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  1. PC Can't equip skins
  2. Xbox One Voice Packs on Skins Bug
  3. PC v 1.3 khan overpower and jenos void grip bug + video
  4. PC Just had my most buggy experience yet, these are some serious issues.
  5. PC v1.3 tdm victor nade animation stuck at respawn + video
  6. PC v1.3 sige stuck in reloading match
  7. Nintendo Switch Not able to unlock login skins on switch
  8. PC Couple Seris Bugs
  9. PC Not Getting the Refer A Friend Pip Skin Reward.
  10. PC v1.3 - bugged match Maeve t-pose Lian aim bug Androxus reversal bug + video
  11. PC Wrong daily reward
  12. PlayStation 4 Link Ps4,Hi-rez and p.strike account
  13. PC Daily Login Reward Reset
  14. Nintendo Switch Keeps kicking me out of Custom games
  15. PC All players of my team crashed at match start
  16. PC Unable to redeem codes
  17. PC Why do I get Deserter for 30 minutes when its the game that Crashes ?
  18. PC Koga Gale Storm bug
  19. Nintendo Switch Koga hack?
  20. PC Purchase error!
  21. Nintendo Switch Daily rewards glitch
  22. Nintendo Switch Can't customize champion (randomly occuring)
  23. Nintendo Switch Can't access store highlights
  24. PC No experience reward in daily quests
  25. PC Tyra incendiary bomb with the "Burn, Monster!" talent does not cripple enemies
  26. Nintendo Switch Ash unplayable
  27. PC Crashing problems
  28. PC my bug
  29. Nintendo Switch Player Disconnected in Middle of Every Match
  30. PC Furia ult restoring ammo
  31. PC Ping Problems
  32. PC Crash immediately when opening the game
  33. PC Ruckus ult shooting rockets only
  34. PC Tenham misericórdia do seu próprio jogo!
  35. PC Paladins Achievement Bug
  36. Locking hero in button broken
  37. (Screenshot) Sha Lin Death Pose "Bug" Meme
  38. Nintendo Switch Bomb King /Select Glitch
  39. PC I lost skin Baroness
  40. PC Launch Error (20006)
  41. Nintendo Switch Game Crash
  42. PC E-Sports Challenges Bugged
  43. PC Battlepass 2 kein Titel
  44. PC v1.3 - ying Illusions not exploding and following players + video
  45. PC Grover Bug
  46. PC Crash when crossing Barik's Shield
  47. PC I have a question about the achievements in steam
  48. PC Constant Disconnection 2-3 times in a single match
  49. PC I lost my furia character along with the aspect of iron maiden
  50. PC BUG Quest
  51. Nintendo Switch Serious Bug and asking for a refund!!
  52. PC game crashes in loading page
  53. PC The Silent Night Battle Pass Quest Showing Incomplete
  54. PC Unable to Change Certain Settings to Specific Numbers
  55. PC Room failure
  56. PC Shooting Range Crashes
  57. PC Battlepass rank 4, The Spray in Ranked, Siege, and TDM challenge does not progress.
  58. PC Gold not being applied correctly
  59. PC Pip Weightless doesn't activate, but still goes on cooldown
  60. PC Display
  61. PC Game freezes randomly if I go to the desktop.
  62. PC Mouse sensitivity and particle effects changing randomly.
  63. PC Sometimes the game forgets my username and password.
  64. PC Game crashes randomly and refuses to launch shortly afterwards.
  65. PC If a game crashes and I launch it again my controls change
  66. PC Dragon Caller Cassie Skin + Furia's Ult Graphics Bug
  67. PC Drogoz fire spit bug
  68. PC Super strong Torvald Glitch
  69. PC Game crashes, usually when loading new map.
  70. PC Pip's Healing Potion
  71. PC Worst bug that could happen to anybody.
  72. Xbox One I had exarch jenos back at being locked
  73. PC Shalin fps drop
  74. PC Drogoz' ulti only has an initial sound and then it's completely silent
  75. PC Enemy team Ash Q visual bug
  76. PC Moji is misplaced on Top Play and Champion Select screens
  77. PC drogoz air flight (or thrust) in spawn blocks mount spawning
  78. PC Mal'Damba gourd bug with various grourds
  79. PC Today was 7th streak day and it just reset
  80. PC bug with sha lin
  81. PC Unable to equip skins earned from Lunar Chest
  82. PC the dedicated title doesn't advance
  83. PC Burst Mode Viktor Doesn't keep Loadout
  84. PC Grohks lightning staff healing bug
  85. PC Champion, profile, cosmetics bug.
  86. PC Training bug, Viktor jumpscare
  87. PC anchor bug.
  88. PC champion profile bug, champions pose.
  89. PC bug ultimate Grohk in DRAGON’S CALL
  90. PC Choosing Sha lin crash game to desktop everytime , can't join back in until match end
  91. PC Key Sphere hitbox extremaly broken
  92. PC new patch reset daily reward at 6th day
  93. PC activity center full of false friend requests + sorting by type does not work
  94. PC Visual bag - Viktor with Burst Mode
  95. PC Lex bot broke patch 1.4
  96. PC Dragon's call op exploits
  97. PC InfinityAmmo Viktor
  98. PC Quick Scope Card Broken?
  99. PC Tyra's new Hunting Party - Is it working as intended?
  100. PC Grohk's Totem bug
  101. PC Getting kicked out
  102. PC Game crashes way too often
  103. PC dragons call = one giant bug fest (not rant(not completely at least))
  104. PC Skipping the seventh day
  105. PC Moji's rigging problems
  106. PC Item bought with vault key not showing up - Key gone
  107. PC Not getting rewards from Dragon's Call event and a reminder
  108. PC Texture Bug
  109. PlayStation 4 Evie Blink Bug
  110. PC Can't control Grohk's movement when using his ultimate skill.
  111. PC Again...fix your goddam BOTS
  112. PC screen flashing yellow when using maeves daggers
  113. PC Zhin's Billow and Pip's Combat Medic
  114. PC BUG | Match queue disappeared
  115. PC Unable to be placed although I meet ranked requirements?
  116. PC Not gaining any placement match wins?
  117. PC Unreal crash message after closing Paladins normally
  118. PC conta
  119. PC Placement matches glitch?
  120. PC Pip healing potion bug
  121. Nintendo Switch A nice way to catch the Deserter penalty... :|
  122. PC Paladins didn't give me the Rank
  123. torvold ult miss
  124. PC Drogoz can't move in ultimate
  125. PC 1.4 Lian ult bug
  126. PC Can't get daily login reward after 23.08 maintenance
  127. PC Unable to play dragons call match after multiple restarts
  128. Xbox One Game stopped working after trying the new update
  129. PC Loading Screen freeze
  130. Nintendo Switch Raeve music is super quiet
  131. PC Can't see all my titles, only 16 visible and can be chosen
  132. PC Battle Pass 2, Challenge Tier VII - Kill with HP under 5%
  133. PC Viktor's XL mag card not working with new burst fire talent
  134. Xbox One Again same bug...
  135. PC Deck vanish
  136. PC Kinessa has changed in 1.4
  137. PC Alt-tab from the game = High ping
  138. Xbox One Spent 200 crystals on gold koga skin, but didn't got the skin.
  139. PC kinessa mines not properly stacking
  140. PC All team crashes while ranked game
  141. PC No paso de la pantalla de carga
  142. PC Bug na carta do Terminus
  143. PC When you are going to focus on fixing bugs?
  144. PC No Credit Reward after Match
  145. Xbox One Bought crystals but did not get them
  146. PC drogoz thruster gets "stuck"
  147. PC Ciclo da recompensa diária reiniciando antes da hora
  148. PC Missing Map
  149. PC Stucking in Load screen
  150. PC stops loading map, and disconect me when servers still on
  151. PC Loggin daily rewards reseted
  152. PC Pip's reduced self damage card
  153. PC Game crashes after joining a match
  154. PC Strix's flash bug and visual bugs
  155. Nintendo Switch Dragons Call, last two rewards not recieved
  156. PC Bug en la pantalla de carga
  157. PC Shalin bug Piercing Arrow
  158. PC No walpaper for backgrounds and 2 pictures on launcher
  159. PC Still Problems with daily rewards
  160. Nintendo Switch Ranked placements not working
  161. PC Terminus' "Playing god" card isn't working
  162. PC Bug when playing with Ying? (or try at least)
  163. PC Dragons call event maeve bug
  164. PlayStation 4 torvald eldritch speed not scaling properly
  165. PC Skye bomb make all players hidden for few seconds
  166. PC Sometimes Q skill doesn't work
  167. PC I can't buy crystals!
  168. PC Game unstable.
  169. PC Lex bots literally do nothing (and feedback to the current state of the AI)
  170. PC Dragons call game mode music bug ?
  171. PlayStation 4 Placement matches bug
  172. PC Dragon's Call Exploit/Cheat
  173. PC Grover is not playable
  174. Nintendo Switch Player disconnected,not even connecting to training matches.
  175. PC Cassie Ult Bug
  176. PC Bug on the loading screen
  177. PC Error "player disconnected"
  178. PC Paladins Error en PTS Version 1.4
  179. PlayStation 4 Seris,Mal Damba,Sha lin,Cassie e Makoa
  180. PC Look this bug
  181. Nintendo Switch Is not working. BIZ-KING'S CRYSTAL SALE
  182. Nintendo Switch Placements matches Bug
  183. PC Neon demon grohk visual bug
  184. PC Nine Lives Bug Still Happening
  185. Nintendo Switch the spray glitch has affected me too.
  186. PC A small Graphical Bug on Makoa
  187. Xbox One Qualifying bug
  188. Xbox One Import timing out
  189. PC Gold Bug?
  190. Nullify is bugged now
  191. PC Cant play sha lin
  192. PC kicked out of the game
  193. PC I can’t log into my main account
  194. Nintendo Switch Placements matches Bug
  195. PC No entro a la partida
  196. PlayStation 4 PS4 emote function gone?
  197. PC Crashing in main menu
  198. PlayStation 4 Ranked System Bug
  199. PC Getting kicked out of the match and can't join the queue until match ends :(
  200. PlayStation 4 Bug
  201. PC Daily login streak reset bug.
  202. Nintendo Switch Nintendo switch aim setttings bug
  203. PC Daily rewards progress lost
  204. PC REKT Weapons Audio Bugged
  205. PC 3rd person switching bug
  206. PC "Shattering" bug.
  207. PC Loading screen bug
  208. PC damage bug
  209. PC Urgent important bug pls check
  210. PlayStation 4 Ranked bug
  211. PC Cannot Buy Ghrohk Mastery Emote Despite being over level 9
  212. PlayStation 4 My bindings are all messed up
  213. PC Bugged summer chest ?!?!?!?!
  214. PlayStation 4 Dragon call bugs
  215. PC Quick Play Fault
  216. PC Leaving Party Bug
  217. PC Possible Dragon's Call Bug
  218. PC Lex BOT does absolutely nothing.
  219. PC Maeve's daggers dealing no damage
  220. PC Unable to buy Ghrok's mastery emote
  221. PC What happened to champion teasers or even animated shorts???? :>
  222. PlayStation 4 Ps4 login bug
  223. Xbox One Xbox Ranked bug placement matches
  224. Nintendo Switch Cross party bug/ no option
  225. PC Viktor XL Mag Bug
  226. PC Difference in Results
  227. PC Disconnecting matches
  228. PC Spray Bug
  229. PC I was crashed, ranked and lost points
  230. Nintendo Switch Unable to log in
  231. PC Shatter
  232. PlayStation 4 bug ranked
  233. Nintendo Switch I'm having even more problems
  234. PC Fernando Pyre Card
  235. Switch: Paladins Crash
  236. PC Bought Battle Pass when I reached lvl 35, Didnt get Feudal Chests
  237. Nintendo Switch Missed the 35 Crystals on Switch while servers were down??
  238. PC I was in the lobby of a ranked match (placement) and it crashed
  239. PC The daily login reward is bugged
  240. PC Donde estan mis 35 diamantes?
  241. PC Is Hi-Rez hijacking my crystals ?
  242. Nintendo Switch Games crashes when trying to play zhin
  243. PC Fallo del cofre feudal del pase de batalla
  244. PC activity center
  245. PC Premiação de login diário com SUPOSTO ERRO
  246. PC Invite wars
  247. PC Massive lags whole August 28th
  248. Xbox One Thumbstick bindings do not work properly
  249. PlayStation 4 Visual bug
  250. PC I won my first two placement matches but it says I have one victory and one loss???