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  1. Patch 33 and general game review.
  2. Leaderboards statistics breakdown shows champion popularity and balance problems
  3. Keep TTK on the high side
  4. a few things
  5. My Biggest Problem with Paladins in regards to damage is....
  6. Grohk's right click and Evie main attack
  7. CB 33 - Balance overview for all 16 champions
  8. Makoa VS Victor Ult
  9. How do you feel about self damage?
  10. Damage drop off and burn cards
  11. Balancing Ideas
  12. Bonus damage = The mother of cancer in the game!
  13. Pugs Vs Premade
  14. Champ Feedback, Starting with: Skye is not* OP.
  15. OB33 - Let's Discuss Balance
  16. Buff e Nerfs
  17. Some rework ideas
  18. Add more character's to make it balanced + more variety
  19. The two shotgunners are very underpower
  20. You should only get half a point for defending a push
  21. Just Pure Crap
  22. Balancing out the points system in Payload
  23. Balancing out the points system in Capture and Payload
  24. What the f*** is wrong with devs?
  25. just wow...
  26. Hard Counter - Cauterize
  27. On the Payload mode the ones who start first pushing have a big advantage and here's
  28. Competitive requirement is ridiculous
  29. fix dat sht
  30. Regarding ranked
  31. My thoughts so far on all the heroes~
  32. Things that need to be tweaked
  33. Remove Aggression from the game
  34. Character gameplay feedback by LascarCapable.
  35. Balance rant :/
  36. Who Needs Nerfs and Buffs as of Patch 34!
  37. I think this game needs a class maximum limit
  38. Balance to Skye and Cassie.
  39. -Mod Removed-
  40. Every champion needs to be fixed in a way!
  41. This game is unbalanced
  42. Overpowered characters, underpowered characters, maps deciding usefulness...
  43. Credits Idea.
  44. Ability rename suggestion
  45. Solutions for classes + A bit of Balance explain + Some ideas!
  46. Fix to "Skye is OP" problem with a simple Kinessa "buff"
  47. Why the ranking system sucks.
  48. Why are all the Champion's Hitboxes one Giant Rectangle?...
  49. SoloQ is unbearable under 4000 MMR (party queue really needed)
  50. cards/loadouts
  51. General class changes
  52. Wrecker a bit too much wrecking?
  53. So there was a small hotfix?
  54. More agressive casual matchmaker balancing needed?
  55. Loot boxes do not drop skins enough.
  56. Abilities that can go through shields
  57. MMR Balancing
  58. General Balance Feedback - OB 34
  59. Map balance
  60. Make exp from casual match exp from rated please
  61. Much needed matchmaking and ranked changes (technical implementation)
  62. New Game Mode (BOTS)
  63. Time To Kill (TTK) please
  64. Who do you think is OP?
  65. Damage Fall Off
  66. what i want to see changed
  67. server down ?
  68. Remove Aggression or buff it so it's worth a damn.
  69. Square hitboxes?
  70. The Two Most Underwhelming Champions in Paladins
  71. Fixing Ranked System
  72. Matchmaking is even worse now duo queue has been introduced
  73. Please remove both ice maps
  74. Please just remove Aggression from the game.
  75. My impressions to some Champions
  76. Cauterize III is ridiculous
  77. Game balance
  78. Casual Game Balance
  79. Balance feedback
  80. Anyone else think the cap time should be increased?
  81. op, balanced, up
  82. team issues
  83. How much unbalanced is the store in Siege mode
  84. Please make Resilience counter Cauterize like it used to be
  85. What i would change in patch
  86. Wrecker a bit op?
  87. Changes in all characters need for balance
  88. Scale Party Experience
  89. Makoa and Grover feel underpowered
  90. All Overpowered (from my view)
  91. Blast Shield vs Haven
  92. There needs to be anticamping tools
  93. [ASK] About buying with credits
  94. Broken matchmaking
  95. The Credit Changes are Bad For the Game
  96. Top Priority for Nerfs
  97. Loose to much points in Ranking
  98. Replace Aggression with Fire rate
  99. [DISCUSSION] Wrecker "Burn" Card too good?(Deal 50%/100%/150% more damage to shields)
  100. Please Balance: Balance
  101. In-Game Currency Issue - Payload
  102. Androxus reversal has no effect on Viktor. Also Viktor needs a nerf and Evie
  103. Buck, viktor nerf
  104. Character Balance
  105. Gameplay Issues with Paladins
  106. The Meta: What Should It Be?
  107. Hi-Rez, if EVERYONE is complaining about matchmaking, why not make it more strict?
  108. Androxus, Cassie & Drogoz still need nerfs
  109. improve the goddamn aiming
  110. TEAM RANKED MODE! We need a gamemode to play competitive in teams(5 players in party)
  111. Balancing Items (aka Burn Cards)
  112. Nerf Ringers Automatically In Game?
  113. Credits Balance (more for flanks)
  114. My Opinion on all of the champs.
  115. Skye & Viktor need to be nerfed, and barik needs a buff
  116. Balance Suggestions
  117. Spawn window on Ice Mines
  118. Fix the hitboxes
  119. Skye.exe is missing, also why ask a nerf on viktor ?
  120. Killing people behind cover
  121. 5s ranked premade system
  122. My Nerfs list
  123. Cauterize Item Balancing
  124. Hi-Rez do something pls
  125. Extremely unbalanced
  126. Wrecker gonna wreck
  127. Nerfing and balancing some champions
  128. More items, and rework for some!
  129. The roster
  130. Grover, Viktor, Skye
  131. Better Casual Matchmaking
  132. People are still buying aggression over the overpowered Wrecker
  133. Item Balancing Ideas
  134. Suggestion: Little preview of the map on character pick menu.
  135. New loadout cards
  136. Make Aggression 10%/20%/30% starting at 500/1000/1500 or remove it altogether.
  137. Teleporting Arrows
  138. Invisible walls
  139. Wins and Loss Competitive Rating Changes?
  140. EoH's Personal Balance Changes
  141. Listen to us already, nerf viktor and skye
  142. All champions maximum output damage (Calculated)
  143. Unbalance ranked system
  144. Rework Aggression
  145. Wrecker needs alil of a nerf IMO
  146. Let's talk about WRECKER
  147. Most choosen champions are definetly OP
  148. Coming of balances
  149. Competitive Picks!
  150. Remove LOS requirement for Pip's Heal
  151. New Paladins Meta!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  152. This imbalance or something I don't understand?
  153. 5 stacks
  154. How has Drogoz and Androxus still not been nerfed?
  155. Ranked with friends
  156. This is the problem with Paladins
  157. Ranked Sugestion
  158. Cauterize way too overpowered.
  159. Competitive Points loss
  160. Remake the item sistem please.
  161. Competitive rating system : how does it work?
  162. Payload
  163. Fix: Hitboxes and 1-shot abilities
  164. Balanced competative
  165. Let's talk about agression, cauterize and the overall ofensive damage class.
  166. Suggestion...?
  167. Skye and Kinessa: Some real talk balance suggestions
  168. A suggestion or few
  169. Matchmaking, the one man army that will destroy this game.
  170. 5 man premade matchmaking need to be FIXED hi-rez (PROOF)
  171. About the rating system, or how to lose faith in a game
  172. Interesting Idea about Improving Matchmaking!
  173. One easy solution for AFK and revolution for Competitive
  174. Feedback on Competitive Part 2
  175. Aggression evolves into Anti Aircraft!
  176. Why does Hi-Rez hate Front Liners and Support? (OB39 nerfs)
  177. Balance front line and supports the right way
  178. Champion competitive rating is completely off the mark
  179. How to fix this game. [Long text, just read what you are interested in]
  180. 30 mins,60mins... BANS!?
  181. Tier list! (of coarse Cassie is top what a surprise)
  182. Victor vs Androx. WTF?
  183. Morale boost BS
  184. No reward for being a good player in competitive
  185. Buck, Grohk, Barik, Grover, Fernando and Ying are all OP and need more nerfs
  186. Melhor jogatina/Better gameplay
  187. On Spamming Ultimates
  188. Scoreboard makes no scence
  189. hirez = no fun allowed
  190. The proper balance changes
  191. Uma crítica a Hi Rez e seu balance no geral.
  192. There should be 3x as many champions
  193. cassie,skye,sha lin.
  194. We need new match making
  195. team balance seriously needs to be adressed
  196. Playing Drogoz vs. Androxus on Outpost is a Waking Nightmare
  197. Some Ideas For The Game
  198. matchmaking bugged?
  199. A nasty strat that i'm seeing more often
  200. Can you make it so we can remount in spawn
  201. My big list of balance feedback - OB39
  202. FINALLY - Cassie and Skye nerfed! <3 High REZ
  203. Rip azurion
  204. What is Hi-Rez aiming at for game meta?
  205. List of "Useless" Cards
  206. Don't let us lose competitive points
  207. Damage as Flank is too viable
  208. New Aggression Buff and Feedback
  209. Every Champion is OP! Nerf them all!
  210. Edit Loadouts in Training/Skirmish Arena +
  211. A Normal Looking Female?
  212. [Suggestion] For "Best in Class" you lose less rating in a competitive loss.
  213. Several things that need to be addressed
  214. Wtf balance
  215. patch 40 what it went wrong
  216. Bigger Champions Changes and Adjustments
  217. 3 Refunds
  218. This is not fair paladins creators!
  219. Hi rez the problem with your matchmaking
  220. Ban people who are exploiting!
  221. I quit, the game is just way too bad
  222. Eight threads
  223. Solutions, Reworks, Experimental TTK increase?
  224. MAP and rating
  225. credit items
  226. Why Resilience affect ults?
  227. If Evie, Cassie and Ruckus aren't Overpowered
  228. Nerfs to Cauterize and Wrecker
  229. A change in Competitive rating progress
  230. My Thoughts on "OP" Characters
  231. For God's Sake Please Put An Elo System In This Game!
  232. My Balance and Nerf Sheet - take a look!
  233. My Buff and Nerf Chart
  234. My list of nerf. I called it the true Kappa
  235. Buffs and Nerfs (In My Opinion)
  236. Unused cards - balance suggestion
  237. The game gives too much rating first matchs
  238. Various Character Buffs/Nerf
  239. Nerf attack speed
  240. Facing a party of 5
  241. Change Aggression
  242. An in-depth look on Aggression | Discussion
  243. 2 Tank 2 Support Meta
  244. Please dont make this game Pay to Win
  245. Paladins OB 41 Datamining – PVE Mode, 2 New champions and Torvald
  246. New Champion
  247. Kinessa Oppressor mines vs Stealthed Skye not working
  248. Changing Loadout Mid-Game
  249. Season 1 concerns
  250. Comp