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  1. Hirez ignoring hacker ?
  2. I am banned from paladins because I do not
  3. Fall of fps
  4. Grohks new sound effects, how to change them back?
  5. Everytime I login it makes me create a new account
  6. Unable to connect to the server
  7. competitive unplayable
  8. FPS drop + Audio Stutter
  9. WHY ********* every game my player disconnected
  10. Getting blinded by my own ultimate
  11. Having Trouble launching
  12. Support ticket
  13. Конфигурация
  14. Bonus gold?
  15. Xbox link account
  16. Competitive match disappeared from history
  17. Can't login> Player disconnected
  18. Hacker Ruined my acc
  19. Hack server when loose
  20. Pip Scientist VOICE PACK
  21. Launcher stuck at waiting for Verification.
  22. Desertion bug
  23. COINS BuG?? NOT EARNING COINS and Cannot buy chest
  24. Didn't Receive purchased gems & in-game currency/essence today
  25. Forum Login Issue
  26. Cannot craft stuff
  27. i cant buy any champions and i did not get my daily award for 35 crystals
  28. Help with newbie level 3 and can't get any xp or gold after game
  29. XB1 Bugs
  30. Problem with daily bonus, task and graphical settings
  31. Dropped 15 dollars Didn't get crystals :(
  32. Twitch Stream
  33. new account completed the tutorial training but no essence reward today!
  34. stats for pve?
  35. I Want to ask about something in Reffer a Friend Rewards.
  36. I Got A Banned
  37. two problems
  38. Google+ Sign In Confliction
  39. Didn't receive daily log in 15/35 crystals
  40. Serious mouse sense bug
  41. Mouse bug that ruins my game
  42. Is the server up or down?
  43. I can't login
  44. Cant Login Lost Password
  45. Account banned... ¿For?
  46. Crystals Not received
  47. Crystals not received
  48. in match problem :cant see players health and info (some enemy and some allies)
  49. when hirez is gonna do something about hackers ????
  50. HELP! HiRez stole my Cards!
  51. Funsite for cr
  52. I can't see some player's health bar and items during the match
  53. Champion SWAP isn't working in competitive
  54. Lex Dash bug
  55. Patch 47, Lost Ebb and Flow a second time
  56. why are legendary cards 0 essence?
  57. Help Please i want to play the game!!
  58. Connectivity Issues
  59. Champion frame BUG
  60. Old profile
  61. Twitch
  62. datguywillster
  63. Competitive match vanished
  64. Ps4/Hi-Rez Account Link
  65. The shopping
  66. Rankeds Help
  67. FPS Drops
  68. paladins wont run or pop up
  69. 0 Crystal upon crafting legend card ( which already has obtained )
  70. Cannot get 60 FPS constantly on Intel HD Graphics
  71. Rip me
  72. PVE Map With Drogoz
  73. Problem when trying to enter competitive
  74. Referral not working
  75. PvE - How?
  76. paladins refund boosts for downtime?
  77. How change language?
  78. Hit level 32 about a month - 2 months ago
  79. Cannot get in games
  80. Departure from the level In Paladins
  81. Help pls
  82. Skye Poisoner card issue in polish language
  83. How to transfer progress between PS4 and PC?
  84. Fps drops to bad pc?
  85. Owned items missing
  86. Erro while launching paladins
  87. PTS doesn't update
  88. A doubt about the new Makoa skin
  89. Never received code for Onyx Stallion and Ying + Illusory Twitch Mirror
  90. Install
  91. Any way to deactivate Paladins account ?
  92. I cant join causaul verisus seige
  93. PTS servers down?
  94. Just got Lex Voicepack out of the Radiant Chest
  95. Makoa LVL30 Skin, Unlock
  96. EAC problems
  97. Weird and Annoying Lags
  98. My launcher doesn't upate
  99. Specating A player
  100. PC Account to Ps4
  101. ChaosSystemSettings won't save.
  102. I have a major issue and need help
  103. I have a pretty big problem.
  104. Game crashes
  105. Crash
  106. PTS server Founders pack
  107. Paladins Founder's Pack - Beta Key
  108. Stuck in a Match Queue
  109. cant remember my ID
  110. Constant Disconnections?
  111. Insane FPS drop after ~1min on game
  112. game is down
  113. how to claim your free emporium chest?
  114. Cannot create service (startservice failed: 1053)
  115. Paladins Verification problem.
  116. Trying to log in on laptop, can't pull up account.
  117. No emporium chest
  118. Error when referring friend
  119. Paladins is out of date waiting on a new version
  120. Unable to connect to server - MacOS
  121. FN-01 Helios voice pack bug
  122. problème nouvelle maj et récompense quotidienne
  123. Mouse problem
  124. HELP - I lost 450 gems
  125. I'm in need of some assistance regarding my paladins profile and my hi rez account.
  126. Maldamba's Emporium Chest Free Roll BUG
  127. Does it tell you when players disconnect?
  128. Help! Bought but didn't receive
  129. getting 500 coins instead of crates when leveling seris (lvl 1->2, 2->3 so far)
  130. Has anyone been able to fix the distorted sound issues?
  131. Video settings won't save and change in game!
  132. Sound and graphics effects
  133. Ranked points
  134. Is it safe to buy crystals at the time?
  135. Issue with Founder's Pack.
  136. Cheaters
  137. Still Sound problem and Drogoz split bug
  138. How to fix Error 1058 with launcher, has something to do with easyanticheat
  139. Founders pack help
  140. How do I report someone outside the endgame screen?
  141. 5 victories in PvE, but didn't receive cristals
  142. Computer closing down
  143. Unable to connect to server
  144. Can't find game !
  145. Visual bug, blurry afterimages
  146. Steam Founders Pack
  147. Resolution
  148. Account deleting
  149. OB48 Download
  150. Reporting a Troll player Nickname: YAMIKAT
  151. Paladins.exe - System error (MSVCP110.dll)
  152. hi rez studios authenticate ....
  153. Where ir my Founder's Pack?
  154. How to create a clan?
  155. Lowering Character & Weapon Complexity
  156. Regarding rewards in my linked twitch channel
  157. No Discount on Snapdragon Ying
  158. Can't Connect
  159. Display
  160. Failed to find file for package Core for async preloading, Game crash help?
  161. Regarding Crystals
  162. how loadout cards and game cards work together?
  163. Inquiring Info about Console Community Specialist Position.
  164. Disconnection and logging in problem
  165. Paladins EAC Error code 17,10011,21 [HELP]
  166. Concerning 3rd party cheat software
  167. Drop to Desktop, Process Self-Terminating
  168. Beta coda dont work, pls help
  169. Latency spike
  170. barik tf2 skin?
  171. Paladins always triggering VIRTUAL_TDR_Failure (atikmpg.sys) on my notebook
  172. Ping increase after OB48 Hotfix#1
  173. Referral friends
  174. [sound issues] - in game sound is chopped off
  175. Pip mad scientist bug
  176. HELP! I can't change my password!!!
  177. Patch 48 free chest unavailable
  178. Vanletnine's Day chest
  179. Didn't receive Radiant Chests!
  180. How long for support to get back to you ?
  181. Download REPLAY [SUGESTION]
  182. Hi, I really need your help!
  183. System Chat Box Disappears at the End of Each Game
  184. Account link isn't working
  185. Lags with ~30 ping and 150 fps
  186. Competetive Console Problem
  187. (XBOX 1) Have not gotten many of the informed items in this game
  188. Paladins EU
  189. High Ping
  190. Launch Error 30007
  191. Discord Help me
  192. Paladins servers LAGGING HARD. Welcome to Lagadins
  193. Colorblind mode
  194. more drop hacks
  195. Game randomly crashes to destkop
  196. Sudden Lag Spikes
  197. Hey look - first day back and I'm teleporting everywhere
  198. can't leave my match (+3 hours)
  199. Hackers, who cares?
  200. Hacking been caught on act! (video included)
  201. Reporting hackers
  202. If I Buy the Founder's Pack...
  203. update stucks at 90%
  204. Game freezes and my PC as well.
  205. Mi cuenta ha sido proibida sin ningun motivo aparente nesesito ayuda
  206. Old Founders Pack help?
  207. Game lag on competitive
  208. Competitive ques times are taking way too long.
  209. Player Disconnected
  210. Game is consuming 1GB of ram
  211. Version Mismatch?
  212. The game does not start or update, I can not login.
  213. Help please launcher and hi rez games and diagnostic support dont open
  214. Launch Error 10011
  215. I got banned... Must stay positive
  216. Invader Pip Voice Pack
  217. I not getting any competitive points for champion
  218. Lex rating went down without playing any games
  219. Helpp me gm stall mod admm
  220. Double gold Launch Event on ps4
  221. Unable to connect to server
  222. I need some help
  223. Patch Download is REAL SLOW
  224. Unlink Xbox account
  225. Please help me how to fix vivoxsdk.dll Error
  226. Ban for no reason
  227. Can't login.
  228. Password / email issue
  229. Can I get a refund of gems for item bought by mistake?
  230. Paladins
  231. Is playing with voice chat enabled obligatory?
  232. me quitaron el founder pack lo pague y me lo quitaron juego en ps4 alguna solucion?
  233. Can't buy skin
  234. Mac version performance is still unacceptable
  235. My account banned
  236. Mobile payment
  237. I need some help with * unable to connect*
  238. Founders question
  239. Purchasing founders pack
  240. How to get nightbane cassie??? Please help D:
  241. Help me please
  242. Map Loading Screen Stucks
  243. My account wont link??
  244. Champions dont have textures
  245. getting a message saying"You cannot join the queue while waiting for the match to end
  246. EU Ranked servers have been laggy this entire day
  247. Cant open the game
  248. [PS4] Didn't get everything from founders pack
  249. Low FPS
  250. Game bug