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  1. Winning the Draft: HRX Qualifiers and what they tells us about the state of the game
  2. How is this fixed !!! Fuck this game i am done.
  3. Nerf vivian
  4. All projectile champions are worthless
  5. Terminus nerfs
  6. Willo needs some love or reworks
  7. Legendaries that just boost damage should be reworked
  8. Vivian needs a big Nerf
  9. Vivian needs a big Nerf
  10. At least add hit markers when you hit someone who is invisible
  11. Balancing Strix Ultimate
  12. Vivian Idea: Gun Overheat
  13. Vivian Rework Ideas
  14. ranked is balanced
  15. XP balance for epic match
  16. tyra firebomb need a change
  17. PIP LEGENDARY CARDS: A creative few ideas!
  18. Evie: Iceblock Rework/Skill Change
  19. Matchmaking problem?
  20. Balance Feedback - What is constructive and what is not
  21. From the get go, some cards that seem downright Overpowered and underpowered.
  22. Rating the new Legendaries
  23. Suggestions for Balance with Reworks!
  24. Potential fixes to Cards Unbound
  25. New Card System
  26. My thoughts on the new Patch (very long Post :P )
  27. Feedback on PTS
  28. [ANALYSIS] ***How can the new CARD SYSTEM actually become better than the old one!***
  29. Solving card problems (IMHO)
  30. Feedback on PTS OB64.
  31. hola Hi-Rez
  32. Nobody noticed Hi-Rez also lowered TTK and nerfed mobility to the ground?
  33. The new patch is pretty good.
  34. Jenos has finally found the ultimate power he was looking for
  35. How the hell is this a ranked system?
  36. Support are to stonger to kill tanker
  37. Vivian LC Suggestion: Stacking Ult
  38. Resilience & Cauterize Balancing
  39. A "balance" idea
  40. Suggestion to don't destroy competitive mode in OB64
  41. Terminus stun legendary vs Fernando shield
  42. OB 64 Bomb King Legendary
  43. This patch is just ...
  44. Card system too complicated you say? Well i've got a solution for you!
  45. Role doesn't exist enymore?
  46. Makoa need nerf
  47. Useless legendaries in OB 64!
  48. My idea on how to fix Cards Unbound without deleting the system
  49. Ranking experience is aweful
  50. OB64 Legendary Balance ideas
  51. How to win every match
  52. OB64 Update #5 Initial Feedback
  53. Please delay OB64 by another week.
  54. You throw an imbalanced card system at us and then add patch notes on top of that.
  55. Free amount of Champion Chests representative of level.
  56. How to balance "Cards Unbound" system
  57. Any good game developers would know how to make Vivian's lmg balanced
  58. Just some OB64 Feedback
  59. OB64 and how to fix it the cards unbound system
  60. Separated balancing
  61. Balancing amount of roles on a team
  62. Speak up on these balance changes hi rez
  63. Drogoz fire spit lvl10 ?
  64. Remove damage bonus out of stealth legendaries
  65. Rare and Common card grinding
  66. Permaban for new legendaries in ranked
  67. OP Legendaries (kinessa, jenos)
  68. OB64 Omega Update [Cards Unbound Remastered]
  69. Nice matchmaking
  70. Where are my loadouts
  71. Where is the balance?
  72. New loadouts and balancing
  73. How to Improve your Bussiness Model and Forget About OB64 HIREZ?
  74. The cards need THE button for lvl 4!!!
  75. tyra need neft the card new legend
  76. Are you serious now? Tyra just solo'ed 4 people! Without getting heal!! 230k damage!!
  77. General feedback ob 64
  78. Evie and Maeve
  79. Suggestion about Bound/Competitive
  80. Thanks Hirez for unbalancing the game
  81. My drop into balance
  82. Drogoz's fire spit
  83. New Legendary Cards
  84. Nueva legendaria de tyra
  85. Classic Siege, 30 Points Limit.
  86. And the winner is...
  87. OB64 fine tuning ideas
  88. What i would do to OB65
  89. Comp balance
  90. Balance ideas.
  91. Card Balance is ridiculous between Rejuvenate and Cauterize
  92. Is willo's new legendary nightshade works as intended?
  93. Let's talk about the 4card.
  94. Undo the hot fix to just breathe a little
  95. why would they nerfed skye to the ground again?
  96. Why is this allowed to happen?
  97. Burn cards slight update
  98. Buff Maeve
  99. General OB64 balance feedback
  100. Why they nerfed Grover at OB 64?
  101. Willo's new legendary
  102. THIS needs a nerf!
  103. I think HiRez should fire the CEO or whoever comes up with these stupid ideas.
  104. Nerf Maeve beyond all nerfing
  105. Deploy abilities vs bulldozer
  106. Why does Pips healing potion feel so clunky?
  107. Add a second charge for Ying's Q
  108. How to balance the new card system and make unbound and bound good experiences
  109. Some ultimates reworks and Ultimate`s cooldowns
  110. OB64 Balance sad feedback
  111. make gameplay more balance
  112. Worst sniper balance I've ever seen, nice ob64 (screenshot)
  113. great match making ..... NOT!
  114. Pip is a better damage than Willo
  115. Every time I lose a match because of Vivian I want to delete game
  116. Moji and Friends: Like-Dislike-Not Sure
  117. way too much time spent not playing
  118. players with lv 10 cards always win
  119. Honest discussion about Cassie
  120. Timber Mill map needs improvement
  121. How to fix Maeve's Autism
  122. Legendaries that got worse with Cards Unbound
  123. Why come no pro players ever use Vivian?
  124. Champions that really badly need some changes
  125. In-game banning system / sistema de baneo en partidas (suggestion / sugerencia)
  126. Matchmaking is unbalance
  127. Remove legendary levels
  128. Why paladins is better than overwatch
  129. Shields are too weak
  130. add the other game modes in classic lv4
  131. Buck still needs balancing
  132. Unfair teams
  133. Why hi rez
  134. A few ideas to improve the game and the balancing as it is.
  135. Remove the 50% healing reduction from ''BURN MONSTER''
  136. Too much damage in this game
  137. Too much damage being dealt
  138. OB66 Balance Changes Proposal
  139. Cooldown of Vivian's Shield is a lot
  140. Moji inprovement
  141. Moji
  142. The Perfect Torvald Shield Mechanic!
  143. What is this ?
  144. Balanced game
  145. Balance feed back not for feed back any more ?
  146. Balance Changes Suggestions For Many Champions
  147. Not even a CHANCE to win
  148. [GIVE FEEDBACK !] Fictional Patchnotes regarding Competitive value of Cards.
  149. buff some flanks
  150. Nerf drogos and zhin
  151. Terminus Nerf?
  152. hi-rez and match making
  153. please fix the Matchmaking
  154. ying legend Lifelike no upgrade
  155. Characters that need to be balanced
  156. How will they balance level 10 cards?
  157. Ying is not "trash" as people claim
  158. Thoughs on Torvald
  159. Cauterize nerf.
  160. Moji's ---> Ash's Ult
  161. Hidden Small Design Flaw on Siege Maps
  162. Cards arent balanced based on champion level
  163. Tyra LMB needs reworked
  164. Removal of 2 useless ACHIEVEMENTS
  165. Bound mode is boring
  166. Vip Tiers
  167. Matchmaking system is totally unbalanced.
  168. A maeve legendary card idea
  169. Talus op!!!!!!
  170. Give Moji a reload and cooldown to basic attacks
  171. Loadouts Tweak For Ranked Games
  172. balanceamento
  173. There must be people of hi rez how to start..
  174. My thoughts on items
  175. Level the playing field
  176. Grumpy Bomb is too good
  177. Biggest nerfs that need to happen
  178. Question about Queue
  179. Ying need more LMB range damage
  180. Talus Golden Card Change Suggestion
  181. Fernando's Ultimate
  182. skills that make you "Visible"
  183. Let's talk about seris heal legendary
  184. Nerf flanks !!!!
  185. Unclassified players and competitive points
  186. Legendary Cards that need some balancing(in my opinion)
  187. Battlegrounds 2.0 Suggestions! - OB66
  188. 4 Champs that need balancing
  189. Strix need a serious nerf
  190. Restriction by role
  191. Share your balance changes proposal
  192. OB66 - Balance Changes
  193. Some characters are too strong
  194. Zhin need nerf please
  195. Talus and Evie balance proposal
  196. Barik is overpowered on Battlegrounds
  197. Matchmaking restrictions
  198. New Idea for Maeve
  199. Matchmaking on Ranked
  200. Help!
  201. Rework Inara's Ultimate
  202. Character Balancing Thread
  203. comp still unbalanced
  204. Balancing Thread for many champions, buffs, nerfs, reworks
  205. Magistrate's Archives (Onslaught/TDM)
  206. Nerf Zhin's ability to counter untimates
  207. How to balance Lex imo
  208. Tanks are better flanks than flanks themselves
  209. Please Fix the Hitboxes
  210. Reworks Ideas
  211. Ranked requirments
  212. Fix your stupid ranking system
  213. Suggestions for making Bound Mode better for Hi Rez and Players card-wise
  214. Why is the game's Hitbox so huge? Balancing
  215. A little balance tips for KINESSA
  216. Just complain something about people here
  217. Graphic's settings
  218. Things missing in the patch.
  219. Nerf or rework or eliminate vivian
  220. Lower graphic settings
  221. Back to the low graphics
  222. Moji, the cute, adorable, demon from the fiery pits of hell
  223. >>> How to Balance Ying <<<
  224. Ranked Team balance
  225. My two cents on game balance and the improvement of it
  226. OB 66 Kinessa rework thoughts.
  227. Moji rework before anything else!!!!!!!
  228. Less damage, more uniqueness.
  229. Zhin ult legendary rework idea
  230. Suggestion for How to Fix Team Balancing
  231. jenos Binary Star
  232. Tyra game-tick-speed is too fast.
  233. Balance champ's basekit verse card dependency
  234. how to bring back infinte roll cassie (so its a high skill - high risk - high reward)
  235. Ying Rework (Player Skill Involved)
  236. Moji balance proposal
  237. [Important] How to abuse MMR to get to high ranks in few games.
  238. 22 Pages Balance Proposal for all Champions/Talents very detailed
  239. Combine wrecker and bulldozer into one item
  240. Talus its compleatly OP with the new 15 point deck system
  241. UP and OP champions balance
  242. Talus - a grinning little monster (suggestions)
  243. How to balance Paladins
  244. Barick needs a Damage and HP buff
  245. Idea for monetization system for skin
  246. Ying Cooldowns - Shatter vs Illusions
  247. My opinion on Maeve
  248. new lvl 5 = old lvl 10...
  249. The 15 points loadout system made some champs plyable again
  250. OB68 Balance Changes Proposal