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  1. About speed bonuses and diminishing returns
  2. Talent proposal ideas
  3. Paladins seriously needs fixing and balancing properly, not this "band-aid" gameplay
  4. OB 67 feedback :D
  5. Balance Ying - A sincere request
  6. impossible matchmaking on competitive// bilanciamento impossibile nelle competitive
  7. Competitive Matchs unplayable
  8. Nerf Seris - opinion and suggestion
  9. Snipers are too good
  10. Balancing Flanks Suggestion
  11. Balance Thoughts
  12. Is Pip flank from now?
  13. If they nerf supports they should also nerf resilience
  14. ''Rogue's Gambit'' suggestion and other maeve card changes.
  15. Zhin's abilities able to be cancelled before expiring
  16. Androxus's reversal oversight
  17. BALANCE!! BK Moji talus Matchmaking
  18. Fix Moji's scamper bug
  19. Anti-heal Kinessa
  20. Kinessa instant teleport should be her base kit and healing should be the legendary
  21. Skye Tweaks: A Better Hidden! Sneaky Backstabs! And a window for counter play?!
  22. Hero's Price 60000 gold?
  23. Moji's ultimate vs Ash
  24. Healer Seris vs Healer Ying
  25. OB67 running in a creepy unbalance
  26. Jump Balance
  27. Ying - Expanding the healing potential (opinions and suggestions)
  28. a suggestion respons to the health nurfs of supporters
  29. Competitive balancing issues
  30. Let's talk about items balance
  31. Seris ult needs a longer activation time or smaller aoe
  32. Leviathan Makoa needs a serious nerf
  33. Lex, aka Alottadamage-Usain Bolt.
  34. Rating OB67's Talents
  35. Urgent balance alert for ob68
  36. Most Balance changes in OB68 is confusing and ridiculous.
  37. OB 68 Balance feedback so far
  38. >> Adjusting Resilience Cost <<
  39. where the hell is ob68 on pts?
  40. Simple Request: Increase the price of Illuminate
  41. some matchmaking
  42. Match making is pure garbage now.
  43. Fernando and Strix ult suggestion
  44. A massive problem of how cripple works in the game
  45. Ash's "Rally Here" buff
  46. OB 68 Matchmaking Changes, or lack there of.
  47. Lex speed needs a nerf already
  48. Rework Ideas for Skye
  49. OB68: level doesn's show up on the loading screen
  50. event Magistrate vs Resistance
  51. Community Rework Proposal
  52. HONEST REVIEW --- "Awards/Rewards" VS "New Prices"
  53. Matchmaking got even worse than before in conp
  54. Gold is the new essence, do something about it.
  55. Regarding the event
  56. Hi Rez, wtf are you doing?
  57. Things that need to be fixed for OB69 (imo)
  58. Roaming Emotes in Competetive
  59. NO crystals for free players! Hi-Rez new policy...
  60. Is the matchmaking broken in casual?
  61. Useless Legendary Cards and ways to change them
  62. My suggestions on BK
  63. a vivian rework (perhaps a silly one)
  64. How to make every Evie's talent viable.
  65. How to balance Zhin
  66. My Version of a Reworked Lex [Numbers subject to change]
  67. OB68 Balanced? or... ¿Not?
  68. Buff Cassie’s Ult.
  69. Evie generally changes for more versatility
  70. Resil does not counter Inara's slow field
  71. My Idea for a Grover Rework, Complete with All Ability Changes and Numbers
  72. Cassie balance suggestions
  73. Some buffs if you don't nerf Zhin
  74. Mal'Damba - (Slither). Give him the possibility of making curves.
  75. The VETERAN ITEM - how to make it worth buying again.
  76. OB70 Balance Changes Proposal
  77. Some problems with the champions I found
  78. Zhin's Primary
  79. Lian rework, no autoaim
  80. Lex rework, no autoaim/wallhacks
  81. Balance changes that should make the game better
  82. Shoot To Reveal Cards
  83. Knocking People off the Map
  84. evie, bomb king and strix talents
  85. Pip & Fernando Changes Talents Rework and Balance
  86. My Androxus Rework
  87. Cauterize nerf + more
  88. Suprise attack(skye) buff idea
  89. Cyan to Blue glow, like Orange to Red.
  90. Skin customization
  91. Zhin Rework Overhaul
  92. Tweak Maeve.
  93. Cassie Blast Shot Build
  94. Opinions On Androxus?
  95. Some problems with the champions I found - episode 2 (bug?)
  96. Lian Rework - Grace (change how it works)
  97. How to change/buff the VETERAN item
  98. Suggestions for balancing (nerfs and buffs) - Maeve
  99. Grover - Certain changes that are necessary
  100. Viktor and Jenos mobility Rework.
  101. Simple balancing for Evie
  102. Game crashes Match making etc.
  103. PTS: Drogoz Fusillade is just too strong now
  104. Willo Rework Proposal
  105. general OB 70 balancing
  106. Balance Changes
  107. Projectile Speed and Core Mechanics Changes
  108. Give more brains for game
  109. İs Makoa's hook bugged or changed?
  110. Out of the Meta Champs Balance Thread
  111. Balance in the lights of Release
  112. Khan proposed changes to make his other talents and base kit stronger.
  113. Why does Lex STILL have a F**** auto-aim ability?
  114. Problems in OB70.... KKAN status didn't change in OB70 (bug?)
  115. Competitive mode is toxic
  116. My list of dumb stuff in most champions and some suggestions about changes
  117. Who needs a nerf
  118. balance post
  119. balance maeve auto attack damege
  120. my balance feedback
  121. Let Ash consume no emmo during kinetic burst.
  122. Who buys DEFT HANDS nowadays?
  123. Balance Megathread: TTK adjustment
  124. OB64 is long gone but some remnants regarding balance still remain.
  125. Is Khan the bane solo front lining?
  126. Buck: Ensnare build is too strong right now
  127. Ma bois proposal
  128. Maeve needs a (serious) nerf :mad:
  129. Buff Damage
  130. Thoughts on the state of the game - 0B70
  131. Buff communication/chat
  132. Press "insert 2 buttons" to win
  133. The price of voice packets is very high!
  134. experiment proving ranked system is broken
  135. OPaladins
  136. how long should caut last
  137. Drogoz balance: Salvo, Fusillade, Reign of Terror and more
  138. Maeve: Street Justice
  139. Hitboxes: A Problem Hurting Us
  140. Mega Balance Suggestion
  141. Strix flare makes the invisible champions useless
  142. Could we like, not nerf tanks further withouth touching the dumb damage champs?
  143. Please nerf cauterize
  144. Major balance problems: Strix and Zhin
  145. Fusillade.
  146. Let's talk about balance 1.0
  147. My suggestion about balance and ttk
  148. balance for the OP and the UP
  149. Ultimates and TTK?
  150. BUFF all Health cards
  151. Balancing and changes.
  152. From outmeta to over meta
  153. Rank and MMR: TP reward is unbalanced
  154. Make instakill ultimates be affected by haven (dragon punch and spite - guillotine)
  155. Cassie
  156. Balancing Thoughts from Diamond
  157. Add a passive for every Champion in the game
  158. General Game Balance
  159. RANKED selection menu
  160. 2 season
  161. 2 season
  162. Balance champions / Nerf some tanks HP / Discussion.
  163. Hi-rez, we need to talk
  164. My opinions on balancing champs
  165. Time to kill
  166. Torvald needs some change (Buff)
  167. Tanks need help
  168. PTS Feedback - New Champion Fury
  169. item balance post (and some item ideas)
  170. Super Boring As* Long Balance Patch For all
  171. balance and idea for talents
  172. Balancing opinions for Zhin (Suggestions)
  173. Improving Wyrm Jets
  174. Item Illuminate negatively affects the game
  175. Balance
  176. Why continuous fire weapon dps are bottom tier in paladins and overwatch
  177. Something must be done about damage.
  178. Delay Furia into ranked until next patch(1.3).
  179. Snipers on smaller maps, you guys like it or nah?
  180. Kinessa Scope
  181. Couple suggestions from high diamond
  182. It's time to... BALANCE! suggestions
  183. Talents Balance Suggestions.
  184. Your top 3 balance issues (Patch 1.1)
  185. Dev's please its time for a fix
  186. Balance change ideas
  187. Геймплей Фурии
  188. Evie variety balance 2.0
  189. [Sugestion] Balance for Jenos and Mal'damba
  190. A general list of balance changes for supports
  191. Some idea for a better balanced game
  192. do you have lag?
  193. a general list of balance changes for damages
  194. 1.1b Balance Proposal
  195. desired buff to grok ult
  196. Add a delay between the shots of Cassie and her abilities
  197. Balance in Paladins is so good! My thoughts on current balance of the game
  198. Reign of terror rework
  199. Time to kill (ttk) in Paladins
  200. Champions, that needs nerfs (Patch 1.1, based on community will)
  201. lets keep this short or something
  202. patch notes 1.2
  203. My favorite ideas from the forum
  204. News about the Matchmaking?
  205. Ying rework
  206. Utter Lack of Champion Balance Making Me Consider Taking a Break
  207. Item balances
  208. Damage Nerf VS Health buff vs Mobility buff
  209. As of patch 1.2, I think the balance team is doing a good job
  210. I wonder if Hirez reads the feedback from the community
  211. balance stuff 1.2
  212. Possible reason why game is so unbalanced right now (at least how it feels like)
  213. Strix flashbang weak compared to Maeve?
  214. Drogoz: How to rework Reign of Terror
  215. Talents- How to balance them
  216. Why the game is so unbalanced, how to fix balance issues.
  217. Evie variety balance 2.1
  218. Secret Behind Balance and Meta
  219. A Complete List of Balance Changes To Make the Game Fair Again - Healers
  220. Da Balance Suggestions
  221. 1.3 Nerfs
  222. Feedback about 1.3 Reign of Terror
  223. Balance changes needed for 1.3
  224. Life Exchange makes 3 cards useless
  225. We want old andro revolver back
  226. Let's talk about some balance issues
  227. Wrong things that i have seen so far
  228. Why you should push for frequent aggressive balancing action
  229. 1.3 Balance Suggestions
  230. A Few Balance Issues
  231. Sniper Suggestion
  232. New champion OP (another one) - immortal???
  233. drogoz shouldn't get ult back when he gets shot out of his ult
  234. When Hirez will decide to balance the game as it should?
  235. feel like koga's guns are a bit underpowered
  236. Underrated Champions (1.3)
  237. Let's talk about Cauterize
  238. Drogoz fusillade change idea
  239. lian death and taxes and vivian sapper rounds
  240. What are the best and worst talents iyo
  241. Lets talk about the Talents
  242. My suggestions to balancing the champions
  243. Should we nerf i-frames already?
  244. What happened to paladins wtf...
  246. Afraid to balance the game?!!
  247. revert Andro and Drogoz Reworks
  248. willow sniper
  249. Balancing Things
  250. Balance proposal for 1.4