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  1. Projectiles and hit reg
  2. and I thought Overwatch hit boxes was bad lol
  3. Pip Mad Scientist skin problem!
  4. Glacier keep spawnpoint
  5. Better username filters
  6. Reporting cheaters
  7. SEA Server
  8. Champion Specific Keybinds
  9. HitBoxes and Titles
  10. 4:3 ratio
  11. I didn't get my Barik TF2 skin
  12. Radiant Chests, and why they're utterly useless
  13. History not saving certain stats?
  14. New skins?
  15. My in-game chat and steam chat are working weirdly
  16. If competitive mode is region locked, the leaderboards should be as well
  17. New match notification should be when the actual game starts
  18. Accepting the match
  19. Small suggestion for the ginger champion
  20. Change the Splash Art when i wearing a skin
  21. Queue, UI Problems, Unable to Progress Past Champion Selection Screen
  22. No New Accounts?
  23. Put an option in the game where you can set max Ping for server selection.
  24. More creative and varied women characters going forward
  25. Portuguese - International Discussion Forums
  26. Lingua italiana
  27. Sea Server
  28. Steam workshop
  29. We need more content to spend our golds on
  30. Auto reporter error
  31. Damage Status After Death Idea
  32. The noise of all guns and abilities being fired in the spawn chamber
  33. Chat Word Limit
  34. I feel this needs voice chat, and other things.
  35. Pre-game champion choosing
  36. Let us TURN ON/OFF Cross Region with a button ! Everything explained here + TL;DR
  37. I really like how different collors can be called skins.
  38. Copy/paste buttons in-game doesn't work
  39. Changes...
  40. Please allow us to leave casual unpunished!
  41. Shooting Range improvements
  42. Unique voice lines got removed? Why?
  43. Depressing announcer voice
  44. 21:9 support
  45. Customization and Character Planning 'Form'
  46. The Art Direction/ Design of some champions is HORRIBLE.
  47. Matchmaking requirements
  48. Suggestions
  49. Remove "preferred region" I don't wanna play with 200+ ping anymore
  50. A way to see who's a bot?
  51. Romanian forum section
  52. On behalf of SEA players: Please fix Singapore Datacenter from random crash.
  53. Display selfheals/lifesteal under healing in post game scoreboard
  54. Great Paladins News email...
  55. Add a workshop support.
  56. Net Code, Ping, Etc.
  57. Ping super inconsistent
  58. should you be able to refer your steam friends?
  59. Please For Australians Leave us on our own servers
  60. Please bring back the map change each round
  61. Bug or intentional? Impossible to report players after game ends
  62. Idea!
  63. Aspect Ratio
  64. General Feedback (Mega-post)
  65. Offline servers? | Paladins Thread Help |
  66. Can we get an MMR/ELO system?
  67. What are worst team comps?Let your rage out
  68. Let us pick the server we want to play in pleaseeee
  69. HUD Design Issues - Feels too much like Heroes Of The Storm
  70. Account Usernames and Remembering Log In Info - Ridiculous
  71. Feature Request - Team Composition Notices & Bonuses for Selecting Missing Playstyle
  72. Linux support ?
  73. Login reward.
  74. Ideas
  75. See grouping
  76. melee button
  77. What about intentional AFKers ?
  78. Which champions do you consider the most annoying to battle?
  79. Suggestion: Viktor/Kinessa Specific Control System
  80. Russian Ruble prices need redesign!
  81. New Game mode suggestion: Domination
  82. Boys, give us the update... maybe?
  83. Will Fernando "Ares" skin get his own voicepack?
  84. cooldowns disapeared from skill section of champions.
  85. [Suggestion] New options: OPTIONS > REGION
  86. Tyrant skin now costs gems.
  87. Forum logins - please cache my login for longer than 12 hours
  88. Competive play?
  89. In-game indicator for parties
  90. Some suggestions
  91. Matchmaking and waiting
  92. Even lower graphics settings?
  93. Redeeming codes ingame
  94. Some things Id like to see...
  95. Competitive with friends !
  96. The Voice Guided System (VGS System)
  97. In-game voice chat
  98. Matchmaking
  99. Rewarding exp and gold for training matches
  100. Opening new servers in more areas
  101. Don't you just love it when they put untested things in the game. (Video inside)
  102. Rejoining a game after disconnection
  103. You should be able to play Competitive with your friends.
  104. Add report for hackers
  105. Show the final score on scoreboard and in match history
  106. login problem, reCAPTCHA doesn't work well.
  107. New Skill discriptions don't list CD
  108. Two quality of life changes
  109. Twitch Integration to the Game
  110. Skins!
  111. Music issue
  112. we need more heroyes ????
  113. 2 skill tweaks
  114. Adding map to show teammates location
  115. Will the my founder's pack carry on to the xbox one beta?
  116. Que las monturas cuadren con cada campeón
  117. Barik Turret Idea
  118. Ctrl+V
  119. Make some changes for heroes design
  120. Capture The Flag Gamemode Suggestion
  121. teammates Ultimate voice announcement
  122. Killcam
  123. Card crafting tutorial
  124. In-Game Chat Feedback.
  125. Match in 4 players
  126. Division9's Suggestions Tweaks and Ideas (So far)
  127. Deathmatch Gamemode Suggestion
  128. Hardcore Gamemode Suggestion
  129. Idiots in ranking mode
  130. velocidade de ataque
  131. Skin Theme Suggestions
  132. hi-rez e a comunicação com os jogadores
  133. cartas com o menor preço e quantidade no
  134. Champion idea, swordsman
  135. Add new game mode
  136. Loadouts
  137. No Dourank....
  138. What about a minimap?
  139. User interface reacts very sloppy and slow often
  140. Hacker in ranked are a serious issue ! Proof attached.
  141. Female Expansion
  142. Bomber should be a girl
  143. Execution & TDM Game mode for Final Game
  144. PALADINS : Bulgarian language translation. [Request to Hi-Rez staff!]
  145. For Real
  146. My feedback.
  147. Acerca de la voz de Fernando de Paladins en español!
  148. 21 Chests, 1 common skin, 62 garbage cards.
  149. Hackers
  150. Training game feedback
  151. No XP/Gold for bot matches after level 12?
  152. berik steam skin
  153. Small general feedback
  154. Forum in Portuguese PT-BR?
  155. Competitive Mode
  156. Voice Packs
  157. 3rd person quickplay varient?
  158. [Suggestion]: Skin loot chests
  159. Reporting hackers.
  160. Character Variety
  161. Zinc Shirt Pip
  162. [Concept] New Paladins HUD.
  163. Achievements Portuguese-Brazil
  164. Change Name Worth?
  165. Buy directly when Import Decks
  166. Cassie animation bugged
  167. Match Replay
  168. Champion selection should not show unlocked characters if lacking funds
  169. [Lenghty] My General UI Feedback/Suggestions
  170. Why there are no stats page of Paladins?
  171. Bomb King cape color
  172. Graphic
  173. New characters too similar to Overwatch Hero's
  174. Loggign in is a pain in the butt
  175. Update MatchMacking Balancing PLEASE
  176. MOAR detailed stats at the end of a fight!
  177. MOAR audio/visual cues for lobby chat!
  178. Miscellaneous notes and thoughts about the game
  179. 3 Letter Names?
  180. Alone in the party
  181. More Detailed Champion Info
  182. Custom Avatars
  183. Radiant Chest Skin Loot Pop-Up Rework Suggestion
  184. PTS / Live Client Cross-Over.
  185. Any Character In shooting range
  186. The Forum Reputation System Is Broken
  187. Skins are way too grindy.
  188. In-Game Communication Prompts Way too Random
  189. Champions Names need to be changed and MORE!
  190. I've played for at least 5 hours. Here's the things I really want you to rework!
  191. A couple of good suggestions
  192. A mistake in Ruckus's Card screen
  193. PS4 Founders pack exlusive skin idea thread
  194. Making customisation bigger and better
  195. Deserters
  196. Some Background?
  197. Level 12 coop-ai not rewarding anymore
  198. Regarding access to ranked games.
  199. Paladins Match Queue
  200. Skin pricing needs to be changed if they plan to use Streaming to promote the game
  201. In-game coins and food, what they have to do with each other
  202. Dubbing to PT/BR servers and others...
  203. Friends Forever Achievments
  204. Grover needs skins ASAP
  205. Can we type as we walk?
  206. Shooting Range - changes I wanna see
  207. Registration and Captcha Hell Barriers!!!
  208. Suggs new game Launch Arguments
  209. Please don't give Cassie a crossbow
  210. Remove SKYE on game!
  211. Chat
  212. The game is not fun for new players and here's why.
  213. Sorry for My Stupidity, but I want to look cool
  214. Adjust Emotes Maybe?
  215. New Skills and New Ability proposal
  216. Please make it so that people HAFE to choose 1 hero from each type...
  217. Shooting range wait time...
  218. Toggle bloom option?
  219. FPS REDUCED BY 50-60% ingaming
  220. Ying's Appearance
  221. Open Beta 35 Feedback
  222. New character (Новый персонаж)
  223. More than one type of chest please.
  224. Toxic players
  225. Emotes and Chests
  226. Combined Ultimates
  227. Mal'Damba's Alt heal sound is EXTREMELY annoying
  228. Pointsysten favors tanks to much
  229. Friendlist and Communication suggestions
  230. Add logout button ,add disband party button[if alone]
  231. Diferentiate shields from health in-game.
  232. Implement "show card" feature in the forum
  233. Graphical WTF
  234. Ranked
  235. Mal'Damba: Missed Opportunity
  236. Give option to turn off automatic item store opening
  237. Create a different twitch channel for competitive paladins
  238. Androxus weapon glitch.
  239. Need a 'report a hacker' button
  240. an exclusive mount to be purchased with crystals for only closed beat testers?
  241. Invite to party while in match
  242. Crystals for Gold Coins
  243. Bear Champion
  244. Can we get a 'bot' icon when players are taken over by the AI?
  245. Female Front Line
  246. Bring in Smite Heroes for Paladins
  247. Change marketing strategy to show the moba elements in this game
  248. Way too much server problems, HiRez.
  249. DirectX 11 & 12 support
  250. My Overall Feedback