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  1. what do you they mean? :confused:
  2. SEA server PING
  3. Sudden Lag & Freezing, Black Screens
  4. Random pictures
  5. 5:4 Support
  6. Updates and server downtimes
  7. Ping over 700ms
  8. No TP for Last ranked game
  9. "Cannot find the Hirez Installation"
  10. i cant join any game it always disconnects me
  11. What the hell is going on??
  12. Ping sea server is highly bad
  13. Trouble linking accounts
  14. Remove automatic connexion
  15. Bad condition of Sea servers
  16. Not loading champions in when your to high in the air?
  17. Unable to join games
  18. Cant open the game
  19. Skins across linked accounts.
  20. Fix this
  21. sea and na servers getting thrashed at 200ping
  22. 120 min penelty
  23. Crashes after loading screen
  24. I was reported because I played a bad game in comp
  25. Problem with fps
  26. FPS problems after new patch
  27. Overdownloading
  28. BK is laggy everytime im playing
  29. No me permite ingresar a PALADINS
  30. Good specs but still having fps problems in paladins?
  31. Banned Account
  32. Cant select champion
  33. How do I reset my password?
  34. Please Help me solve this Erorr (28)
  35. Friends Forever Award
  36. Paladins is already installed.
  37. Cauterize dont work
  38. Unjust Ban
  39. [PS4] Bounty Hunter achievement broken?
  40. launch error
  41. Can't play a match
  42. Get banned after competitive match.
  43. Prerequisites not installing.
  44. PS4 game wins and loses not registering
  45. Video card message error
  46. Are custom crosshair banneable?
  47. Some feedback for devs
  48. Paladins lost connection to login and chat servers (NOT SERVER'S FAULT)
  49. Codigos para paladins
  50. Report system
  51. Help me, realm pack!
  52. Play button dosen't work
  53. API or SDK?
  54. Unable to login
  55. Game suddenly crashes. All friends are gone. (0/0)
  56. cant chat and read the lobby chat
  57. Been having 600 - 900 ping for over a month now.
  58. What's gonna happen to ranking in Season 2?
  59. player disconnected
  60. Gamma Defaulting
  61. Player disconnected issue
  62. 4:3 resolution 1280x1024
  63. Can you help me pls ? I can't playing my game.
  64. Matchmaking Loading Failure (DxDiag)
  65. competitive match gone...
  66. Can't update game
  67. Authentication and Update Service failed to start...
  68. Uhh, insane crashes?
  69. Game not working
  70. Game does not save any graphics settings
  71. EAC problem 100% working soultion. Worked for me. Here to help.
  72. After OB60 game became slow/not working
  73. Custom games
  74. Disable/Enable ragdoll death settings?
  75. VirusTotal detected Suspicious File?
  76. player disconnected
  77. When game need to start its disconnecting me
  78. This game was not properly autheticated at launch time.
  79. -Use64 doesn't work anymore
  80. Horrible connection and High Ping
  81. reporting people on xbox one
  82. Fullscreen forces 144hz refresh rate, want 120/100hz.
  83. Competitive match option isn't showing
  84. Disenchant cards not working
  85. Game Loading Screen Error
  86. Can Paladins run on this laptop?
  87. Fucking balance
  88. Fix the SEA server!
  89. Ranked isn't working
  90. Purchase error (tortuga)
  91. Recruit a friend rewards are not working.
  92. Kicked/Dc from 3/12 placement matches
  93. Can't start Paladins
  94. cuenta prohibida
  95. does paladins use TCP or UDP
  96. Achievements/Trophies/Awards not working since last patch
  97. Conection issues and failing to launch
  98. Por que me parece doble acceeso en la cuenta de google
  99. Can't play game using FB linked account
  100. Bad performance even with high spec computer
  101. Game crashes when i launch the game.
  102. ban notices and long load time
  103. My account has been reset.
  104. Lag-based sensitivity issues?
  105. Report
  106. blocked at selection champion screen
  107. Launching issues
  108. Player losing UI during game
  109. Game does not support 4:3 PC screen
  110. I can't start the game.
  111. Options - save problems
  112. paladins not run x64?
  113. Demoted without playing
  114. 0xc00007b problame help please
  115. A Few Technical Questions; would you kindly?
  116. Can't load game. HiManagedBridge.dll error. Please help.
  117. STUCK in LOADING PROFILE again...
  118. Your account has been banned
  119. Unlinking FB account
  120. Jenos FB skins still locked
  121. fraps is considered as an illegal program (hack)?
  122. No TP for wins?
  123. I've been randomly dropped from 2 comp games back to back...
  124. Excessive amount of lag
  125. (Fix to Anti-cheat error)
  126. high ping after OB61
  127. Game crash
  128. Random Crashes While Mounting
  129. Bug/lag? who knows
  130. Game requires AMD cpu drivers on install?
  131. About change nickname
  132. Do devs even read the forums? FIX THE GODDAMN SEA SERVER FOR CHIRSTS SAKE.
  133. Report for harassment
  134. How to make a frame for each hero ?
  135. I was banned for FSB overclocking, and I'd like an unban.
  136. Easy Anti-Cheat not installed error?
  137. Are the devs too busy making useless cosmetics for more microtransactions?
  138. Do something with cheaters!
  139. Game crashes often
  140. Will the devs ever fix the goddamn sea server?
  141. High Ping
  142. Forum Login Error - Your SSL Certificate is Revoked
  143. I Keep getting the Version Mismatch after trying all the step i read in the forums.
  144. Controller Issues
  145. I keep getting the same error which doesn't allow me to start the launcher.
  146. Ban!! Is it permanent?
  147. Am I missing something? (VIP Picks UI)
  148. PTS Weird aim
  149. Reset stats?
  150. Game is unplayable
  151. im confused
  152. Skins keep getting unequiped
  153. Can't Link Facebook Account
  154. Launch Error 20006 (Cannot Create Service (StartService Failed: 2))
  155. Error with installing Palladins
  156. Jenos and Ying missed from the Champions roster on the website!
  157. Gente preciso de ajuda
  158. loading profile problem
  159. Login into Forum not possible on Firefox
  160. Slow update
  161. Help, please.
  162. Email Verification
  163. Steam DLC
  164. Can't play OB62
  165. FPS drops from usualy 150 to 30~
  166. Can't launch paladins because of a text from easyanticheat
  167. I forgot my email account
  168. Ping issues with sea server
  169. Shop not working on steam
  170. How can I take more fps with this system?
  171. My account is literally using 2 usernames
  172. I do not know my username
  173. Unable to launch game. Fatal application exit.
  174. Unable to launch game
  175. YouTube subscription rewards
  176. Where's Open Beta 62 Hotfix #1?
  177. Help about thread
  178. Why are people allowed to feed?
  179. Need Help!!!
  180. Game updates each patch in order...? What?
  181. Coupon not working.
  182. randomly smooth running matches
  183. Unfortunate crashes in ranked games
  184. Simple Important Bug Fixes EVERYONE Can Recognize
  185. Account restarted
  186. What is the item "Live broadcast"?
  187. Deserter
  188. Paquete unico que se puede comprar mas de una vez?
  189. How does cripple work
  190. Question about androxus
  191. PTS install problem
  192. BUG: DX11 graphics settings. Particle sharpness is not retained on Ultra.
  193. An issue within a share account
  194. Competitive crash during champion select phase
  195. problem with vivosdk.dll
  196. Status effects (debuffs) not visible, except on Tanks
  197. Launcher error code 20006! help!
  198. Username: Bendermite (Second Login Screen Password)
  199. Error Code: 30005 (StartService failed with 31.)
  200. SEA server lag issues
  201. paladins die?
  202. Does Founder Pack contain standard champions voice packs?
  203. A Problem with Galaxy Chest
  204. Grief suspension
  205. I cant buy the new frontline pack.
  206. I Can't Start the game
  207. D3D compiler 43 _ dll error
  208. Lags
  209. Exclusive Skins not unlocking
  210. Fix the lag!
  211. Essence gone
  212. Texture quality doesn't change!
  213. (Msg ID :0 Not Found ) Quest Error
  214. Link facebook account
  215. What time that you will refund my 200 crystals from purchasing frontline gold chest?
  216. PC Freezes when pressing "Home" after a match & more
  217. Path of Mastery Quest
  218. FPS capped at 60 when fullscreen or fulscreen borderless window (since OB63)
  219. Błąd 0xc00007b aplikacja została niewlasciwie uruchomiona
  220. Cross platform transferrance?
  221. Top 5 Plays Submission Help
  222. Immediatelly fix the admin permission request on launcher!
  223. Audio Lag - please fix it
  224. In regards to the bugged quests
  225. Reset my account
  226. SEA server getting shitty again.
  227. How much do I have to wait for them to see me?
  228. 7:00 PM ET Zone Madness
  229. Mouse sensitivity and acceleration
  230. reconnect
  231. getting quest rewards, without completing a quest.
  232. Cassie Blood Moon Reward Bug (XBOX ONE)
  233. Can't launch the game.
  234. Champion Quest says completed
  235. problem when initiating session bug
  236. failed to find default engine.ini file to retrieve my document subdirectory to use
  237. Graffiti's not working. Some skin presets resets all the time.
  238. Don't know where to post this
  239. reporting do anything?
  240. Service hirez ne veut pas ce lancer
  241. Crash + shit desertor system
  242. Pergunta sobre o jogo
  243. PC/PS4 account link never worked.
  244. How to increase fps
  245. Daily Quest Not Working
  246. more interesting Quest related bug discoveries.
  247. I want to recover a replay
  248. Unable to connect to server !
  249. it is possible to know the income of the paladin sector
  250. Problem with founder pack