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  1. Pls Ban this Hacker
  2. Is there a way to help with translations?
  3. PS4 Beta Achievments Glitch
  4. Fix your SERVERS ASAP!!! Pathetic
  5. Daily login rewards
  6. Player Disconnected
  7. A non banned hacked proved with video
  8. Unofficial fix for issues running the game.
  9. Remount Exploiter / possible aim bot or wallhack
  10. My account
  11. loading screen locked after the first game of the day
  12. Cant link PC account to PS4
  13. Paladins.exe | Application Error
  14. Skin wont appear on my weapon
  15. What to do with such players?
  16. I have been false banned
  17. Wrongfully banned. No response from support.
  18. This is my 3rd user name.
  19. Crashing
  20. Ranked Queue Issue
  21. Skye Item Issues
  22. Linked to twitter and twitch but cant get the reward
  23. Something's up with the game's visuals
  24. deserter when I didn't desert 1 hour timer
  25. Game Won't Launch
  26. Vsync ON or OFF?
  27. Radiant Chests Unawarded after OB51
  28. HiPatchService is ruining my day.(lagging everything)
  29. Not sure where to put this / Royalty free?
  30. FIx the important THINGS,
  31. Founders pack
  32. Random freez screen
  33. Hack Hack Hack
  34. weird fps drop bug
  35. Can not open the game, issues with dll files
  36. Easy Anti Cheat Type 6
  37. Linking accounts
  38. Three days of lag (Brazil server)
  39. Help evergthing freez after logging in
  40. Chest Bug?
  41. Heavy FPS drops
  42. Loading Profile took so long
  43. Do something about this dude who sells cheats for your game
  44. Just got a 3 day ban, i hope...
  45. Problem about game resolution
  46. Urgente!! No puedo jugar paladins
  47. My Paladins account was hacked :(
  48. ERROR "The requested operation requires elevation"
  49. Middle East Connection Problems (VoIP Blocking)
  50. Delete Account
  51. Paladins EAC (Easy Anti Cheat) Problem HELP GM
  52. Lost Account?
  53. Account banned
  54. Hirez Authenticate and update service problem!!!!
  55. Can´t ATL+TAB
  56. ERROR:your video card does not support alpha blending with floating
  57. Cant join cause wait the match end?
  58. Fps drop when i move my mouse
  59. Extreme lag in Brazilian and LATAM North servers...
  60. 5 in-game crashes today - Game is unplayable.
  61. Hay ciertos campeones que no puedo comprar (PS4)
  62. Paladins PTS(i need assistance)
  63. Logging in with Gmail
  64. Refer a friend help.
  65. Menu lagging
  66. Can't login into forums with main account
  67. Can't Play Comp?!
  68. Problems with the Voice Chat
  69. Warning: Version Mismatch! (PTS)
  70. DC and forced log-off when doing well in a game
  71. Inappropriate Banishment
  72. Cannot login to this forum from my computer
  73. Hirez Authenticate and update service Problem I can't fix
  74. Mouse Freezing The Game
  75. They did not give me the reward skin
  76. Cant Login into the game - asks for user/password after started the game
  77. Achievement 4 champs at lvl 5 still locked and false Deserter
  78. lagging out with player dissconnected statement
  79. Haven't received the blood moon cassie and silver ying skin.
  80. Account banned for no reason
  81. Kenessa unscop bug
  82. My cards disappeared
  83. Why i got banned on https://www.twitch.tv/paladinsgame
  84. Anticheat error plz help
  85. Password reset??
  86. Founders Pack- PC and Xbox One
  87. Can't start up paldins without steam verification
  88. Cant log into game on PC
  89. Why i get banned??
  90. Been having this mouse and keyboard issue since about OB45......
  91. Unable to log in to mobile version of forum.
  92. Delete loadouts by player
  93. Help please launcher says prohibited account
  94. Immediatly kicked out of game on the *VS screen*
  95. Game has disabled bluetooth
  96. Bought an arms chest and gave me nothing
  97. Correct Zhin
  98. Game barely responsive in the menus
  99. twitch drops
  100. When will we get an OB52 hotfix?
  101. I just lost 80 crystals because of a bug.
  102. *Informative FPS Thread* Not typical complaints.
  103. Problem with linking accounts
  104. Error when Alt+Tab!!!
  105. Character walking alone
  106. random deserter bans
  107. I get Banned for ''cheat''
  108. Error de service pack 3
  109. I need any f***** help
  110. Party Bonus not applied?
  111. Run out of Video Memory
  112. Error NEED HELP ;(
  113. Friend Blocked
  114. Steam no longer auto login
  115. Xbox to Hi Rex account link
  116. Soldier+ skin on Viktor
  117. Jagging game
  118. xbox one linking doesnt work properly
  119. No essence for tutorial completion!
  120. Windows Key gets stuck in a constant pressed down state
  121. A Serious Problem
  122. Minha pontuação com a Seris
  123. Fall of fps
  124. Paladins keep doing the patcher update
  125. Can´t play
  126. I can't play in a group
  127. Game crashes at hero selection screen
  128. The Never-ending Crash Cycle
  129. Copy account PC to Xbox
  130. Untrusted file
  131. huge fps drops when moving my mouse, main menu or in game.
  132. FPS drop high end computer
  133. Anti-cheat
  134. Version Mismatch
  135. Twitter link
  136. Question about the Founders Pack
  137. How to equip onyx stallion mount?
  138. Paladins loading screen drop my internet modem
  139. game sounds suddenly use speaker instead of earphone
  140. Copy PC account to PS4
  141. From Steam to conventional Paladins
  142. I Have Not Recived Ying's free weapon twitch
  143. is there another way where i can patch my paladins without thawing my deepfreeze
  144. Cassie, crossbow, bow, joke...
  145. PTS version went back to OB51 from OB52
  146. PTS Client stuck in old version
  147. Twitch Rewards for Console
  148. Can't Find My Friend
  149. PTS Paladins launcher doesen't update to OB 52 and OB 53
  150. Cant log in
  151. OB53 Improvements made to weapon fire feel
  152. lags after minipatch
  153. Server Crashing
  154. Will Paladins Stop Updating?
  155. Ping is suddenly through the roof....
  156. PTS Unlimited currency?
  157. Capslock taking game down
  158. Worried or not
  159. my game this cut
  160. -removed- WH cheater
  161. Hi-Rez install error
  162. Error Code 10011 Easy anti cheat
  163. Hi-Rez .. you disappointed me thanks!
  164. Game is unplayable - Full of Cheaters
  165. Paladins is unplayable in OS X Sierra
  166. Game unplayable - freezing for seconds
  167. OBS Problem
  168. Bug Ignored
  169. OBS black screen
  170. Baneo de cuenta motivo no lo se
  171. Easy Anti Cheat Type 6
  172. Fresh START
  173. [Paladins] EAC error 30007
  174. Can't log into forum account on PC
  175. OBS Black Screen
  176. Brightmarsh map issues
  177. Deserter BUG
  178. Por que me banearon nadie me ha dicho el motivo del baneo
  179. Lobby Chat has disappeared
  180. Game Crashing/Black screen
  181. Paladin not saving login credentials
  182. Paladins sea server ping issue
  183. Problem with Realm Pack crystals
  184. I got a ban
  185. So I have this weird glitch. I crash literally all the time, no matter what I do.
  186. Cannot play with friends
  187. Game collapses with error at the start of all matches
  188. Reclamacion de cuenta
  189. Launcher crushes
  190. Currency
  191. Realm Pack: Purchase Error
  192. hi rez dont elt me play
  193. Paladins Launcher freezing on startup
  194. Unplayable during CCQ
  195. xenos injector
  196. Game unplayable, Hi-REZ launcher won't start.
  197. HAD to reinstall Paladins after uninstalling and reinstalling HiRezService.exe
  198. How to prevent intentionally feeding players?
  199. Ununderstandable Delays
  200. Game isn't opening.. help
  201. Could use a bit of help, please.
  202. Reclamacion de 2 cuentas prohibidas sin motivo
  203. Disconnecting from the match
  204. Autolock
  205. Bk issue
  206. Unable to connrct to server error
  207. I can't choose any champion
  208. Banned for nothing
  209. My Pip is at a Platinum rating, but I don't have the Platinum border.
  210. CRASH : Paladins unplayable
  211. What did I do to you Hi-Rez to get me to play with noobs as punishment?
  212. Matchmaking
  213. Can't play with friends
  214. Erro D3D9
  215. victor soldier+ skin
  216. Is there any way to improve your ping rate?
  217. Need HiRez moderator, for que ban.
  218. My router reboots
  219. AGAIN - LAG in text Messages - BRAZIL SERVERS
  220. Banned
  221. Game kicks whole server from comp match.
  222. 60FPS locked. Can't seem to change it even in Config file..
  223. Friend got a 30 min deserter penalty for nothing... FIX THIS NOW
  224. Please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  225. Game is Crashing during a Comp match+Casual Chat problems
  226. 10 orders, 10 locks
  227. Idk how the matchmaking work??????
  228. Forum login error?
  229. Playing with bots
  230. Paladins is connecting to the Authentication Service. (STUCK)
  231. I got banned for no reasons
  232. Voice chat problem
  233. This may be stupidly simple, but how do i add screenshots to posts?
  234. Fix Ur Servers
  235. Не включается Paladins
  236. Realm Pack PS4
  237. paladins is unplayable in UAE
  238. This is game...
  239. Copying Founder Pack to Xbox?
  240. Problem with effects
  241. Charcoal Viktor skin not unlocking
  242. [Report] Cheater
  243. Just got banned idk why
  244. game stuck & crashing from the starting menu
  245. Want to report hacker - video proof
  246. Weirdest Crash! I need help.
  247. Ununsual Network Usage.
  248. FPS Drop. Windows 7 to Windows 10 Pro
  249. Brazilian server ping issue
  250. WOOHOO I'm DONE.