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  1. Troubleshooting Patching and Installation Issues
  2. Gamepad Defaults to Off in Settings
  3. Stuck in "waiting for prerequisite programs to install"
  4. Max champion level?
  5. the game paladins is already installed. there is no maintenance to perform
  6. Support Forum info/guidelines/common questions and solutions
  7. [SMALL GUIDE] Not obtaining loot boxes? The reason & when you obtain them again!
  8. Investigating - How to gift crystals?
  9. Space Bar Abilities
  10. Invert Ammo
  11. Menber
  12. Can't get this trash to start/uninstall/install
  13. Founder's pack owner feeling ripped off
  14. Name Change
  15. Paguei o Boleto N
  16. Problema de audio saturado y causa perdida de // Audio problem saturated and causes
  17. Audio Stuttering
  18. Why cant i see shielding healing and objective time in match history ?
  19. when i open launcher and try to play it says "paladins is out of date"
  20. Issues installing Paladins
  21. Yeah its almost done
  22. Why should i download the entire game again? (patch?)
  23. Still no oceanian servers?
  24. Game will not update, please help "Warning Version Mismatch"
  25. Contact Support - Paladins crashes before it can start
  26. Need help to set senssibility
  27. Can't join competitive.
  28. In Game Freezes then return to Home
  29. Can't start launcher
  30. cant start game
  31. Help me for community skin
  32. Party Ranked Play
  33. Can't Open the game
  34. Error 0xc000007b
  35. How to play with steam? halp! :(
  36. button not working HELP
  37. Wins not recorded
  38. Password!!!!!!
  39. Oceanic/Australian servers? They look to be there but they aren't really there?
  40. Password/E-mail change (wrong password) bug
  41. Barik TF2 Skin Unlock
  42. Launcher won't open - how to fix
  43. I cant login in the game.
  44. Mac Version Freezes
  45. Get deserter status
  46. Nothing happens after pressing PLAY in Laincer
  47. Paladins is waiting for Steam to patch
  48. Waiting for Verification
  49. Couldn't start game after clicking PLAY
  50. Video settings.
  51. Game is down ?
  52. Leveled up and no radiant chest
  53. Resolution 5:4 and 4:3
  54. Cant play at all. Something wrong with my pc?
  55. Founder's Pack not showing as purchased in Steam
  56. Mouse really bugged on OSX
  57. My friend can't start the game "The system is not configured"
  58. Help!
  59. Ping and performance lag.
  60. help me please
  61. Freezing problems.
  62. Waiting for verification?
  63. Launcher not working, any help?
  64. "Paladins is connecting to the Authentcation service..."- Stuck like wow
  65. Help low fps and ask for an Italian sesione if it is possible
  66. "Unable to Connect to Service" on OSX
  67. Abnormal high ping and occasionally disconnection.
  68. Takes more time to Open
  69. Mac unable to connect to server
  70. FPS Issues, graphics settings
  71. Wins not counting, Barik's TF2 Skin unachievable
  72. CPU high temperature problem
  73. Local currency
  74. Missclicked while in champion select and bought champ by accident...
  75. Left Hand
  76. Skin Barik
  77. Put in a Support Ticket - Answer had nothing to do with issue.
  78. Freezing on Queue
  79. citter
  80. Server definition
  81. Getting nothing more than 30 FPS in the game
  82. qt5webkitwidgets.dll not found.
  83. Stuck on map loading screen
  84. Founder's Pack is bugged in my country
  85. Blinking HUD
  86. Not Obtaining Exp/Gold In Bot/Siege Game mode anymore. (Help?)
  87. Keep getting disconnected
  88. How to buy champion voice
  89. Combat log hasn't worked since CB29.
  90. Can't install .net framework 3.5 for this or smite on steam
  91. radiant chest problems
  92. So, I'd Accuse Myself of Aimbotting...
  93. Lag Spikes
  94. help this error is annoying
  95. Game won't Launch
  96. No more experience in training?
  97. Controller Not Working
  98. Original account gone?
  99. "A copy of the game is already running" Erro when lauching game
  100. Unable to actually move in game.
  101. Victor Charcoal Crew Cut Head
  102. Shop In Client Crossed Out?
  103. Можно ли получить бонусы за приглашения друзей, если у них уже есть аккаунты
  104. Failed to launch game...
  105. Failed to launch casual game when IN party
  106. Take forever to loading profile
  107. Bought Founder's pack directly from steam
  108. How do I connect my twitter/facebook account to my hi-rez account?
  109. I can't log in on steam
  110. Not getting wins at all in profile
  111. Problem: Unable to Receive Pip's Weapon Skin
  112. Can't run the game (bought on 3th of april)
  113. Two Things.
  114. How do I unlock competetive mode?
  115. Paladins Steam Barik TF2 skin i don't receive yet
  116. Skin TF2
  117. Purchased founder pack haven't got Fernando skin
  118. Accout has been banned?
  119. Full screen
  120. God Of War skin missing :(
  121. I cant subscribe
  122. Error - Cant play game
  123. cant play
  124. Code not working.
  125. banned?
  126. PC shuts down while playing Paladins.
  127. login information invalid
  128. Why is my username like this?
  129. Paladins causes connection drops/router restart?
  130. My PC completely freeze in loadscreen
  131. How to copy game ?
  132. Random FPS drops post patch 34
  133. Can't mix and match body, head and weapon skins for Barik?
  134. 29 minutes payload match
  135. [Bug] Can't see my weapon & Can't hear it.
  136. Report hackers
  137. Can log into Hi-Rez account but not Paladins account
  138. Payment Issues
  139. FPS Drop After Patch 34
  140. Cannot login using google account
  141. Barik tf2 skin
  142. Account banned
  143. Paladins Update error in Internet Cafe (50 clients)
  144. Launcher will launch but the game won't come up.
  145. Still no Barik TF2 Skin -_-
  146. Hi-Rez Studios Authenticate and Update Service will not start on this machine.
  147. Paladin Steam Offline-Mode
  148. Makoa has two bugs currently.
  149. Help Error 0xc000007b after patch
  150. 21:9 Support
  151. likely hackers of paladins!
  152. Game crashing help
  153. Aimbot Hacker
  154. Выкидывает из игры/ Kicks from the game
  155. COMMUNITY skins idk how to get them ...
  156. People idling in game
  157. Mad Scientist Weapon + Voice NOT Unlocking?
  158. No Barik TF2 Skin, And game doesnt record wins or game history?
  159. Forum login problem, reCAPTCHA doesn't work well.
  160. Onslaught Fernando Helmet not unlocked
  161. Steam vs HiRez Launcher
  162. Paladin on steam Bad Image
  163. Getting to main menu after choosing player
  164. What's With Pip's Gun Getting a Pure Blue Texture?
  165. Game stuttering suddenly
  166. Paladins Turkey Page
  167. Mouse targeting issues when left button held down
  168. 0xc000007b Error Paladins/Smite !
  169. Two black frustrating bars at screen
  170. Beta Reset?
  171. how do you get a clean screenshot in the champion selection menu?
  172. lags
  173. Can't join back in my rankgame
  174. .net Framework installer problem
  175. I get ban after 1 game.
  176. Ban while in a match
  177. help with the video settings
  178. Frequent disconnection.
  179. Following
  180. Constant disconnections, no lag
  181. FPS Issues
  182. I found a cheater, please check this one Support! Thanks!
  183. DC
  184. DC
  185. Can i play with this name?
  186. SLI support
  187. Everytime I Press Play in Launcher: ?INT?Launch.Errors.Error_NeedSM3?
  188. Login not possible
  189. TF2 Barik Skin
  190. Invalid credentials, logging in/loading profile stuck, constant disconnections
  191. [SEA]always game in bad state disconnecting in 30 sec
  192. Uploading images to the forum.
  193. Can't seem to link my Facebook and Hi-Rez Account
  194. **Help please** Game wont start and says theres game already running! **Help please**
  195. Is there a Dutch Forum section?
  196. Paladins is unable to find steam installation
  197. Team Fortress Barik Skin bug
  198. NVIDIA Graphic Card Blocking Paladins
  199. ** Change Forum Nickname **
  200. getting a disk read error when trying to start game on steam
  201. FPS Halved
  202. Bug when starting the steam
  203. Ranked broken?
  204. Participated in Closed Beta but Awards Taken?
  205. Paladins Behind Proxy
  206. Players allowed to feed and afk in competitive.
  207. When does the beta end?
  208. Erro ao iniciar partida!
  209. Weird sound impossible to play game like this
  210. Forum in Portuguese PT-BR?
  211. Performance Issues Worsened in OB34
  212. [b]Im aiming this at the Developer/Programmer[/b]
  213. Im aiming this at the Developer/Programmer
  214. huge lag
  215. Purchased founders pack, didn't receive anything.
  216. Evie big bug
  217. Como Obtengo al Bomba King(twitc)
  218. any way to run multiple instances of this game?
  219. barik skin team fortress 2
  220. The fight against cheaters
  221. Add servers in Latin America
  222. Punish for player who leaves game in champion select menu.
  223. Refer A Friend
  224. SEA Region Crashing
  225. Refer a friend broken
  226. Viktor Charcoal Skin (from Twitter) request token issues
  227. Change email without verify
  228. Resolution ratio
  229. E-mail problem
  230. Map Stuck Bug
  231. 'The game was not properly authenticated at this time'
  232. how to view my character skills ingame ?
  233. Not getting the TF2 skin
  234. Founder's Pack issue
  235. no xp after buying founders pack.
  236. Got banned for no reason
  237. No Founders Pack
  238. Buying via steam issue.
  239. Everytime I launch the game, I have to log in again
  240. No more Exp - Gold - Mastery gained while playing on Training Siege
  241. Hi-Rez Studios Authenticate and Update Service will not start on this machine
  242. Cant join in game
  243. Invert Gamepad X Axis.
  244. Error launching from steam
  245. Can't launch game, says MSVCP110.dll is missing.
  246. Wrongfully banned
  247. Can't launch game, says MSVCP110.dll is missing.
  248. Plz help!!! (cards)
  249. Diagnostic & Game says Servers UP; Unable to connect
  250. Huge fps drops