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  1. Accidently bought VP with crystals
  2. Baric not recording wins/awarding skin.
  3. Crystals not awarded for win of the day
  4. O que eu faço com o bug que fica tudo invisível?
  5. How do I unlock competitive?
  6. Public Test: Version Mismatch
  7. How to get skin.
  8. Crafting Cards
  9. Rank of champions??
  10. Refer a friend
  11. "This game was not longer properly authenticated"
  12. Name Change Question
  13. Cannot get the code for viktor weapon skin from liking on facebook
  14. ISP bugs? Help me fix very buggy interface
  15. Forum Subscriptions Not Giving Updates
  16. Doubt about the boosts
  17. An error (-5001 : 0x80070002)
  18. Game crashes at character selection, now I'm a deserter
  19. Forum username change
  20. List of reproducable bugs I've encountered :(. + some suggestions
  21. Weird black lines
  22. Rating
  23. My email...
  24. So many weird times when the game kicks me and gives me penalty
  25. Random Black Screen? O.o
  26. Question about accessories for Competitions
  27. So somethings that need to be said about the current state of Paladins
  28. OB37 - update available?
  29. Unable to connect server
  30. Hello??
  31. Grover Axe Bug
  32. queria mudar meu userid
  33. Deleted account
  34. Messed up username
  35. How to equip MOUNT from Founder's pack?
  36. Help me
  37. Can't launch Paladins. Any HiRez game to be exact. Any help?
  38. Well, it's official. I can't play paladins anymore...
  39. Over 70 minutes in queue, still no match
  40. So lastnight i bought the "founders pack"...
  41. Bought the Founder's Pack the day it was available, don't get reduced price
  42. Founders Pack Boost Question
  43. Deserter 30 min cd when i didnt leave
  44. Username Recovery just sending my Email address
  45. Rename
  46. Cannot reinstall after uninstalling Steam version
  47. Black void bug
  48. Losing contents of the chest
  49. Portuguese
  50. Video Card crashing issue
  51. Patch 37: That ping.
  52. 0/0 online
  53. Friends List Wiped
  54. Rank Points
  55. How to get the money back?
  56. Kaçak 59:00 dk.
  57. Paladins keeps crashing/ i cant record
  58. Changes to Gems & their real life money value
  59. Can't join a game [HELP]!
  60. Can't play paladins, Always got Crash Dialog
  61. Black Screen Glitch (Among Others)
  62. Glitched out and now im a deserter...
  63. Anticheat
  64. Pls help.laggs
  65. Character Movement
  66. Game logging me out mid-match, forcing New account
  67. Paladins launcher doesnt download and interferes with smite launcher
  68. Two big Login Issues, game is unplayable
  69. In-Game GUI and Horse were gone :T
  70. Bug in a chest opening
  71. Bug colossal chest dissapear
  72. Mouse problems
  73. Mouse bugs
  74. Problem linking accounts
  75. Why u no work ragdolls
  76. 400 crystals not delivered.
  77. Why have some of the re-colors dropped from the buyable skins menus?
  78. massive frame drop since last patch
  79. Can't Verif Email Address
  80. Game Bug during champion selection
  81. My support ticket
  82. Change Email
  83. Barik
  84. Didnt get my skin.
  85. Game does not launch after patch 37
  86. Competitive games
  87. Connection problem every morning SEA time
  88. Whenever I join a Match...
  89. Lag V.S. Deserting
  90. chest items not received
  91. Cannot Log in
  92. Why my account has been banned?
  93. skin of victor by login in twitter
  94. Game closes after a certain amount of time passes.
  95. Can't find redeem code area.
  96. Portuguese translation
  97. Redeeming Founder Pack
  98. Stuck on "update"
  99. Ty Hirez for ban
  100. Skinks from steam and refere
  101. Cheater in game, aimbot
  102. The support can respond my email? Thanks...
  103. Test Server
  104. Can't play the game AT ALL
  105. I can't play
  106. No sound
  107. New patch FPS problems
  108. I won some item, but not get it :(
  109. Pip Scientist Skin
  110. Stuck on "launcher update"
  111. Steam or hirez launcher?
  112. I can not join!
  113. So i cant play game anymore
  114. Lots of lags since update today. impossible to play normaly
  115. Launcher and Paladins .exe files deleted themselves
  116. Deserter again because game logged me off in champs chosing screen
  117. Aimbots..Aimbots..everywhere
  118. ...
  119. Deserter again......
  120. deserter
  121. Can't play : Stuck on loading gray play button
  122. Launcher dont start the game.
  123. I need quick answer for that competitive points!!
  124. I cant login
  125. Stuck in Perpetual Queue?
  126. emote reward bug
  127. Northern Watch skin
  128. Strange bug, then log out, then another strange bug and stuck
  129. CB posts
  130. Special character in username problem!
  131. pls help - cant make a new password to my account
  132. I stucked in loading profile.
  133. Black screen in match
  134. Can't install the game
  135. Northern skin in box dissapeared
  136. The servers
  137. Paladins updating stuck at 90,0%
  138. Northern watch
  139. Northern watch in chest
  140. Please Help Me, I'm Stuck in "Unable To Connect Server"
  141. Paladins and Steam
  142. "Game is down"? Related to Smite stuff.
  143. So "next update" comes out and still missing cassie skin
  144. What happened to skin sets?
  145. Your account is blocked
  146. Patch 38 Super lag
  147. Sound Distortion
  148. No reward and a gold pack founder
  149. Can't login in-game
  150. Banned for violation against EULA 3f
  151. No FWOTD gold??
  152. Extreme Lag/Warp Issues
  153. Can't find hi-rez installation
  154. 60 to 5-8 fps
  155. Any chance to add more language to game?
  156. Racism, please Ban.
  157. Banned for no reason ?
  158. Competative sistem!?
  159. Punished for crashing
  160. Problem to ejecute: CoherentUi.dll error
  161. Please i want to change my UserName (U1324****)
  162. About buying Founders Pack with Rapipago (Argentina)
  163. Refunded on unintentional Purchase
  164. how to remove profile from this forum ?
  165. Australian servers DNS or IP addresses?
  166. Account lost >..<
  167. Servers
  168. Hi-Rez Support Team Reply Time
  169. Starting to give up...
  170. Insult report
  171. logout proplem
  172. Do we keep our data/unlocks when the game fully releases?
  173. is there a duel?
  174. Silver friends forever achievement not registering.
  175. Paladins is upside down
  176. What is Performance
  177. Double for something
  178. Insane lags, please help
  179. Where Can I Post A Idea For A Hero
  180. My account is banned
  181. Reedem Code Error/Bug
  182. Name Change
  183. Are secondary accounts allowed?
  184. Help !! i'm not playing
  185. Lag Problems. Trying to play in SEA server
  186. [Sticky Pls] The Eternally Unsolved Authentication Issue: A Call to Arms
  187. Any Hi-Rez support employee, take a look at my ticket.
  188. I press play, the launcher closes but the game doesn't start
  189. Paladins Unknown Error
  190. No points... in a match competitive! Need Clarification.
  191. Match starts, can see skills but not screen.
  192. Unoptimized
  193. Northern Watch Skin unlocked... except not?
  194. Need Help Please
  195. bug seleção
  196. Black Screen Problem
  197. Is this common?
  198. If I buy a pack, do they reward me for the champions already unlocked?
  199. Crash to Main Menu Bug
  200. EASY Anti Cheat ( Launch failed Error10011)
  201. Help x360 controller for Mac
  202. Idk what to do now. "Failed to Start the game"
  203. Game performance issues lately
  204. I really need to unbind ENTER and KP_ENTER
  205. I forgot how to invite someone
  206. Deserter
  207. Sudden lag
  208. why am i a deserter? i never did anything
  209. How i change my profile pic?
  210. Can't load into champ select/virtually banned
  211. CANT CHANGE NAME [ i have buy 800 Crystals , but i cant change it]
  212. Stuck in Loading Profile after I quit when receiving the free Viktor Skin and Mount
  213. "Paladins is out of date waiting on a new version
  214. somebody please.. "Paladins is out of date waiting on a new version"
  215. Paladins Prereq not installing?
  216. banned
  217. Paldins crashes at ingame login
  218. Hacker
  219. Hacker + proof
  220. Competitive matches
  221. Game Crashes Since Update
  222. Twitch giveaways?
  223. When i can log in into game?
  224. Version Mismatch?
  225. Twitch acc
  226. Competitive Match Literally Vanished
  227. Founder's pack
  228. Can't play the game since latest patch (ob 39)
  229. Not able to play after OB39 patch
  230. PChunter63 ? what is that ?
  231. Game keep crashing!!
  232. Anti cheat
  233. Freeze game + deserter as bonus
  234. Game is stuck at "Paladins is connecting to the Authentication Service" on loadup
  235. Anti Cheat + ReShade or SweetFX
  236. EAC and extremely decreased game performance
  237. Playing Paladins without Anti-Cheat
  238. Help error - this game was not properly authenticated at launch time
  239. Error Launching the game
  240. Serious FPS drop after new EAC
  241. Forum e-mail
  242. Unable to start due to anticheat
  243. EAC on Paladins requires DSE ON - May be a problem
  244. This game was not properly authenticated at launch time
  245. EasyAntiCheat Launch Error
  246. Looking for Boss Bomb skin
  247. i just won in a comp with very good score and i dident got any points...why?
  248. EAC Error!
  249. Sha Lin Withdraw Bug Not Stealthing
  250. Signature?