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  1. Balancing Super Thread
  2. Item cost effectiveness and balance
  3. The big Talent buff list
  4. In regards to damage immunity and mobility
  5. Barik upgrade
  6. Deployables/AoE abilities.
  7. Deft Hands
  8. cripple and Poppy Bomb
  9. Item balances 1.1
  10. Grover Rework Ideas
  11. Wrecker/caut mechanism
  12. Khan nerfs are on the way
  13. Suggestions - Ying Balancing
  14. Skye - Balancing Ideas
  15. Supa Dupa Balance Thread (Prone to changes)
  16. Balancing the passive item "Cauterize"
  17. Evie's ice storm
  18. Rework maps to be symmetric plz!!!
  19. Nerf termimus!!!
  20. Patch 1.4 - Opinions about changes in the Fury (shield)
  21. Meave is not a sniper, OP toons ruin the game
  22. My opinion about Balance Changes of 1.4 (IMO)
  23. Support Buffs - They aren’t enough.
  24. Balance properly already
  25. patch 1.4 update
  26. Viktor's Gunnery Replacement "Burst Fire" Is Trash, Let me tell you Why.
  27. Ash's Kinetic Burst Reload
  28. Sha Lin ...
  29. Red items' balance
  30. Can we make it so caut doesn't affect lifesteal?
  31. CC immunity is CC immunity and polimorph is a CC effect...
  32. Don't act surprised if Grohk becomes the strongest champ next patch.
  33. Issue I personally see with balance
  34. Attacking through shields - opinion
  35. blast shot should be reworked
  36. percentage based damage abilities. FEEDBACK
  37. Inara's basic attacks are like stacked reloads
  38. why aren't these things being addressed
  39. Please ban Evie and Maeve in Dragon's Call event
  40. Slight Confusion Among Classes. Possible Suggestions.
  41. may the better Maeve win
  42. Paladins Devs might want to take a look at this, theres some pretty good suggestions
  43. Fix koga
  44. Cauterize
  45. 1.4 so far..
  46. Ranked TP
  47. Balance Suggestions (1.4)
  48. Balance for Yummy and Really Here
  49. Cauterize Rework
  50. Game science vs. Real science
  51. my take on Skye's *kit* rework (partial + balancing)
  52. Some little items reworks
  53. molotov/fire bomb mechanics rework please?
  54. Damba's new legendary must be a joke
  55. Khan's ultimate is too powerful considering how easy to use it is.
  56. My opinion about the current Composition and the Burst Damage.
  57. Queja sobre Ying
  58. The MM?
  59. Do you feel the upcoming Skye Rework being Visual Only is a mistake?
  60. Evie's cards are really boring and unsatisfactory to make loadouts with
  61. Champion balance proposals for patch 1.5
  62. Balance issues, TTK, Healing bots, Unbalanced talents and Burst.
  63. Play of the game
  64. WILLO is way to op
  65. Another "Koga nerf pls" thread
  66. Why The Console Version is so Unbalanced and How to Improve It
  67. General Overview of Paladins 2018
  68. Well seems that you dont care about viktor.
  69. So, what if we put wormhole in Evie’s base kit
  70. +7 and -15
  71. Furia?
  72. Regarding Torvald | Balance | Tank or Support?
  73. Fix burst meta, increase ttk, #makepaladinsgreatagain
  74. Evie Ice Block Buff
  75. Matchmaking System
  76. Is Hi-Rez Trying To Kill This Game With Koga?
  77. New "balance"
  78. "Balance"
  79. Furia's Balance
  80. Furia doesn't need another nerf
  81. Koga's talent Master of Arms is dead
  82. The legendary card of Fling needs to be improved.
  83. Suggestions for improvement for Talus
  84. Hello, Long time no see... And you still havent balanced gameplay...
  85. Why is paladins just SPAM?
  86. Furia Falloff Change Considerations
  87. Talent rework ideas 2.0
  88. Come back furia!
  89. Come back furia! #2
  90. andro defiance problem
  91. Androxus' Defiance Problems.
  92. Furia's healing cooldown
  93. Moji gestores Legendary flato please
  94. My idea how to deal with the low amount of ttk in the game
  95. Deft and Taxes - Lian Balance Ideas.
  96. Fucking dredge
  97. Player Balance Sucks
  98. Best balance of all time(I hope)
  99. No Wrecker or Cauterize.
  100. Balance Feedback? Let's discuss the comp balance of fast games vs quality teams.
  101. A couple quick question for the community on balance in general
  102. STOP BURST META. - Change your method of balance.
  103. Some talent's balance
  104. Lifesteal buff
  105. Furia other nerf! 1.7
  106. Balance suggestions
  107. Andro's little nerf ?
  108. I tried introduce Paladins to my friends..
  109. Is this a joke?
  110. Some balance suggestions (please do give your opinions)
  111. Remove illuminate from the shop or increase it's price
  112. Reveals are ridiculously strong in this game.
  113. Why is Talus able to F through Torvald's silence?
  114. Why is Terminus so weak compare to androxes punch?
  115. Some talent's balance part2
  116. Do we really need to wait for 1.8 to end this Dredge/Drogoz madness?
  117. Dredge Spy Glass = 2 cards in one
  118. Dredge: Haul on the bowline
  119. Patch 1.8 Balance! Amazing Mojo!
  120. Balance of points in ranked matches
  121. Patch 1.8 Feedback
  122. Recategorize Moji - class change
  123. Balance Suggestions (Good?)
  124. Furia needs small changes
  125. Paladins is slowly becoming anti-fun due to the balance, here's my attempt to fix it.
  126. Character Concept idea: Heihachi style combat
  127. CC reduction cards need a nerf.
  128. Any rreason to pick Maeve/Skye over Skilldroxus/Evie ?
  129. What Hi-Rez should be balancing over the next few patches. [INCOMPLETE]
  130. Sky just ruins the fucking game! I'm done with this shit.
  131. Item Purchase Proposals
  132. Most flanks higher damage output than damage champs
  133. Koga Shadowstep clearing Skye's poison
  134. [Console] this is the only way for balance and "save" paladins on consoles
  135. Torvald’s protection
  136. At the moment we have 3 unusable champions
  137. The problem with green items
  138. Khan's ult, and a few hitscans
  139. some nerfs and buffs the game needs
  140. Please Nerf:
  141. Khan's Ult Needs A Nerf Asap
  142. My balance ideas for the patch 1.9
  143. my ballance toughts for next season
  144. Possibly very small and simple things to "nerf" OP characters.
  145. Why is Cauterize still a thing? .-.
  146. Update 1.9 thoughts and the problems as well as Hopes
  147. Lets try and clear up a few things about roles
  148. [Console] This champions need to be nerf soon
  149. Buff/change torvald
  150. Champions and Talents that need buffs
  151. Mid air Momentum
  152. Moji as a support(mentioned on mixer earlier)
  153. Item shop Rework suggesstions
  154. Community Talent Removal Proposal
  155. Talent Removal: Why it's a great choice.
  156. Paladins is too reliant on damage and flank picks
  157. Changes to various ults
  158. Should I buy Paladins?
  159. skye damage is WAY too high
  160. More informations during maintenance.
  161. My scuttle rework idea and other talents related stuff
  162. Sha Lin
  163. a patch note i was making...
  164. Moji Skill Rework and Koga's Blood Skewer suggestions
  165. Awesome, you nerfed dredge after two weeks! How about overdue nerfs?
  166. Dredge RMB Projectile
  167. A Little change in Seris, can be make her great
  168. Will the game ever have a good balance without op builds?
  169. Should'nt evie's Warmhole be nerfed?
  170. I think true balance can be achieved in Paladins.
  171. Insignificance of Supports
  172. Talents granting bonus damage are just bad for the game.
  173. Some Dmg Balance Ideas (Sha/Dredge/Andro/Cassie etc)
  174. Is andro broken??
  175. Knee-Jerk Reactions to the Season 2 Talent Changes
  176. Fight the real enemy.
  177. Heal and Cauterize in the patch 2.01
  178. [PTS] The grover change/buff is not working as should be
  179. Some thoughts on 2.01 balance from the PTS from a level ~300, OB34 veteran
  180. PTS needs some changes before it comes to official game server.
  181. Imani's ult really needs to be nerfed
  182. Some feedback from a veteran that is playing the game since OB34
  183. Furia, 2.01 Talent Removal Poll
  184. Skye new meta 2.01
  185. PTS Balance Feedback
  186. Burst Meta Problems in 2.01
  187. Lifesteal cards
  188. Suggestions for improvement of Vivian (small changes)
  189. Why nothing is being done about Wormhole in 2.01?
  190. Paladins Patch 2.01 Talent/ Skills Adjustments Recommendations
  191. Dredge's mobility
  192. balances 2.1
  193. My Opinion On The Removed Talents Of 2.01
  194. My Opinion Of The Removed Talents Of 2.01 [Continued]
  195. how about instead of removing mischief put mega potion in pips base kit?
  196. *PTS*: My IMANI balance feedback
  197. I'm reading a lot of the same things about the same champions.
  198. 2.01 Kinessa Changes thoughts and reasons
  199. Should Firefight really be removed in the next update?
  200. Terminus "Nerf"
  201. Damage fall off of venom
  202. Nerfed selfheaf but immune to Caut
  203. Remove the option of revealing enemies in stealth with skills.
  204. Little Balance tweak for Zhin, Koga, Imani, Jenos, Dredge, Khan & Terminus
  205. Please Keep These Talents
  206. 2.01 Feedback
  207. The flank class is the vehicle for the devs' hatred for you
  208. Nerf Imani
  209. Balance 2.01
  210. Buck - How to Balance Our Big Bulky Flank to Meta Again?
  211. Two very important things I think we should discuss before the next patch. #burstmeta
  212. 2.01 PTS update feedback
  213. Sha Lin in the new patch.
  214. 2.01 Sup balance suggestions
  215. Lex's " Discovery "
  216. Am i the only one who remember that supports HP still the same?
  217. Jenos - healing and ideas for balancing
  218. My Personal Tierlist (UPDATED EVERY PATCH)
  219. Comparing flanks and Damage DPS.
  220. Suggested changes to pip. Ruckus. Grohk
  221. Champions That Need Nerfs or Buffs/changes
  222. KicsitCsicska's megathread
  223. How playing Imani should feel
  224. 2.01 is finally out now.. i'd like to talk about what i've noticed so far
  225. Renerf illuminate
  226. Koga and Imani
  227. Quality of life changes for frontliners
  228. Imani Ultimate Change Idea
  229. discuss about balances, nerfs, buffs, rework ideas
  230. Questions about balancing
  231. Moji Flank or Support?
  232. Moji Rework Suggestion
  233. Jenos needs changes in the quality of life
  234. The rooting of Imani with the deck is extremely strong
  235. Fernando reverted back opinions
  236. Just a quick poll ; please give feedback (very important)
  237. Removing Comeback Mechanics from Ranked Games
  238. No Reload champions should have low fire rate.
  239. What's your balance changes proposal?
  240. Stop nerfing Kinessa for no reason
  241. Strix has some strange design flaws that should be reviewed
  242. Skye Time Bomb is OP
  243. Add the must have cards in base kit
  244. Game doesnt really feel rewarding :(
  245. Рейтинг
  246. Evie ULT change. Select where to throw
  247. Balance suggestions
  248. Mischief Removal
  249. Ruckus warder gate
  250. Idea to balance Koga's claws.