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  1. Suggestions.
  2. MM in ranked
  3. Ranked feels pointless without player ELO
  4. Was there a player data wipe?
  5. 30min+ Queue and no match found [Brazil Competitive Region]
  6. The netcode is horrible
  7. Open beta - bugged skills
  8. Gameplay improvements suggestion and duo competitive
  9. Lobby Glitches
  10. Now Ranked+Fernando
  11. DO NOT PLAY COMPETITIVE !!! Server has problems !
  12. im so happy
  13. Game play needs improvement
  14. Things That Need to Happen in the Next Couple of Patches
  15. My Thoughts on the Game so Far
  16. Paladins matchmaking
  17. Queue times are under 10 seconds, time to enable party queue in ranked
  18. A Change In Controls With Kinessa's Rifle for Various Mouse Users.
  19. Pip is OP.
  20. Please fix ranked conditions
  21. New Gamemode Ideas?
  22. FPS issues
  23. Something needs to be done about "Overtime"
  24. The scoring system
  25. Penalties
  26. overtime for no on the point?
  27. Large ranked issues
  28. Traffic problems again?Why not make a que system?
  29. Bots =/= players
  30. idea for making cards a lot more effective(counter play)
  31. Champ swiching= true
  32. tanks
  33. Can we just go back to how the game used to be?
  34. Directx 11 active ?
  35. Gameplay thoughts
  36. Too many character select Alt+F4 happening
  37. Redesign how picking classes work
  38. Game wont start
  39. Nice Gameplay
  40. overextended
  41. Hacked game but....
  42. wt bug
  43. Card System and Pushing balance feedback.
  44. What hirez doesnt want you to know
  45. Competative Needs Changing
  46. Game Ideas (pls read hirez)
  47. Amazing gameflow suggestions (better scoring system and new map objectives)
  48. Why are hit boxes so incredibly large?
  49. Competitive Play idea
  50. Allow players to sell burn cards at half pips!
  51. Add double competitive mode
  52. Reload speed
  53. Desrter Penalty
  54. I think that fighting bots until level 5 should be stated clearly somewhere
  55. Skye loose invisibility on stun
  56. A new game mode for ranked /5 vs 5
  57. Loving the game so far...But you really need to fix Hitboxes
  58. I miss the old mount system
  59. I gave positive vote on STEAM but..
  60. We Desperately NEED a Melee!
  61. Hitboxes and Damage.
  62. Solution to awkward mount problem
  63. Paladin on Mac
  64. Kinessa Scope
  65. A Bit of Suggestions
  66. First impressions!
  67. Competitive with my friends
  68. Should have hidden MMR like dota 2
  69. Ranks?
  70. The biggest problem is that different maps have the same name
  71. Strange winning conditions
  72. Payload Hitbox is really bad... Damage WAY too high.
  73. So nice
  74. Add more teamwork incentives
  75. Best match ever
  76. New Fangled Ideas for Hi-Rez
  77. We need more game modes and more visual themes for maps ASAP
  78. Self Damage
  79. Sugest
  80. Barrik TF2 Skin
  81. Seggestion: Map Voting
  82. Please disable Premade in Casual
  83. Bots only in Casual?
  84. Re-Mounting
  85. Getting your items refunded
  86. Overall honest feedback.
  87. payload is back baby(thanks ninja boffin)
  88. Dx9?
  89. Player hitboxes (hurtboxes)
  90. Jumping on and off from Payload feels like climbing a cliff
  91. Some Feedbacks and Suggestions
  92. Simple Fix for Pip Ulti
  93. New gamemode needs significant changes
  94. Overtime
  95. Matchmaking and maps
  96. Please enable at least duo queue in competetive
  97. Torture getting to 30/ranked
  98. Seriously, give us a game mode with pre-chosen classes.
  99. People already queue ranked together, so why not just enable party ranked?
  100. First time playing general feedback by a new player.
  101. HITBOX Peyload
  102. Hit box problem
  103. Aussie players connecting to Europe?
  104. Found First Hacker today...
  105. The-Warlock-Voodo-Guy (Character idea)
  106. My thoughts after a couple hours
  107. Same cards from chests
  108. The competitive mode have a high pre requisites
  109. Damage visibility
  110. Why are games not using voice feature for communication between players?
  111. Paladins is a ripoff of Overwatch
  112. Cross region is Chaos
  113. Mounts = stupid idea.
  114. Ultimate Abilities: Grover's just seems better than Ferdinand's
  115. The possibilities of why voice commands are missing or disabled.
  116. help me plz
  117. stance switcher (u know u want it)
  118. Training
  119. Paladins Damage Indication could be a lot better.
  120. Matchmaking
  121. Crosshair keeps changing.
  122. More skill based ultimates?
  123. some abilities feel like they don't belong on the champion
  124. Viktor Compensator Card
  125. Please add an option to change loadouts on steam
  126. Environment invisible blocks
  127. Play of the game.
  128. The small maps are actually amazing, keep them!
  129. I wish i knew what map it was going to be
  130. Change Ruckus' Leap Activation Key
  131. A post-game chat box, or fix the one we've got?
  132. What makes Paladins... Paladins?
  133. Suggestions for the game
  134. Cross-region needs to go
  135. Paladins in the gaming world
  136. The lovely smite's Block button.
  137. How to use giftcards to purchase in game items?
  138. 2 Maps in Beta?
  139. Flaws in the current ultimates system
  140. 2 simple steps to ensure you keep the players you have gathered so far
  141. Skye must to be nerf?
  142. Ideas for Buck.
  143. Kind of a rant, not really though (I want the game to do well)
  144. Please add a Reconnect button.
  145. Skye's ult is bs
  146. A perspective on the game so far
  147. LeaderBoard selfsearch
  148. This game is insanely stupid
  149. Team Deathmatch?
  150. Change the requirement to play Casual
  151. Teammate health bars
  152. Ranked system & requirements
  153. Experience gain from Vs AI battles
  154. Paladin game crash problems
  155. I love how Kinessa doesn't actually need to hit anything
  156. Ability lock while airborne is absurd and needs to go.
  157. we need a cinematic trailer
  158. I do not enjoy how much damage supports deal,
  159. Adds New Game Mode, exemple...
  160. I made a huge reddit post with suggestions and bug reports for UI and HUD.
  161. Please, don't translate the champions, cards & skills names!
  162. I love the game, but are developers...?
  163. Knockbacks bumperino
  164. Hit Boxes Too Large!!!
  165. Chests buyable with coins
  166. Few suggestions
  167. Regional matchmaking still isnt working for casual.... Why even say it in patch notes
  168. How does rating work?
  169. Put us into different region ONLY after 5 minutes+ of queue. PLEASE!
  170. Am I not allowed to play in matches with good ping?
  171. Alternative to Iceblock change on Evie
  172. Better preview menu for voice packs (Also, queue for random game mode)
  173. Hi-Rez removed Ying's weapons and gave no refund?
  174. Paladins 2v2 add
  175. R.I.P Evie
  176. Playing Paladins on my tablet
  177. Any plans to add raw mouse input in the options menu?
  178. New Payload is 1000x better than the old one!
  179. FPS drops after the new update...
  180. My OB34 experience: Ying feedback, SEA server and a little rant on the party system
  181. BEing able to only show status effects
  182. I hated the Voice Packs, here's why
  183. Setup time too short on payload
  184. Payload mode don't show up on Profile History?
  185. Skye Ult
  186. Wasting time playing with inbreds
  187. Evie Nerf + Thoughts on Barik
  188. party vs party only
  189. [Siege] Matches are too short
  190. OB34: Oh yes!
  191. deserter
  192. Bugs (constructive feedback)
  193. How to get higher cards than valued 1?
  194. 2/4 vs 3/4 Victory?
  195. No overtime in Payload?
  196. Deserter For Not Clicking Join Game/AFK Check?
  197. Deft Hands - Reload Speed Burn Card - Grohk
  198. Matchmaking is still way too wide
  199. A New Gamemode Idea
  200. New graphics
  201. OB 34; Initial impressions
  202. When gold becomes obsolete?
  203. Can we have Lobby chat always open when hero picking?
  204. Noticeable events
  205. Please fix the hitbox in game
  206. Deserter after hero select
  207. Additional setting for zoom sensitivity?
  208. When the game finds me a match...
  209. Supports ultimate charge
  210. Lobby Chat Should Not Be Minimized Automatically
  211. Ground level Skye Ult
  212. Aim Bot?
  213. Killcam replay out of sync?
  214. Block Kinessa for newbies
  215. Gameplay and hud-menu suggestions
  216. Ranked mode
  217. Hero lvl for rankeds games
  218. hacker
  219. Ult Change for Drogoz
  220. add play of the game and remove the horses please
  221. More players
  222. Maybe our stats should influence ELO change in ranked?
  223. Potential rework of the start of a match
  224. Return to previous menu icon is too small.
  225. Healing Notification
  226. The new burncard shop feels like a downgrade
  227. Start banning hackers
  228. Please never ever give me first time ranked players after 100+ games
  229. Sell items
  230. Show MMR of everyone in champion select
  231. matchmaking problem?
  232. All the most needed changes/ Additions
  233. Thanks Hi-Rez! Good Matchmaking indeed...
  234. Competitive!
  235. Rating adjustments.
  236. Add new game modes please
  237. Already bots....
  238. No Rewards for AI matches
  239. serious troll issue
  240. I'm getting a lot of input lag.
  241. A game I want to like...
  242. Small hotfixes needed at ranked champ select for the next patch
  243. Drogoz's Ultimate Ability needs to be changed- it doesn't fit into his kit at all.
  244. Show ELIMINATION , ASSIST AND DEATH PLEASE IN GAME i cant see other player Score
  245. A change to makoa ult
  246. A change to Buck's net shot
  247. for them morons
  248. Please fix your players behavior
  249. Changing Card Loadouts in game
  250. Hidden Aimassist or totally weird hitboxes?