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  1. Competitive Ranking System Overhaul
  2. Makoa & Skins - Please take my money!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Grandmaster Border
  4. 2017 Invitational Stream
  5. In Game Profile Picture?
  6. Bullshit.
  7. General Feedback
  8. Required Items/Champions/Etc. for Competitive
  9. I got the snowball cannon in winter chest!
  10. My opinion about Viktor's new 'Code green' skin.
  11. I think that you should get unlimited amount of crystals in the pts server
  12. Barik's Shotgun Needs Higher Close Range Damage
  13. The clouds in the maps looks really ugly
  14. Evie Genie Skin
  15. Skip Top Play
  16. 'Undo' in shop menu.
  17. Top Play.....
  18. Increase chance to play the new map/map rework
  19. Fix auto default on weapon skins in OB 40
  20. Stone Keep - Great Map and Greater Opportunity
  21. Deserter
  22. Horse despawn in base sollution
  23. Little Things Needed
  24. Deserter Penalty from game crashing/bug
  25. "Keep me logged in" Forum button
  26. Will all of your champ rating get reset when season 1 start?
  27. Display Assists?
  28. Frog Isle Issues
  29. Fernado Quadra + Elimination + pushed in objective = Bomb king gets play of Game
  30. Epic and Legendary Founder's Pack disappearing
  31. Add an objective to the training room
  32. Problems with Competitive
  33. Forum signatures with images.
  34. Play of the Game Overhaul?
  35. toxic community (mostly at daytime)
  36. Emotes/Sprays
  37. Give us a way to explore maps by ourselves.
  38. Deserter penalty
  39. some feedback from me
  40. Custom Sets
  41. Disabling ultimate skill at spawn
  42. Androxus And Makoa, A Reversal And Hook.
  43. Unbalanced matchmaking player selection.
  44. Price of genie Ying chest is ridiculous
  45. Maldamba skin pls
  46. Improving Paladins
  47. District and Atrium are too similar
  48. Client Related ~ pop-up bug
  49. Sound Test roulette style preview for character ultimates
  50. Can't que into reworked maps!
  51. Why i don't support the "200 crystals a day upon completing 2/3 quests" feature.
  52. We were all "NOOBS" once
  53. Other languages
  54. All the new Epic skins are unlimited or a exclusive skin
  55. Do not do Competetive
  56. Crosshair difficult to see when hovered over the enemy
  57. Champion Idea: Bruce Lee spinoff character with nunchaku!
  58. “So, there I was…”
  59. Add aim score to frag info
  60. Why can't I queue for all 3 casual modes at once?
  61. This game needs some kind of gold sink
  62. Add default keybinds to tooltips
  63. resolution support
  64. Tyra could be more unique.
  65. Grover VGS puns
  66. unable to pick champion
  67. Testmap Mode
  68. Fix friend request list ASAP.
  69. Language barrier (possible fixes)
  70. Display the map picture on character select
  71. Androxus skins should be available to all
  72. Suggestion : New way to spend gold
  73. New quest feature
  74. Idea
  75. Idea about the gold system
  76. I AM THE ONLY ONE TO WIN A MATCH OF 4 :mad::mad:
  77. Alt+F4 to exit paladins
  78. Look Like Your Loadout
  79. Add a $10 fee for competitive mode
  80. too few weekly missions
  81. Free Horse - the mystery disconnecting
  82. Little Red Hunting Hood (Tyra skin idea)
  83. Weak sounds of ruckus and buck
  84. Simple UI suggestion on character sheet information pages.
  85. Skins should be free
  86. Brainstorm Session
  87. Profanity filter sucks
  88. Chat Channel in-Game
  89. Yen Sin - Champion Concept
  90. 3 quests per week are not enough
  91. A Variety of Feedback/Ideas
  92. A better in-game chat system
  93. Please Change your anticheat system to another
  94. A plot
  95. Competitive Rank Reset?
  96. Major Hindrance to this Game = Lack of Team Play
  97. Chat Windows
  98. Brainfarts! (Just a couple of ideas :D)
  99. Custom Games features
  100. Please make it so that Torvalds HP bar only shows his actual health
  101. If you pick a healer.... heal
  102. Androxus skin.....
  103. Have replay avaliable even if there was no spectator
  104. In-game Ping Limited feature need to be added.
  105. Moar crystals!
  106. New character, Anubis, Flanko.
  107. No Guru - No fun
  108. Sha lin should get a little model revamp
  109. Same map all the time...
  110. Random Champion selection
  111. Season 1 Concerns - Relative Power Issue
  112. 1st person view -> 3rd person switcher
  113. Customizable recolors
  114. Reconnect button
  115. Some tiny details to greatly improve chat system
  116. PTS all free, why not?
  117. Need More Background story & lore
  118. Hi-Rez is using ying chest and code green vikot chest as bait
  119. Practice range voice announcements
  120. Language barrier
  121. Why can you only make 5 custom decks?
  122. How long ying and viktor skins last
  123. Aspect ratio 4:3
  124. Competitive Idea
  125. Deserter wait times.
  126. New champ idea
  127. Bots again...
  128. This is how hi-rez is supposed to make money
  129. Changes to radiant chests
  130. Rarity on cards are back?
  131. Dev Insight ep. 2 feedback
  132. Dev Insight 2 Feedback
  133. MMORPG based trading market & Single Player Character Campaign
  134. New Champ Idea: Billy
  135. Increase Profile Loading Timeout
  136. Torvald's "Shielding"...
  137. Out aggreson in shop...
  138. Cheats...
  139. Fun Fact
  140. Last One Standing Trophy/Achievement needs changing
  141. champion idea: master of puppets
  142. Pre-Game additional
  143. Just a minor thing
  144. Just Some Feedback Prt.1
  145. Spanish translation makes the game hilariously useless
  146. A way of earn easy funds and keep players active. (GUILDS, CLANS, etc)
  147. Palladins beta
  148. Refered Friend Gifting
  149. More commentators
  150. Champion idea - Queen Bee(Name not fixed)
  151. Missing an option to make my party private.
  152. Champion Overview
  153. Can we have a visible chat in Match Lobby ?
  154. How is Raynday streaming if the game is down? :\
  155. Maeve would be cooler if she was a African orphan who was trained to be a Ninja
  156. yings weapon looks nothing like her thumbnails
  157. Reducir Graficos Paladins Para Pc Gama Baja
  158. Poppy Bomb not working on Torvald?
  159. HI-REZ Launcher
  160. Could we have more diversity in ethnicy for the next champions?
  161. Did not receive Twitch.tv items for Androxus after linking account and confirm email
  162. Quick Suggestion
  163. Training and casual champion levels
  164. Your EasyAntiCheat is messed up!
  165. Ideas for lore related feedback.
  167. competitive picking and chat notice
  168. Skin Ideas
  169. Sprays Shouldn't be in Exclusive Chests
  170. Alternate Top Plays: Collaborative, battles, per-player
  171. Emote chest ? plz just make a gold trash can at this point
  172. Low Level Graphics API Support?
  173. Remove Deserter penalty until you fix your game
  174. Paladins Community Development Tools
  175. Bomb King and Top Damage
  176. Main issues in the paladins PTS
  177. More than one NA server? = different pings
  178. Some suggestions and feedback from older long time gamer
  179. why not in italian language too!?!?!
  180. plays.tv integration? (+ reachy related Top Play-substitute replay idea)
  181. Free for all gamemode.
  182. Didn't receive the crystal from the colossal chest after getting emote
  183. duplicates in the flair chest?
  184. In-game Champion Border
  185. Bot only mode? (offline mode)
  186. Bad bad behaviour in community
  187. just a new thread about the community
  188. Not getting raiting for a win thanks to Hi-rez unstable servers.
  189. 21:9 aspect ratio
  190. #Hi-Rez Studios, Inc. is milking us with the overpriced crystals and ...
  191. Please fix the bots in training matches
  192. Can Hi-Rez just axe the chests?
  193. Lock useless items for specific characters and modes.
  194. A few small suggestions (mostly UI options)
  195. Crash Bug on PvE
  196. Canceling match lobby
  197. Paladins in Hungarian
  198. Language as communication hindrance
  199. Kinessa
  200. Few Suggestion
  201. THis guy should make a return, not as pip but as new damage dealer
  202. Change in quests
  203. A guy wanted to report me for... ¡¿MUSLIM?!
  204. Lore plz
  205. This is just ridicolous
  206. Brainstorm Pt. 2
  207. Chat
  208. Is anything being done about aimbotters?
  209. Polish translation is not very good
  210. New Game Mode?
  211. When will we be able to see friends profile?
  212. Changing the ending of Competitive mode
  213. Is there a way to "free roam" and mess around on actual maps alone or with friends ?
  214. New gamemodes
  215. I am really angry
  216. Champion Idea: Amalric (The Plague's Choosen)
  217. Idea for the future when there are good stories about all the champions
  218. Record stat for stuns
  219. Champ Specific Keybinds
  220. Default tab on character screen
  221. Remove the barnacles from Makoa's cannon? Tricophobia problems... :(
  222. A different version of Paladins?
  223. Just a random Feedback of an awesome game
  224. Should Grohk's ultimate be changed?
  225. I love this game
  226. "Report cheater" forum section.
  227. chat box (sometimes?) too small
  228. Toxic player!
  229. French Maid Outfits!
  230. New champion idea, alien flanker, concept sketch + description
  231. Champion video guides
  232. What is the point in feedback anyway?
  233. Competitive Gameplay
  234. Voting Session Pt.2
  235. Could we please CHOOSE wich legendary card we get?
  236. I hate these talent cards
  237. Champion Idea Puppet
  238. Legendary Cards a bit difficult to tell apart
  239. Reduce graphics of the game for low-end computers.
  240. Download speed on installers please?
  241. Friendly Fire mode?
  242. make rare skins accessible
  243. A female version of each character
  244. Thanks for the PvE modes
  245. how can i launch paladins without using steam?
  246. Guardian of the Galaxy SKIN Paladins
  247. About the card system of OB44
  248. Delete loadout
  249. Applying logic to the Essence system
  250. Italian translation