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  1. An in Depth Article on Why These Champs Need Reworked!
  2. This isn't working
  3. Aim-bot is Cancer
  4. The problem with matchmaking + a little more
  5. Ban system issues and champ balance
  6. Idea: Two types of Competitive
  7. How to improve the cauterize experience. (In my opinion)
  8. Balance changes for OB55 and future patches
  9. console problems and better mechanics in general
  10. TY HiRez! TY!
  11. What i think should be done in OB55
  12. What is Truly Frustrating
  13. Buffs and nerfs
  14. Can I have some crystals for cut throat Kinnesa (please 120 crystals)
  15. Certain Balance/Overpowered Issues in this game
  16. Balance feedback, do you even "balance" Hi-rez? do you even play your own game?
  17. Price
  18. Nerfs e Buffs
  19. paladin Ultimates are Underwhelming
  20. What class do you main?
  21. Tighter Aiming/Hitboxes
  22. Expected Balance Changes in OB55
  23. Bomb King and Front lines
  24. Proposed changes
  25. RANKED TEAMS party 2 ??? AND TROLLS
  26. There's no difference between Viktor's and Jenos' F
  27. Unconventional Balance Control Missing.
  28. non constructive??
  29. Remove Banning System
  30. Cauterize way too strong
  31. What barik and buck need
  32. How to Deal with Jenos ad Ruckus combo
  33. single shot projectiles vs fully automatic, needs balance.
  34. No doubling up in competitive for frontliners and Healers.
  35. My Thoughts After A Paladins Break
  36. Nerfs & Buffs?
  37. How PTS can help in balance? (secretly suggesting skye changes)
  38. Make movement speed bonus stack
  39. ⚖️ Balance update concerning the ITEMS ⚔
  40. Lag & glitching
  41. Fernando and Cassie are broken AF
  42. Zhin counter meta vs Barik
  43. This deserter thing is giving me cancer... Remove it...
  44. reversal not working in face of lian
  45. Cauterize...
  46. matchmaker is trash...
  47. This game will never viably be balanced (Legendary cards are a major issue)
  48. Fix your forced Winrate, Bad Balance in General and worse Card System + A lot of Tipp
  49. Balance changes for OB56 and future patches
  50. Cauterize No Effect On Card Heals?
  51. Some cards and champions changes!
  52. I am sick of getting teamed up with scrubs...
  53. A couple questions
  54. How to "fix" Competitive
  55. Stop this autoaim business
  56. Free damage for doing nothing?
  57. Crappy players need to stay off competition
  58. Weekly Quests
  59. Balanciamento do jogo
  60. Competitive Groups
  61. OP Champions with low skill floor
  62. Jenos and Lian Suggestions
  63. Game balance in general is horrible and new champ designs are awful..
  64. Nerf Cauterize!!!
  65. OB 56 Balance changes, what the hell Hi-rez?
  66. Is Cauterize to strong?
  67. Either nerf projectile speed or reduce damage drop hitscan
  68. Jusey's Balance Ideas
  69. New monetization and prices are insanely aggressive to new players.
  70. Tired of dropping games to unskilled players because of retarded mechanics
  71. How Hi-Rez got this far is a mystery
  72. The next champion better not have aimbot.
  73. Game is toxic in general right now and seems to be getting worse....
  74. Nerf a Jenos or a Lex and win a Peluche
  75. Proof that Hi-Rez doesn't care
  76. Balancing Idea
  77. Zhin is op and cassie and lian
  78. pointless sound changes
  79. I don't know who this guy is as I don't follow things and stuff, but LOL I agree with
  80. You forgot one movement-skill champ
  81. What I think is too strong.
  82. Idea about balancing the item system
  83. Maybe nerf cauterize rank 3 already?
  84. A few thing about the most recent champs
  85. Ranked Mastery Removal (Please add it back)_
  86. Good addition for hackers in competitive?
  87. Requirements ranked 2.0
  88. Tanker and Healer too OP
  89. A huge collection of proposed balance changes
  90. The banning for Ranked 2.0
  91. I'm fucking tired of Lian and Jenos
  92. who needs a buff??
  93. Balance QoL/Function changes for various Champions
  94. Balance changes for OB57 and future patches
  95. I don't get Hi-Rez
  96. paladins ob 57 notes (fake)
  97. Serious issues with the matchmaking system.
  98. Champion Balances and Needs
  99. Matchmaking is... about the same...
  100. Hi-Rez don't play their game and do their balance after a weed party...
  101. To noobs who think they're making the game better by complaining "OP" "Too hard"
  102. Quick Question
  103. Matching system
  104. Buck: Buff or Strategy?
  105. Crazy Balance Idea
  106. Something wrong with matchmaking?
  107. Some problems I found in the game (it's only my opinion !)
  108. Last 10 matches, I got BOT in 8 of them. + MM will never work.
  109. Ultimate solution to balance between competitive/casual scene.
  110. What the f*** ? i dont understand
  111. open subforums per tier
  112. Balance suggestions after watching the patch
  113. Suggestions
  114. Champion upgrades
  115. Retaliation Zhin, Matchmaking and some other complains
  116. Banning New Champions From Competitive for 2 Weeks
  117. Excessive punishment
  118. Broken balance
  119. Please Hi Rez make matchmaking again great
  120. Where is the love?
  121. How come some heroes have mastery lvl rewards between R6 and 20 and some don't?
  122. Matchmaking doesn't work
  123. ITEMS: And how to balance them
  124. Hi-Rez, is feedback important to you?
  125. Lex's rework and the new damage champion
  126. Ultimate Cancellation
  127. Balancing Ideas
  128. Language Filter
  129. Why do you keep making champs when half of the current ones are unplayable ?
  130. Pls Balance every hereos damage
  131. broken game
  132. Let's Buy some Chests!
  133. Let's even the odds! Auto-aim for everyone! :D
  134. Competitive mode, it is not balanced
  135. What Needs lag Compensation
  136. OB 57 is trash but i want to sell items
  137. TP gain and loss is unfair
  138. Why do snipers exist?
  139. Exchange stealth mechanics Strix / Skye
  140. Strix, Lex and other stories
  141. Skill caps
  142. Think Hi-Rez pretty fked chests this time (Kinessa Nova Skin)
  143. Lauching new champions overpowered is stupid
  144. Just play it
  145. All of the "buy illuminate" for Skye people
  146. Move ps4 account to pc
  147. Some balance changes for Makoa, Androxus and Grover
  148. Issues that I currently have with paladins
  149. Placement matches are way too unbalanced and need to be fixed
  150. wtf paladins ?
  151. !(seriously?)--->>>*ITEMS*<<<---(?seriously)!
  152. Balance your game
  153. Unbalanced MM
  154. Double Tank Meta Forever. Aren't you tired of it?
  155. Discussion About Items and Characters
  156. Competition and reporting suck
  157. [solution found] how to make all classes equal!!!
  158. Is really cauterized OP?
  159. It is time to make bk's poppy a second recharge, same with Ying's clone
  160. Buf those 50/100/150/200 self-healing cards
  161. Where is the balance?
  162. Changes that need to be made
  163. Paladins: Champions that needs rework; reply
  164. Cauterize must be nerfed drastically, or even better, eliminate burn cards altogether
  165. No healing + invulnerability for champions.
  166. My Thoughts On Strix and the New Lex
  167. Ranked broken ?
  168. A change to Veteran
  169. Point-and-click champions
  170. Behind Cauterize Balancing
  171. Delete Cauterize
  172. Nerf Cauterize
  173. What To Do About The Auto Aim
  174. OB58 Proposition: How about 50 VIP Points for Third Win of The Game?
  175. Is it me or did they nerf Stryx horribly wrong?
  176. Maeve
  177. Please redo-casual match making system.
  178. One thing about androxus reversal
  179. Semi-Auto weapons and Auto Firing
  180. Sha Lin - Why is he a sniper?
  181. What Hi-Rez is doing against BOTS and SMURFS?
  182. OB59: A Compilation
  183. Buff Lex
  184. Lets stop the powercreep
  185. Return the requirements for competitive
  186. Zhin Billow and Grohk Ghost walk
  187. Dead Zone, Seedling and Grumpy Bomb
  188. Zhin in BROKEN (with specific build and burn cards)...
  189. When can we expect better matchmaking?
  190. Flankers unplayable (lex doesn't have to look to kill you )
  191. How To Balance Skye? [PC & Console]
  192. Balance Changes for OB59
  193. Hi-Rez, can you show some love for Pip's collision bugs?
  194. You killed Strix legendaries by wrong nerf.
  195. HiRez please fix your Game
  196. Cauterize Must Be Nerfed Immediately
  197. What's your problem with cauterize, its a balanced thing...
  198. Willo discussion
  199. Buck selfheal
  200. Why can't you see Skye when she is in your face?
  201. The most op item
  202. Zhin needs some tweaks (buffs and nerfs)
  203. The single problem i have with Lian
  204. trash matchmaking for a trash game
  205. lex.exe
  206. Change CD reduction cards to 8%
  207. Androxus and zihn
  208. make all cc-crowd control cards have a 10/20/30/40 cc reduction
  209. Make maeve knifes into plasma looking thing
  210. TP Gain and Loss
  211. TP . I would like to know how much I win or lose
  212. Grohk is Worse than ever After OB58
  213. Hi-Rez, please listen to your community for once
  214. Matchmaker fairness
  215. Competitive is unplayable
  216. OB 59 Balances (kinda...)
  217. How to fix Pip
  218. HOW TO: make life like worth it?
  219. excellent changes for Open Beta 59
  220. Nerf maeve
  221. Maeve's ult too weak?
  222. Buff Maeve's ultimate
  223. TP gain and loss
  224. A fair solution to the cauterize problem
  225. Make the Champions Great Again! (Flank/Tank Balances) [New Class Idea?]
  226. Make Aggressive frontlines worse at long term engagements
  227. Architectonics is OP
  228. Rework zhin counter 2.0
  229. Grohk Rework
  230. why lian can use his F ability in the air and lex no?
  231. Evie rework
  232. Serious OB59 Preview Discussion
  233. 3 Tank META
  234. Paladins healers are turning into overwatch heroes.
  235. General Balance Ideas
  236. Why Maeve doesnt need falloff
  237. Viktor 'Cardio' Legendary Replacement
  238. The New Androxus: Different RMB Ability Needed!
  239. [OB 59] Torvald probably needs a damage nerf
  240. androxus rework
  241. How is Kinessa supposed to survive?
  242. 70% of the Heroes are useless and 1-2 are OP
  243. Auto-attacks and Suggestions to replace it
  244. State of the Game Feedback
  245. the new Androxus can cause headache
  246. Torvald's new modification rant
  247. Take away Sha Lin's stun or take away his invisibility
  248. Is HiRez's general method of nerfing bad?
  249. Cauterize is too effective
  250. Lex and Androxus Change Idea