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  1. PC Another terminus siphon bug
  2. PlayStation 4 Booted from Ranked Match after character selection
  3. PC Grinning gourds spray bug
  4. Nintendo Switch Incredible Lag on Switch
  5. PC didn't get my weekly reward
  6. PC Game crash on unranked character select leads to 30 minute deserter ban
  7. PC Maeve Bug
  8. PC Battlepass 2 didnt get the ninja
  9. PC Sound and lag problem
  10. PC Strix stealth bug
  11. PC Cant use new event's sprays
  12. PC Terminus Q bug
  13. PC Skin Texture Improvements not showing on PC
  14. PC Terminus Ultimate BUG
  15. PC Very low FPS when play with friends
  16. PC Game freezes on Payload Capture, Victory, and Double kills.
  17. PC My game does not counts my gold rewards!
  18. PlayStation 4 Skin nicht bekommen
  19. PC Stuck in spawn area of Marauders Port
  20. PC Viktor XL Mag Bug Burst Mode Only
  21. PC [B] Dz03 Draco champion screen voice preview bug [/B]
  22. PC Game start, instant crash and relogin error
  23. PC Maldamba character makes Paladins got Crashed
  24. PC Hacks seit Update wo man nur hinschaut, und das ist kein Skill
  25. PC Kinessa mine bug
  26. PC Top play bug (unexpected item store)
  27. PC ayuda al momento de jugar asedio
  28. PC Paladins random crash
  29. PC spray from the special quest with pumpkins didn't work
  30. PC Name,Rank and Level bug
  31. PC Paladins randomly close the game
  32. PC Multiple Accounts glitch
  33. PC game crash
  34. PC Event Boss do not spawn
  35. PlayStation 4 Cant play anymore PSN problems
  36. PC can't play due to authentication service
  37. PC 2 Accounts bug - can't party
  38. PC Pip healing potion
  39. PC Mad Scientist Pip bug?
  40. PC Terminus And Strix current bugs
  41. PC Koga dash and agility bugs
  42. PC Banned
  43. PC Mac Game Crashes
  44. PC Connection Problems, Bugs - Need help
  45. Nintendo Switch In-game kick and false party messages
  46. PC Paladins invitar amigo
  47. PC Viktor's ultimate bug
  48. PC Strange HUD behavior on widescreen
  49. PC Glitchy Match
  50. PC Visible Hud
  51. PC It's happening to hundred of players and no response from hirez
  52. Xbox One Evie blink glitch.
  53. PC Tyra card bug
  54. PC I CAN'T CHAT + HI-REZ MENUE NOT SHOWING PICTURES ( the first menue after starting PAL
  55. PC Flickering white lines
  56. PC Cooldowns do not reset
  57. PC Can't join queue as a party leader
  58. PC All the bars moving and can't play
  59. PC Level 75 Battle Pass Reached Glitch (and other glitches)
  60. Xbox One Nearly all controls disabled in the CHAMPIONS menu.
  61. PC terminus bugs
  62. PC Game breaking glitch which removes your HUD when getting shot.
  63. PC (explained again ) Flickering white lines ( squares )
  64. Completed achievements (awards) appear in black / gray and undated.
  65. PC Makoa Grab complètement bugger
  66. PlayStation 4 Ghrok and lian
  67. PC Ash shoulder bash buggy
  68. PC Maeve's Raeve voice missing
  69. PC an old bug
  70. PC Tengo problemas para mover al personaje en ciertos momentos de la partida en paladins
  71. PlayStation 4 Terminus has many issues but this is killing him.
  72. PC Make paladins great again!
  73. PC Bug at campion selection in ranked
  74. PC FPS drops when I draw Shalin's bow
  75. PC I'm bugging to go on a group match with a friend and accept friend request
  76. PC Bug after reconnect (Torvald)
  77. PC scoreboard
  78. PC Aspect Ratio 4:3 and 5:4
  79. PC Pumpkin spray does not work
  80. PC random disconnect + stuck on spectator mode
  81. PC Frozen screen
  82. PC Fix the game please
  83. PlayStation 4 Three Annoying Bugs That I've Seen Recently
  84. PC crash
  85. PC GAMEBREAKING: Dim Link not working
  86. PlayStation 4 Koga's Weapon Skins have the wrong Quality
  87. PC Koga 50% ammo consumption broken
  88. PC Servers are more Buggy than Usual
  89. PC Login failed. This account is linked to a different steam user
  90. Xbox One Xbox crystals daily login
  91. PC Random competitive crash
  92. Xbox One Do something about the login glitch
  93. PC Ranked split rewards didn't update.
  94. PC Skye Range increase hasn't been updated in terms of the Damage indicator.
  95. PC HUD bug?
  96. PC Ping is bugged
  97. PC Lian Grace have no animation
  98. PC Ash Shoulder Bash executes at normal speed during end of round
  99. PC Small list of the bugs
  100. PC Invisibility Textures are (somewhat) Broken
  101. PC The Dedicated title bug
  102. PC Strike Maeve not given
  103. PlayStation 4 Jenos's Astral Mark still hovers over players' heads even after it has expired
  104. PC Placement game crash
  105. PC Unable to import loadout from leaderboard
  106. PlayStation 4 Terminus Very Glitchy
  107. PC A mac bug that ive had since my pts updated to 1.6
  108. PC Problems for sending a ticket
  109. PC 35% of the time I start a comp game I crash
  110. PC Drogoz Firespit
  111. PC Error al iniciar el juego "Esta cuenta esta vinculada a otra cuenta de Steam"
  112. PC game disconnect and crash problem
  113. PlayStation 4 My Paladins game PS4 been bug out sence Furia
  114. PC I discovered the reason for the baniment / serious problem
  115. PC Micro stuttering again (like at the beginning of 1.6)
  116. PC custom game interface while at champion selection in ranked
  117. PC The state of Brazilian servers is chaotic.
  118. PlayStation 4 Mal'damba's ult isn't working
  119. PC Cassie Exaction Bug Fix Caused New Bug
  120. PC Targeting icons (Jenos/Furia heal, Khan ult etc) offset from actual target
  121. PC Nothing
  122. Nintendo Switch Missing map info MCTS
  123. PC Strangest Bug Ever and Massive Fluke Or Possibly a Hacker
  124. Xbox One Console shuts down or restarts when starting game
  125. Xbox One Xbox One and Nintendo Switch Party Issue
  126. Xbox One Not receiving things I should be (Crystals + Maeve Strike Skin)
  127. Xbox One Daily rewards reset on occasion.
  128. PC Crash everytime use androxus.
  129. PC Mastery emotes medal stuck in character model
  130. PC List Of Bugged Splasharts
  131. PC A copy of the game is already running. Do you want to kill the running game process?
  132. PC Makoa Ult cancel / no axe
  133. PC Clicking on "profil" at the start of a game sent you in custom lobby
  134. PC Keep getting "Player Disconnected" mid game while playing
  135. PC Can't login into my account because of bug, 0 help from paladins support.
  136. PC ERROR (0xc000042
  137. Nintendo Switch Fright Nights Delayed; Missed First Spray
  138. PC Hi-rez launcher stopped working
  139. PC New ranked split rewards not updating
  140. PC Inara Warder field effect teammates
  141. PC Error: when buying clothes from the champion viktor
  142. PC Inara's ult doesn't bloody do anything half the time
  143. Xbox One Loadouts
  144. PC Problem with swapping champs in Ranked mode
  145. PC Zhin's Ultimate - Guillotine Talent
  146. PC Disconnecting from Game
  147. PC Competitive Replays dont Work.
  148. PC Fernando Sanguine Voice Pack bug
  149. Nintendo Switch Cannot reinvite party member after game crash
  150. PlayStation 4 Ults
  151. PC No free champ rotation available
  152. PC Hi Rez Account Email Won't Change
  153. PC Drogoz Reign Of Terror
  154. PC GAMEBREAKING: invicibility bug
  155. PlayStation 4 Terminus Playing God Broken
  156. PC can't log in because i ''don't'' have newest version
  157. PC Version Mismatch?
  158. PC Ranked Split Reset
  159. PC The Ninja title
  160. PC Ranked Reset
  161. PC Split Rewards Update
  162. PC bots just glitching
  163. PC Very odd dredge through ground bug
  164. PC Pip Mad Scientist skin disappear
  165. PC invisible terminus
  166. PC Flickering walls
  167. PC loose 17 tp when loose HELP PLS!!:(
  168. PC Clasificatory Chest is bug
  169. Maeve Glitches
  170. PC Google/Facebook login bug
  171. PC Movement bug caused by DX11 while clicking
  172. PC Full Moon Bundle not giving me all items
  173. Xbox One Character Selection Bug
  174. Xbox One Pip's Heal Grenade Doesn't work until I die.
  175. PlayStation 4 Spray Bug (Battle Pass 2 Challenge 4)
  176. PC Ranked mode
  177. PC dark tides bundle doasnt give me voice packs
  178. PC Citizen of the Realm Achievement Problem
  179. PlayStation 4 Code for PC to PS4
  180. PC The game don't updating!
  181. PC Ranked rewards
  182. PlayStation 4 French players
  183. PC F9 - bug?
  184. PC Demoted after server maintenance
  185. PC Баг в боевом пропуске
  186. PC It says that I have to reinstall (redownload) Paladins
  187. PC [PTS] Cant login on PTS
  188. PC Paladins Patch 1.8 - "Remix" - PTS Bug Reporting and Investigating Thread
  189. PC Maeve sound bug
  190. Nintendo Switch I lost my skin
  191. PC Fix for "pc login failed, account linked to different steam user" here!
  192. PC Why im going back to lobby ?
  193. PC Crash at each end of the Game.
  194. PC I got demoted 2 times for no reason..
  195. PC Bug on Rogue's Gambit on Maeve
  196. PC Não é possível conectar ao servidor
  197. PC team crash
  198. PC Accaunt linking doesnt work
  199. PC why always update when i open the game on steam
  200. PC Champion T posing mid-game patch 1.7
  201. PC Linking your account.
  202. Xbox One Paladins Strike
  203. PC Bug mission
  204. PC Pip Double Sound Bug
  205. PC Maeve Strike skin bug
  206. PC still don't have the insane title
  207. PC Stuck in ground with 10k health
  208. PC Deserter in TRAINING Shooting Range ?
  209. PC something wrong with ranked
  210. Xbox One Pip’s healing potion doesn’t heal.
  211. PC Pip healing potion bug
  212. PC Lag/crash game
  213. PC Ult - lock out
  214. Xbox One Covert Ops Lex
  215. Nintendo Switch Bugs
  216. PC Reverse Audio
  217. PC Crash report in ranked draft
  218. PC two crash in same game lost 20tp
  219. PC The game Paladins public test isalready installed. There is no maintenance to perform
  220. PC Missing Gold After Redeeming Founders Pack
  221. PC Grover Cripple not fully countered by Resilience
  222. PC Unable to connect ot server
  223. PC Game Breaking Bug *MUST BE FIXED SOON*
  224. PC Cannot login in Main game
  225. PC I do not receive any email from hirez outlook.com
  226. PC Ying Dead Speaker Ultimate Voice
  227. PC No puedo entrar al juego
  228. Xbox One Jipped?
  229. PC Ctd
  230. PC Player disconnected
  231. PC Terminus is BROKEN (invisible)! Disable him in ranked
  232. PlayStation 4 Third person view on ranked
  233. PC grohk with torvald's voice
  234. PC Error buying crystals
  235. PC Resolution 2560x1080 issue
  236. PC Lag after multi kill and at end of match
  237. PC Launcher Error
  238. PC Zhin "Teleportation" bug.
  239. PC The Win or Lose Line (Announcer Pack)after the match ends doesn't match
  240. Nintendo Switch Very laggy and buggy matches all of a sudden
  241. PC Anyone using google authentication can logon into the game??
  242. PC Ying bug plz fix it
  243. PC unreal crash
  244. PC account banned because of game crash
  245. PC Fatal bug with lobby
  246. PlayStation 4 "Customize" and "Loadouts" menu becomes unusable after a short number of games
  247. PC Version mismatch on 1.8.2937.0 cannot update further
  248. PC Paladins bug
  249. PC Log In Double Acc?
  250. PC PTS Mismatch Error