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  1. Evie's "Wormhole" legendary!!!
  2. Some of Torvald LC and cards are useless now
  3. Is Cauterize overrated?
  4. Let's talk about the poor Torvold
  5. SIMPLE: How to make "Acrobatics" Pip viable!!!
  6. Should Rejuvenate affect all types of healing recieved?
  7. The Problem with Flanks
  8. Veteran Buff
  9. Ruckus' ultimate recharge rate
  10. Mobility Balance
  11. My Opinion - Who/What needs a change in order for this game to peak?
  12. A monkey could balance champions better
  13. Item Shop Suggesstions and reworks
  14. there is 2 problems that evie have to reach her balance
  15. Match Making in Competitive
  16. Does any champion require skill anymore?
  17. Hi-REZ learn who are the ones you must listen to
  18. What is the benefit of torvald shield?
  19. Androxus buff? (Androxus main POV)
  20. Talus is a very bad champion.
  21. all nerf I think are necessary for have back a true competitive
  22. Change the Item System
  23. Talus..
  24. Thank you Hirez :')
  25. Lets talk about Cassie and Evie
  26. do sometthing about MATCHMAKING ffs
  27. Items Balance
  28. mastery 5+ in competitive for a number of champions
  29. Maeve DOESN'T need a nerf
  30. Please stop listening to flanker mains!
  31. Healing/Cauterize Balancing Suggestion
  32. Most Champions Issues and an opinionated way on how to fix them(OB 59)
  33. Opinion: Paladins Will Never Be Balanced As Long As It Keeps It's Current Hitboxes
  34. Nerf DPS? Or Buff Healers?
  35. Fix/Nerf Artful Dodger's anti-debuff
  36. Please, Listen to Bird!
  37. Torvald is OP now.
  38. Evie ice block is a sitting duck
  39. Ranked Matchups need to be Fixed..........
  40. Can We stop Sniper Kat Nonsense
  41. Sha Lin needs a buff.
  42. Barik needs help
  43. >>>TYRA<<< How to become viable!!!
  44. To op and to weak.
  45. ***Strix & Kinessa*** Possible Reworks! -> Better experience!!!
  46. Nerfs and buffs- grohk maeve and talus
  47. Multi platform balance. Will Paladins ever actually achieve balanced game play?
  48. Bunny Hopping Ruckus is to OP
  49. Semi-automatic is a buzzword
  50. PS4/ controller vs mouse
  51. Map - balance
  52. The stupidest balance I've ever seen
  53. Competitive is broken
  54. Wtf is this matchmaking
  55. Cassie is not OP, but...
  56. Balance for losers champions
  57. It is very important
  58. Remove lian's auto aim, no dmg while ult and her 50% ult recover if she kills someone
  59. I Hate Hi-Rez's New Philosophy For Flanks...
  60. Buck is THICC
  61. Support Legendaries and New Players
  62. [Idea] rework ability
  63. rework, bufff and nerf ideas for most champions
  64. balance in ranking
  65. solo queue
  66. Adjust Zhin's countdowns
  67. Little buff to Evie
  68. Good job hirez, you created the ultimate team wipe champion
  69. Torvald’s RECHARGE adjustment and his cards.
  70. Balance suggestion
  71. So Torvald Not a tank anymore
  72. things that need to be done unless hirez is fucking retarded
  73. Ideas for flank balance
  74. Simple/Effective Maeve Changes!!!
  75. Remove Liam's autoaim
  76. You are a balancer for OB 61 what are your patch notes?
  77. Zhin has still some core design flaws
  78. Kinessa buff
  79. it is not a good thing when having a card at lv4 completely change one's playstyle
  80. Still waiting for Zhin CDs nerf
  81. Balance changes for OB61 and future patches
  82. Wormhole: A quality of life change for Evie.
  83. Maeve and her immortality
  84. Ash Rally Here
  85. This ranking system... I can't do this anymore
  86. Does hi rez actually read these?
  87. Makoa hook rework/nerf
  88. Matchmaking is terrible.
  89. Bugged Skills Discussion
  90. Only hitbox display option
  91. How to Make Cassie's Other lc Viable
  92. I Think Hi-Rez is Doing a Great Job - Reasoning
  93. Androxus's punch
  94. RIP Front Lines
  95. Making the card system better and increasing ttk
  96. Wow buck does have a machine gun shotgun now
  97. What do you think of Terminus?
  98. Is hi-rez ever going to buff pip?
  99. Anyone like this Buck buff?
  100. Shed a Tear for Grohk
  101. How to make sure abilities are balanced between characters with different playstyles
  102. kinessa need buff or give her anything to stay alive
  103. Balancing around wrong player pool.
  104. New PTR Wrecker and Terminus
  105. Thoughs on Maeve changes OB61
  106. Ranked players who are really bad and should not have this rank
  107. Buck's Identity Problem with his Rework
  108. Rivenmists' comprehensive OB61 Feedback
  109. WTF!? They actually nerfed Kinessa. lmao
  110. Don't nerf buck or change him anymore.
  111. Solutions for the Frontline Meta
  112. Flanker have gotten to retarded levels of op. They don't even have to flank anymore.
  113. The current illuminate is more like a offensive card
  114. Bucks heal is way too op
  115. STOP with the skins START with the balance and bug fixes
  116. Terminus skill design
  117. What fucking use is a front line when Drogoz keeps one hitting them when it matters?!
  118. Not serious Tyra rework
  119. Aimbot on androxus is starting to piss me off
  120. Better experience while loading scReen?!
  121. Concept for Maeve changes
  122. Another Cauterize Balancing Thread
  123. Pip rework
  124. Is the ranking system fucked or is it just me
  125. Ash Shoulder Bash need rework
  126. NERF MoveSpeed
  127. Paladins Fan-made Balance Suggestion
  128. Terminus ult cd nerf
  129. First impression after Update
  130. Terminus shield thing
  131. Paladins need help!
  132. :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad: Do Hi-Rez game Devs even play or test their game ???
  133. No more Knockback on Talus!!!!
  134. Nerf maeve hard
  135. Don't nerf speed nerf flankers damage a bit.
  136. Zhin/Talus
  137. Customization time! Could it be decreased and balanced? Hi-Rez?
  138. Culmination of OB 61 Balance Specific Problems
  139. Talus Blitz upper
  140. fucking auto aim, who want to remove it from the game
  141. You are disgusting us
  142. Why the fuck is Ruckus a better damage than Viktor and Tyra?! Balance anyone?
  143. why FPS has autoaim?
  145. Headshots feel more like a luck based mechanic than actual headshots.
  146. Skye's smoke bomb turns everyone invisible. What the fuck?!
  147. Every fucking map is easy for Flankers to move around
  148. Your are a balancer hired by HiRez: What are your OB62 Balance Notes?
  149. Deft hands suggest.
  150. In your opinion: what is the difference between a Flank and a Damage?
  151. Thx for destroying Barik
  152. Changes to Terminus?
  153. What should HiRez do first?
  154. Is Talus underpowered?
  155. Cauterize nerf?
  156. Balance ideas for Maeve, Sha Lin and Makoa nerfs.
  157. Is ranked messed?
  158. Buff Skye, remove mandatory 4 sec. cooldown on Poison Bolt!!!!!
  159. A nice suggest for deployables.
  160. Matchmaking
  161. Balance? Report? Aimbots?
  162. My overall view on balance
  163. Remove the spray and pray concept
  164. Resiliance need a nerf
  165. Huge Buck’s nerf
  166. Please add "Undo purchase" button in case you buy the wrong item during match
  167. OB 63 Balancing Super Thread
  168. Wheres the ob62 androxus nerfs
  169. A Letter to the Balancing Team RE: Ash OB62
  170. Feedback on OB62 changes
  171. Worried about terminus post patch.
  172. Frog Isle need a Cave to flank
  173. Bring back INCITEMENT
  174. Ash nerfs vs. Makoa nerfs
  175. most of things to say.
  176. Say no to balance changes
  177. Why play a champion that requires skill?
  178. Hi-rez made a melee champion with worse hit detection than Makoa's ultimate...how?
  179. Terminus Power Siphon
  180. Community Balance Proposal
  181. Strix needs either a better ultimate ability or get it buffed...
  182. Some ideas for buffs and nerfs in OB 63
  183. Why is Willo's dead zone a better mobility skill than flutter?
  184. knock back from card - balance
  185. Team balance
  186. 2 snipers where strix is op than kinessa
  187. Suggestion to make third person A BIT fairer, since Hi-rez is adamant about it stayin
  188. Please tighten hit boxes
  189. Widen Terminus's attack
  190. Double charge for ying's clone
  191. Universal Damage Nerf?
  192. Do you think mobility is being excessively reduced in the recent patches?
  193. no? maybe?
  194. Bring back the old maeve
  195. What's You're Suggestions To Nerf Androxus?
  196. Balance Notes for ob 63, I hope Hi rez see this, and you guys give me opinions :D
  197. OB63 and 64 Balance Notes.
  198. OB63 and 64 Balance Notes.
  199. OB63 and 64 Balance Notes.
  200. OB 62 patch is awful
  201. ... I am so tired of hirez not fucking listening to the god damn community
  202. tanks balance feedback
  203. Champions with Auto-Aim Skills Balance
  204. Balance suggestions
  205. balance competitive
  206. How Well Balanced Paladins Is!
  207. What is wrong with this matchmaking system?
  208. [Game Break] JENOS
  209. Balance the Reality
  210. I want this OB 63 balance:
  211. OB 64 Balancing Super Thread
  212. *revert* old haven / blast shield
  213. vivian ult problem
  214. An Idea for Exaction Cassie!
  215. Winning Andro 20 kills, losing Buck 15 kills, next highest is 8 kills for Makoa
  216. Mobility nerfs are an illusion
  217. flanker was tank destroyer
  218. What are strategies for countering the Andro, Buck, Lex
  219. PLEASE Remove Auto Aim!
  220. hit box op
  221. matchmaking
  222. Area Attack Change items please
  223. Let's Discuss: >>>URGENT Champion Buffs/Nerfs<<<
  224. balance? where
  225. Torvald's Runic Blast does'nt work on Terminus and Talus?
  226. Matchmaking.
  227. Every champion released in 2017 is unbalanced
  228. how does it work?
  229. Remake your matchmaking system
  230. Skye is fucking cancer playing as Kinessa
  231. Youtubers etc.
  232. Ranked needs a reset and lower entrance ranks.
  233. My stupid idea how to raise TTK without touching flankers
  234. Matchmaking
  235. Please keep new champions in the incubator even longer.
  236. Sick and tired of this shit
  237. Champions that I think needs nerf or buff
  238. Class Balancing
  239. Reversal and Counter
  240. damage really wins over experience/skill
  241. Flanks need to be nerfed.
  242. Various balance problems and potential fixes
  243. OB 63: Overperforming vs. Underperforming
  244. Think tank idea to balance burst meta: Armor
  245. Équilibrage ressenti ancien joueur
  246. Ob63 hotifix
  247. AOE applies the same to everyone.
  248. attack range should be according to class
  249. Cassie needs to be reverted back to her previous glory
  250. OB64 Balance Changes