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  1. Unlocked a champ from chest, didn't get it?
  2. Not getting Barik TF2 skin after winning 5 games
  3. Stuck with the mobile style of the Paladins forum on my PC
  4. Surround Sound with Gamecom 780's
  5. Can not play Paladins (or Smite) from Steam
  6. Windows 10 Prompts
  7. Low Spec PC - need help with config
  8. is it BUG or Cheat ???
  9. Capturing before starting time? Bug ? Cheat?
  10. I win more than 5 games with Barik, but not have TF2 skin (+my victories not shown)
  11. Can't see anything!
  12. Interpratio red! Monitor shouting? Autoaim in game?
  13. Help hacker. How to report?
  14. Hi-Rez closing support ticket without solving problem.
  15. Wrongfully banned 2
  16. Problem with purchase (Steam wallet) + ticket rotting in dust
  17. Paladins is waiting for patcher update
  18. Not getting any chest when leveling up.
  19. Changing language
  20. Trouble with Authenticate and Update
  21. Autenticate & Update troubles
  22. Need Help
  23. Possible cheater
  24. Cannot Start Hirez
  25. i'm sure he hack
  26. HirezLauncherUI.exe disappeared. Can't start game anymore.
  27. Patch
  28. Banned for nothing
  29. The update is coming back
  30. Hacker
  31. Constant Graphics Card Crashes - GTX 970
  32. After yesterday server maintain SEA Ping so high !!
  33. Fixed Cannot Hirez Thing
  34. I Love Error
  35. Patcher keep doing patcher update
  36. How do I queue up with one friend and participate in 5v5.
  37. Cant queue in COMPETITIVE
  38. Paladins Launcher Immediately Stops working and gives an error(0xc0000005)
  39. Latency/Ping Issue
  40. The game does not open.
  41. UDK packages CORRUPTED
  42. Epic voice confusion
  43. "Basic bugs and tweaks
  44. Version mismatch on PTS
  45. Pay 2 Win element in this game >:(
  46. Username changed after maintenance downtime from Paladin
  47. Version mismatch
  48. Haven't gotten my refund for weapon skin
  49. Founders Pack Gold
  50. install bug
  51. Gui Bug On Edit Loadout
  52. Mal'Damba typo
  53. Makoa unlock price down from 7500 to 5000? Will my gold back?
  54. After last patch, i can't play. crash error kernebase.dll
  55. Hi-rez studios can you please create a server for Middle eastern countries
  56. Help!!-[bug]
  57. Coins Gone & Mal'Damba as well!
  58. Hacker spotted
  59. [FIXED] system.invalidoperationexception: cannot start process (Please Sticky)
  60. Lost Gems Because of New Update
  61. BAN out of the blue
  62. stuck up in loading profile
  63. Will compensations be handed out for buying crystal related items ?
  64. Connection Issue: Can't log in after disconnected (error code: "player disconnected")
  65. Missing skin set and quick deaths
  66. "waiting for Paladin Public Test Update" when i'm opening the open beta launcher.
  67. Prevention respawn disconnect
  68. Help! Please
  69. Weapon skin won't show in-game
  70. 30-40 Minute ques for comp mode - Still no successful game launch.
  71. "Player Disconnected"
  72. Referred friend hours clocked not increasing after several hours of play
  73. Skins
  74. pressing "enter" brings me to item store
  75. EU pings always 250+ since latest patch
  76. How do I report players so they can be properly punished?
  77. Forced to change my player name after patch now my account is wiped.
  78. No Gold, no exp - no game!
  79. launcher fail loading
  80. Wtf?
  81. Game for not a bought character
  82. Stuck at 30 fps
  83. How to speak in game
  84. How to read the LANG_INT.DAT file?
  85. Help! Im Stuck in loading screen!
  86. Hi i have a problem with launcher.
  87. Help! I can't play the game because of missing msvcr100.dll
  88. My main and all that created account being banned for no reason!
  89. Still no fix for referral rewards, not getting crystals, Ticket is ignored
  90. Ultimate sea region bug complaints
  91. servers down
  92. Disconnect in 30sec ?!?!
  93. Skin and Set purchases!
  94. Why Do you guys want to manage my youtube account?
  95. banned account for using bomb king?
  96. Block Players?
  97. I have an error please help! My game cant't start!
  98. plz plz fix the ping problem
  99. I cant log in!!!
  100. Hackeeeerrr
  101. Problem in game
  102. I'm receiving a “Failed to Start Authenticate and Update Service” message
  103. banned for no reason?
  104. Won a Competitive game, Both ratings unchanged.
  105. Support ticket..
  106. Excesive instability after last patch
  107. how to get viking skin of kinessa?
  108. Can't refer friend
  109. Prices Changes on OB35
  110. Referrals reward
  111. Bug/Issue with Chests
  112. Less FPS then in OB34
  113. Not qualified yet for rewards? Seriously?
  114. Glitch in Pause Screen?
  115. Stuck in verification
  116. Where are the fuckin Admins Fix the SErver:Unknown issue we cany Play!!!
  117. Bug ''this game was not properly authenticated at launch time''
  118. "Paladins is connecting to the Authentication Servers"
  119. How its work the Cap time?
  120. Public Test Server
  121. se me El juego laucher el pecado Hacer Nada
  122. Loot chest content lost
  123. Pip reward
  124. Password Problems!
  125. I keep crashing on the steam paladins
  126. Cant join matches
  127. Difficulty Logging In
  128. Input not supported
  129. Loot chest currency cards not giving money
  130. Deserter (German)
  131. cannot see weapon/hear shots (Kinessa)
  132. Store in launcher is Crossed Out!
  133. Support ticket misunderstood.. about refer rewards
  134. Does anybody know the current situation on steam purchases
  135. Is it possible?
  136. cant play payload. Always get placed in siege matches
  137. Fuck Hi-rez company incompetent
  138. Steam and hi-rez launcher
  139. competitive play only 2 players in party?
  140. cant start a comp match
  141. Massive FPS drop/stutter/slowdown
  142. Wishes to the developers of the game
  143. suggest loadouts pls
  144. I do not remember the password you use to 'inside of the game
  145. Game keeps Logging account out during waiting time
  146. I can't play
  147. Cannot launch game.
  148. Randomly banned for no reason?
  149. Where would one send a report about the actions of a paldin's steam forum mod
  150. I have a problem with ping
  151. Suggestion Question
  152. Minimize not working
  153. Triple Monitor Support?
  154. Please Check ban
  155. Xbox One controller
  156. Can't see frames on the ground (Mal'Damba's heal, Victor's ulty and so on)
  157. No steam card drops?
  158. Oi Hi-Rez, ARE YOU GUYS DEAF?
  159. can't unlock the viking helmet for kinessa
  160. Random Ban Appeal
  161. Deserter - when I'm not.
  162. This game was not properly authenticated at launch time/ Please Help
  163. Installing off of C drive breaks localization
  164. After a game sometimes I get booted out from my party without notice
  165. Cannot play PALADINS!
  166. Chaning password prevents auto log in and can't update
  167. The Patch 36 Is Already on the game ?
  168. If you are running Win10 Turn off DVR for some FPS boost!
  169. Not able to create an new account
  170. Getting real sick of the deserter bug.
  171. FPS drop
  172. The game is offline ?
  173. Lets go with a bit of logic here
  174. Is Salvo bugged?
  175. Can't log in, nothing responds on the menu
  176. Redeeming The Onyx Stallion Mount
  177. Viktor's recoil
  178. Paladins doesnt start (NOT steam version)
  179. Abnormal number of cheaters for f2p game
  180. Until when the pumpking skin would be possible to buy? because i see that he is limit
  181. Paladins.exe has stopped working
  182. chest bug
  183. Glitched Sound after OB36, and some feedback on 'Play of the Match'
  184. Unable to Connect to Steam AGAIN!?
  185. Old founder's pack not getting all new stuff
  186. The "Play" Button doesn't do anything.
  187. Hi REZ best Moba Paladins it will be?
  188. Referal System Question
  189. No sound and drop fps
  190. Login is down.
  191. Unstable FPS and terrible sound
  192. Character Rank stuck
  193. Can I get banned for using VPN?
  194. Locking pos selection of champions
  195. Sound completely broken in combat
  196. [BR] Ajuda no competitivo
  197. Need assistance for installing .Net Framework 3.5 for windows 8.1
  198. Response Time and Ban
  199. Founder's Pack [Steam page vs Ingame store]
  200. I cant play !!!!!!
  201. About the server's
  202. Skin code
  203. Help Bots Game
  204. El sonido esta horrible !!!
  205. New card
  206. please ban this hacker
  207. Game crashes on startup...Need help!
  208. Is there a way to refund ingame purchases?
  209. Server Freeze again ?
  210. "Cannot connect to server"
  211. Excessive "Rubberbanding" after OB 36 patch
  212. Keep getting deserter penalty without being a deserter
  213. I'm not getting Rewards
  214. Cheaters situation
  215. Infinity fireball spam Fernando
  216. Username and password failed authentication
  217. in the middle of the game, getting message cannot connect to game and chat server
  218. Paladins won't start "Paladins is running the game. Have fun!"
  219. This section
  220. Competetive dissapeard
  221. Downloading things automatically is ****
  222. Paladins random crash (in-game and match loading)
  223. Free skin
  224. Keep getting kicked out
  225. Pip "Mad scientist" skin
  226. Did not receive code for horse on YT
  227. Cheaters will take your game
  228. Steam to Windows Download Problems
  229. The game became unplayable
  230. Unable to connect to steam
  231. game crash during the start of the match
  232. tips don´t get out of my screen
  233. Game crash when i alt+tab
  234. I can't login
  235. Server: ^ Unknown and logging in takes too long
  236. Ares Fernando Skin
  237. cannot join the matchmaking queue, waiting current games to end - WTF
  238. Need help i cant login to my main account
  239. Sound Bug with Ruckus
  240. Code redemption
  241. Kinessa
  242. Password change
  243. Help
  244. Fps & ping indicator
  245. Need Help
  246. Free Crystals WE
  247. Auto-Login not working
  248. Characters become invisible
  249. I didn't get my 25 crystals
  250. Can't change password