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  1. Drogoz ult bug
  2. I am a deserter even though i didnt desert the game
  3. My FPS Issue
  4. Founder's Pack doesn't show ingame
  5. beta items for Ruckus?
  6. Help with 64bit
  7. FPS issues with Paladins only
  8. Essence Missing (again) We need essence
  9. Untrusted System File Problem! Need Help!
  10. HiRez fake quest progress - no rewards - bugs
  11. Does the Jenos space flower heal(I dunno) show to enemy players if you are invisible?
  12. Stuck at logging in after quitting a match that never started
  13. Sha Lin fps drops
  14. Winning more than 50% of games, rank going down anyway?
  15. Vivian VoicePack is not auto-unlocked with Founder's Pack
  16. Error code at starting the game
  17. No Daily missions
  18. Cómo hago para devolver un campeón
  19. A question regarding Chancellor Mal'Damba skin
  20. high ping in north africa and the middle east
  21. daily quests
  22. ping-issues
  23. High Ping - BR server
  24. No sound and gameplay stutters
  25. EasyAntiCheat doesn't work
  26. Why am i queed with non ranks, silvers and bronzes?
  27. No New Quests
  28. No daily quest
  29. how to stretch 1024x768
  30. Travamento devido os efeito de tiro
  31. Challenges glitch
  32. Can't join into a match (loading screen)
  33. Hackers
  34. Insane Fps Drops
  35. Voice chat always enabled at start of first match?
  36. MSVCR100.dll error on Paladins no-steam version
  37. Right Click Bug
  38. daily missions
  39. tengo un error de las misiones
  40. no tengo misiones diarias
  41. Bug/Error
  42. "Player disconnected" in OB 63
  43. Technical... ish?
  44. OB64 PTS Problem.
  45. ¿ Las misiones diarias se desactivaron?
  46. Does reporting players actually work?
  47. Quests Bug
  48. Cheater without cheats. Or how Hi-Rez bans honest players.
  49. my missions do not load
  50. Ayuda porfavoor
  51. vip
  52. How is this even possible?!?!?! Drop hack??
  53. How to copy Paladins from different Computer/Drive
  54. Quest problem
  55. Game Stuttering
  56. Can't login to PTS
  57. Problem with Gold Chest
  58. Problema de fps
  59. Voices getting cut when using Sound Blaster X-Fi MB5
  60. Reset na conta
  61. How about fixing the main issue
  62. Any ideas to boost fps
  63. Web Game Installer says that "game is installed" (it is not installed)
  64. Game not launching (steam)
  65. PROBLEM daily reward.
  66. VIP not showing (PS4)
  67. PTS OB64. Safe mode.
  68. Two accounts unfairly banned.
  69. Unable to connect
  70. Launching Paladins in steam link
  71. Game Update on Steam
  72. Unable to acces PTS with my account
  73. So im not getting the daily Quests
  74. Unbelievable Deserter
  75. Server Error in '/' Application
  76. Purchasing Goddess Lian
  77. Server problems
  78. Servers ?
  79. new update destroyed everything i inversted in the game - essences no refund?
  80. CRystal packs give half of what it advertises.
  81. groups
  82. Paladins File Missing?
  83. Deletion Request
  84. Deletion Request - Help
  85. Free chest with path deployment?...
  86. Game randomly crashes mid game
  87. вложение в карты-нет компенсации. (ru)
  88. Game keeps crashing when ever I open it from launcher (through steam)
  89. Launch Error 20006 (Cannot Create Service (StartService Failed:(1058)) Solution
  90. Diamond chest from finishing quest started over again
  91. Problems after login, game does not start
  92. Quest
  93. why this high ping after update ?
  94. Crystal Packs
  95. Report Sistem Problems
  96. I am not getting Champion Quest's Reward !
  97. Hi-Rez launcher stopped the working !
  98. Warning: Wrong verion / Can't join the game :(
  99. Diamond Chest Support Skin rip off
  100. Hi-Rez Installer detected on Drive that is no longer installed
  101. Competitive tp system broken? lose way too many points
  102. Help there is a hacker and no one do anythin 'bout this
  103. i got randomly baned
  104. Quest Bug
  105. Daily chest for every champion
  106. Ban Bug
  107. Is it possible to write tickets in the support in Russian language ?
  108. Obsidian Skin
  109. Um is it Normal for my legendary cards to level down lol
  110. Blue screen with Windows 10
  111. Back to the menu when the loading of the map
  112. Game crashes when I start a game
  113. Constantly being logged out
  114. Me not recieving Mad Scientist pip skin
  115. How long does it take to get a purchase?
  116. TP/jerk some players
  117. Being disconnected over and over during competitive
  118. Getting kicked to desktop right before customization end
  119. no me abre el juego
  120. Do you lose your rank if you play casual games only?
  121. Refound chest purchase
  122. Cant link my Facebook to the Hi-rez account
  123. Is the Champion's quest still not working? Or is it just bugged for me?
  124. Player disconnected
  125. Somehow, i have nova strike atomizer instead vaporizer, and it is a problem.
  126. What internet does paladins need to work ?
  127. 2-3 crashes in a day
  128. Hi rez support
  129. Low FPS
  130. Paladins starting error (emergency)
  131. x64 Version not starting at all
  132. Sprays are unlocking second time
  133. Question regarding the duplicate problem on radiant chests.
  134. For how long is the crystal sale going to be up to?
  135. Facebook link problem
  136. Will my laptop be able to run Paladins smoothly?
  137. Twitch chat ban?
  138. Strange problem happened to me on the champ selection
  139. If I unlock something in the PTS, will it transfer to my Live account??
  140. Map loading screen keeps loading forever
  141. Can't log in PTS (ob65)
  142. High ping playing this game.
  143. Options not working properly + Launcher failing to start game
  144. Almost everything in vip is locked
  145. Is there a way to max out World Detail *without* getting Bloom?
  146. Paladins won't start
  147. Paladins created a new account??
  148. Top 5 play reward
  149. Can't join a queue!!!
  150. Twitch Drops Gave me a Skin set i already had.
  151. application error 0xc0000142
  152. Title "The Dedicated" not unlocked
  153. Paladins betting websites?
  154. Untrusted system file cpssl.dll
  155. Voice chat doesn't work during game
  156. Support Ticket
  157. Password is wrong Public Test launcher
  158. Autoreport crash
  159. Version mismatch
  160. Offical server version mismatch
  161. Have problem with sound pack
  162. error d3d9
  163. Unable to connect to server
  164. Can't login, as if I'm a new player
  165. Driver Error
  166. Game closing to desktop.
  167. New Twitch Prime BK's Skin wont claim on account
  168. Look at this screenshot who should be the best flanker ?
  169. Patch coming? client closed
  170. VIP Bundle Issue
  171. I still didn't get my The Caster announcer packs but I voted for the finals
  172. Login Issue
  173. Server'a intermittence
  174. Unable to connect server
  175. Paladins CPU usage weird
  176. Problem with Frontline pack
  177. HElp My chests
  178. cant connect to server
  179. Need a refund of tp
  180. Unable to connect to server 1/14/18 12:36 PST
  181. Got Everything But Primal Prowler?
  182. Loss legendary levels
  183. PLEASE HELP !! low ping still lagging and unstable
  184. Says my twitch account isnt linked
  185. Error login and slow loading game menu
  186. Match boosters
  187. This is how people get ban
  188. Help me
  189. Specific login problem
  190. Daily Quests?
  191. I have a big problem, I need help...
  192. EasyAntyCheat can´t start game
  193. Error Paladins or windows
  194. Me corre peor q el culo
  195. Changing my email adress
  196. Reset of the Account
  197. Veni, Vidi, Vici
  198. Getting "Ran out of memory.. Exiting" error/crash
  199. EasyAntiCheat?
  200. Missing champion
  201. Game doesn't launch
  202. Game crashed in Loading Screen
  203. My friend list don't load, and i can't type
  204. Queued for login???
  205. SEA Servers High Ping
  206. Ayuda crash dialog
  207. Do Not Disturb on Console PS4
  208. Champions Swap in Ranked
  209. How can i put the game according to my tv?
  210. The Festive Chest Scammed Me For 100 Gems!
  211. Game Disconnect & Legendary cards reset
  212. EPIC TITLE: The ....
  213. Can't buy crystals
  214. Purchased crystals not registering in game
  215. how to hear players that use in-game voice chat?
  216. I'm not getting my Twitch Prime Rewards
  217. 16 days without playing paladins.
  218. Champions Mastery 5 bug
  219. ulti soundbug
  220. Valentine Chest 2017, Lost my Unicorn Mount
  221. Installed the installer. Doesn't start downloading....
  222. Unable to access Twitch Prime rewards
  223. Highlight Replay
  224. About the chests...
  225. What the hell with loggining?!
  226. Player disconnected
  227. History: shows only matches from one server
  228. Why can't i log in?
  229. Read here if you can't log into the game
  230. Game didt get default.ini
  231. The Service Did not automatically re-boot please re-boot your PC after pressing ok
  232. 3440x1440 not working
  233. Can't login (Switched PC)
  234. Rank reset
  235. Can't activate my reward code
  236. "Unable to connect to server"
  237. can we trasnfer account from PS4 to PC ?
  238. Reset ELO pls
  239. Unable to join match
  240. Xbox one - Connect to xbox live to continue
  241. I can not get in the game
  242. I cant log in the game.
  243. error occurred while retrieving data. Please try again later
  244. problem with some .dll
  245. In Game Menu Scaling Issue, (option panels, skill descriptions etc.)
  246. Unable to log in issue
  247. extreme lag with low ping
  248. normal internet and ping problem
  249. achievments
  250. No Mastery Pose Skye