStation 4 Bug in the Champions Menu
  77. PC Terminus Bug Report
  78. PC Daily Reward Bonus Reset
  79. PC Party members cant join my game
  80. PC Party Bug
  81. PC Ranking dissapeared
  82. PC I can't get into the game.
  83. PC battle pass skin voice packs
  84. PC glitch in the spawn in Wip Rush
  85. PC BUG - AI Bots still get stuck on terrain
  86. PC Too much Ping Spikes on SEA server for last one week
  87. PC Lex Strike Skin
  88. PC Pip's healing potion
  89. Nintendo Switch Nintendo switch crashes
  90. PC Login Failed
  91. PC Paladins Patch 2.01 - "Fire and Ice" - PTS Bug Reporting and Investigating Thread
  92. PC game crashed now have to wait 30 minutes to play
  93. PC My store and Icons are missing?
  94. Nintendo Switch Game Crashes, Account linking
  95. PC Drogoz FIRE SPIT
  96. PC All lock on abilities are broken visually
  97. PC encontre un bug en el pase de batalla en el pts
  98. PC Imani end-game bug (PTS)
  99. PC Banned characters visual bug in ranked due to one player disconnected
  100. PC launcher problem
  101. PC Ying and Imani Dragon Teleportation
  102. PC Imani skill bug
  103. PC Returning to Ranked Game After a Crash Led to Game Glitch
  104. PC I'm not in a party
  105. PC Resolution Bug.
  106. PC Не запускается игра
  107. PC golden gun bug
  108. Xbox One Bugs Found in Xbox One Paladins
  109. PC visual bug , imani
  110. PC Game Performance Gets Worse After Patch 1.9 (the christmas one)
  111. PC I forgot my account
  112. PC un bug de animacion de imani
  113. PC PTS Battle Pass Issue
  114. PC Golden Guns and DirectX 11
  115. PC [2.01] Killing Imani's Dragon with Lian's Ult grants her 50% ult charge
  116. PC Double Ban
  117. PC PTS not updating from launcher
  118. PC Cant buy chests with crystals
  119. Nintendo Switch Game shuts off randomly
  120. PC Pts Failed To Launch Game
  121. PC PTS seris rend soul bug
  122. PC PTS Kill Cam shows Imani in wrong stance
  123. PC 2.01 and 1.9 Ghrok Slide audio effects can be heard from anywhere
  124. PC [Live] Adding a secondary binding to Ability 1 causes spectate mode issues
  125. PlayStation 4 Imani's LMB NOT WORKING
  126. PC Display error (Sale 50% off) Season Pass 2018 and DDE
  127. PC Ability Resets
  128. PC Cripple ability not working
  129. PC Sha Lin's FPS drop.
  130. PC Can't play
  131. PC SEA Server Random Lags
  132. PC Graphic settings keep changing randomly
  133. PC disappearance of characters after long inactivity
  134. PC custom keybindings not working
  135. PC Shooting Range, Champions Screen and Character Selection all show different order
  136. PC Khan Ult Trail Bug
  137. PC Mad Scientist Pip locked again
  138. PC Game freezes in the midle of a match
  139. PC Immovable after rejoining after crash
  140. PC 50% off or not?
  141. PC Game sometimes unable to boot on MacOS
  142. PC Error in purchasing crystals at in-game store
  143. PC Raeve Maeve music not playing properly in pre-game champion selection lobby
  144. PC Imani, Ult-Dragon, Voiceline (Voicepack)
  145. PC Champions (except imani) show 4 talents in mastery rewards
  146. PC Some of PTS 2.01 bugs
  147. PC 50% off
  148. PC bugs
  149. PC Deserter
  150. PC PTS fails to launch
  151. PC Bugs can be FOUND here too
  152. PC PTS Imani ult
  153. PC timer
  154. Xbox One Seris ult
  155. PC Sound bug in team fight
  156. PC Bunch of gameplay "features" in patch 1.9
  157. PC Talus bugs
  158. Nintendo Switch Gyro Controls need polish
  159. PC Steam version bugs?
  160. PC Profile Does not load properly
  161. PC Zhin can NOT hit with his Inferno Blade
  162. PC Buck's shotgun/ "intended" mechanics?
  163. PlayStation 4 Raeve bug again 1.9
  164. PlayStation 4 Lian and Skye skins bug
  165. PC Paladins crash problem
  166. PlayStation 4 Dlc
  167. PC koga selection game crash and 30 min deserter
  168. PC BUG - Buck targeter and spazzing out
  169. PC Bug Compilation Video Patch 1.9 from YouTube
  170. PC viktor's ultimate and meave's daggers
  171. PC Free Christmas event rewards
  172. PC Bug with Terminus's ultimate
  173. PC No me puedo conectar a las partidas
  174. Nintendo Switch Spontaneous Crashing
  175. PC Stuck on item screen and Ash Kinetic burst delay
  176. PC Kicked out of match, keybindings kinda reset
  177. PC Banned champion icons from last ranked match appearing in the next ranked match
  178. Nintendo Switch A bug in the game
  179. PC PTS: Grover bonus radius improperly applied
  180. PC Remix Strix Weapon Sound Effect
  181. PC Pts Bugs
  182. PC Problem with skin
  183. PlayStation 4 Console Only: Any Play time award with friends award still not working
  184. PC *PTS*: My IMANI bug list
  185. PC PTS 2.01 Battle Pass bug
  186. PC Viktor Double Active LC (Burst mode and Shrapnel)
  187. PC Fps
  188. PC Imani's Fire Right Click bug
  189. PC Grohk Talent(Spirit's Domain) Visual Bug
  190. PC Khan, Ultimate hugs people? (plus draws a line to them until next death)
  191. PC Player unable to respawn after his client crashed
  192. PC Crashing at the loading screen
  193. PC Strix Sniper Rifle with Toggle ADS
  194. PC paladins crash
  195. PC Raeve ultimate
  196. PC Unable to select Ash's Gold Skin since 1.9
  197. PC Chests
  198. Xbox One frontline and support bugs
  199. PC Ranked Custom Match bug
  200. PC Salvo Bugged
  201. PC Strix's ult
  202. PlayStation 4 Can’t change my bindings
  203. PC Please fix the crashing issue.
  204. PC Freezing due to Double Kills and Victory / Defeat
  205. PC Failed To Start The Game Error
  206. PC Can't move forward sometimes
  207. PC crash opening the game
  208. PC Can't even reach the ingame main menu
  209. PC Khan, Firing Line legendary, CC immunity bug
  210. PC I lost my acounte
  211. PC Lex Covert Ops Skin not unlocking
  212. PC Khan Mixer Points Reward
  213. PlayStation 4 Bought maeve raeve with 150 crystals, it stole my crystals dindt got the skin
  214. PC Terminus invisible BUG is still happening
  215. PC Bariks pirate skin bugging out
  216. PC PTS Terminus Invisible
  217. PlayStation 4 I linked my Hi-rez account (ps4)
  218. PC Bomb King Poppy Bomb unusable
  219. PC Bekomme Skins in Paladins nicht
  220. PC Linking to a Steam Account Error
  221. PC Didn't get Lex's "Covert Ops" skin.
  222. PlayStation 4 [ps4] bug | all my drogoz skins have been taken out from my account
  223. PC 13/5000 bug from the chest
  224. PC Can't Play
  225. PC Game Crashing
  226. PC Pts download bug
  227. PC Cant connect to game
  228. PC Unable to launch the PTS
  229. PC Autopick in casuals has some incorrect behaviour
  230. Nintendo Switch bug
  231. PC Androxus Watchful card does not activate if enemy is killed by reversal
  232. PlayStation 4 Game Chat Bugged? Bindings reset?
  233. Nintendo Switch Game error
  234. PC [Frog Isle] Damba Gourd Bug
  235. PlayStation 4 Directional buttons not working after gameplay
  236. PC Game is running too fast
  237. PC Custom games screen when I go on ranked
  238. PC La cura de pip esta bugueada
  239. PC PTS Unexpected login failure
  240. PC Lex Covert Ops Skin not unlocking in-game
  241. PC Association prize bug.
  242. PC Seris Clip Bug
  243. PC Crash in the middle of the match and can't open again by "execution" according Steam
  244. PlayStation 4 Chat Bug
  245. The Hunt 2.02 | Terminus
  246. PC Talus Inner Strength Glitch when grabed by Khan, no cooldown reset
  247. PC Champion selection ban bug on ranked
  248. PC Downloaded Paladins PTS on My PC but not working
  249. PC List of bugs I found/I know
  250. PC Stuck in "horse" or unable to attack unless i'm damaged