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  1. Points System only for Frontliners
  2. Minimap please
  3. A sexy gif of a badass gameplay , all skill
  4. Makoa stun on hook needs to be longer.
  5. Deserter Issues
  6. Its a total Horseshit
  7. Stupid Jumps
  8. Rating system overhaul
  9. My hero redesign ideas
  10. Stunning times
  11. hirez when you start to ban cheaters ?
  12. First impressions
  13. C h e a t e r s! C h e a t e r s! C h e a t e r s!
  14. You get an aimbot, you get an aimbot, everybody get's an aimbot!
  15. Missing Communication and Tracking of Players
  16. Audio Distortion/Stuttering and fps drops
  17. My Champion Ranking (HELP)
  18. Reporting toxic players feels absolutely pointless
  19. Please review these players
  20. Health Bar not turning red when on low HP
  21. No able to move while emoting?!
  22. Stop introducing new patches before fixing the current ones?
  23. Do something for competitive mode
  24. Why soooooo many cheaters ?
  25. Petition to bring Drogoz back to normal.
  26. Why are there still no changes to point system?
  27. Mal'damba stunlock
  28. Cheater
  29. Why no Ultimate gain on heals?
  30. Rip bomb king jumps
  31. Does anyone actually think Hi-Rez listens to player feedback?
  32. Credits AKA in-game money
  33. In-game objects and their future
  34. Why am I being teamed with low level accounts/people?
  35. weird Pip players
  36. My 2 suggestions for OB40
  37. Reset join timer when a player queues
  38. HP bar is retard (lag, slowpoke)
  39. Worst matchmaking of any game in history
  40. How to join competetive
  41. Casual Que takes way too long
  42. Can wee have some kind of ban pick ?
  43. Starting Season One
  44. The "Team Carry" Mentality of Matchmaking
  45. Training EXP and Gold.
  46. Skye smoke screen cards.
  47. The last 3 patches have ruined this game...
  48. Dear Hi-Rez: This game has flexibility. Use it.
  49. 140+ Hours Gameplay Feedback
  50. Rework Drogoz Jetpack
  51. Pip's healing
  52. Hit box is ridiculous.....
  53. Patch 39 is really bad. fernando is dead as a champ, and for a good reason
  54. Toxic person.
  55. This game is very contradicting and unbalanced.
  56. Give us more interaction with the map
  57. Please, make an option to turn off chat ingame.
  58. Kinessa Suggestion
  59. Incoming damage notifiers suck
  60. Stealth abilities need some sort of flaw
  61. Health bar status
  62. Victor No recoil/spread hack + Aimbot! pls do somthing !
  63. Health UI opinion
  64. Them bots plz
  65. Fernando is just too op for payload
  66. Terrain Collisions
  67. Very Basic Request - Porfile Level
  68. Competitive needs restrictions at choosing
  69. Laggy servers All the time????
  70. Hello weekend, hello hackers
  71. New Health Indicator
  72. Controller mapping.
  73. Timer Suggestion - Important
  74. Balance OR voting
  75. One of THE hardest match in my Paladins gaming career and I get this.
  76. What the H3LL did you do?!
  78. Fix Skye!
  79. Idea new support
  80. Makoa's colldowns
  81. Impossible gaming in argentina
  82. Hand-drawn feedback (bugs and suggestions)
  83. Make a matchmaking system. We are so tired of newbies.. Please!
  84. Done with comp
  85. for all the people saying they need better matchmaking.
  86. dear HIREZ about the cheats
  87. Remove Glowing Outlines
  88. Paladins the best evie montage
  89. Is it me or there are so many cheaters?
  90. Growing problem with cheaters?
  91. Are u kidding me?
  92. Can someone explain Makoa hook?
  93. Androxus's reversal not working
  94. Leaderboard rating
  95. A little late
  96. Paladins is such a horribly clunky and clusterfu*ky low skill game.
  97. Some toughts on Mounts (champion dismounted bug & others)
  98. Siege is such a waste of time
  99. This game is too laggy to even play
  100. Rating System
  101. Xbone Control issues and gamepad tweaks
  102. Mal, Damba console
  103. please update the /w and /r command
  104. Playing with bots
  105. Fix the fucking competitive ranking
  106. Can no longer recommend this game to friends.
  107. Monthly Resets
  108. Minor Adjustments
  109. Pls do something for rating sistem
  110. Aim Bots everywhere !
  111. Lag en los servidores de brazil!!!!!!!!!
  112. Laggy Gameplay
  113. Higher punishment for being afk!
  114. "Top play" starts too late
  115. Broken hitboxes
  116. Remove/rework Ice Mines ASAP
  117. Ult charge vs killstreaks
  118. My big list of gameplay feedback
  119. Pls provide an option to exclude certain maps and modes
  120. Should healers get more credits for healing and less for dmg?
  121. DryBear Claims about the game and Evie
  122. ying
  123. Not able to queue 3+ player party competitive?!
  124. New character Idea would love some suggestions.
  125. OB 40 tyra
  126. Kinessa Teleporter Spots
  127. On Evie in OB40, A Note to the Devs
  128. Paladin Devs do me a favor
  129. [Suggestion] Daily Free Dodge
  130. Hackers: What is being done about them?
  131. i have a problem
  132. Siege scoring system
  133. Buck's Q does not go off
  134. traditional Chinese
  135. Rukus and victor nerf
  136. needing a vote to kick player
  137. Aimbots, no tanks, no team play. DEVS wake up please
  138. 5 Things the game needs before ending BETA
  139. Nerfing the respawn cooldown
  140. Matchmaking?
  141. Hi-Rez needs to bring these back!
  142. New character idea!
  143. Tyra's grenade launcher is worthless and should be reworked into a different ability
  144. Would you consider bringing back Capture and Siege?
  145. Please make it REQUIRED to have one of each class on a team.
  146. Master riding now necessary, can't get anything else
  147. Fking cross servers
  148. Where's the matchmaking fix your entire community is asking for?
  149. Life Steal
  150. What's going on ?
  151. When you go to practice your worst champion...
  152. Fix for Mouse Disappearance
  153. Request: Kinessa reticule
  154. Why 5 Man Queuing In Comp Should Be Aloud
  155. New Kinessa ult idea
  156. Scoring System: 6 points to win with possibility to score 1-3 per round?
  157. Rating system broken
  158. Improving the friend list system
  159. New Champion Idea!
  160. Level Rewards
  161. New Gamemodes
  162. Center the viktor ADS sight
  163. Paladins CTF
  164. Kinessas mines overpowered especially in ranked mode
  165. New Champions: a Tank and a Flank!
  166. To much time waiting
  167. Question
  168. 2 hours ban for deserter?wtf!
  169. New champion idea: Lorina (Wind based champ) Support
  170. I don't even want to play anymore because of the match making...
  171. 10 minute queues all the time
  172. Tired of one inexperienced player ruining a match? ( ranked play )
  173. Ideas to add in game
  174. I'm done with this game!
  175. Today I uninstall
  176. Team voice
  177. Level 25+ players in competitive mode that still don't buy cards, really?
  178. Using Evie's Q in the air will make her shots fire at random places?!
  179. More Reveals?
  180. What happen to SEA ping?
  181. New Character Idea!
  182. Well, that's it for me. I Quit.
  183. Patch 40 or how I uninstalled Paladins.
  184. Androxus ultimate is now 100% shit
  185. Admin posting on feedback.... wanted POLL
  186. About Tyra's "Lack" of a movement skill
  187. About OB40
  188. Can we get a new sniper?
  189. Fast Win Reward - Competitive
  190. Ever since OB40 came.
  191. [Tyra] Hunter's Mark Feedback
  192. 3 times playing vs a 5 aimbotters-party
  193. Please input a new ranking system
  194. Viktor for girls
  195. Bring back siege mode from closed beta!
  196. Please give more feedback when taking damage.
  197. Can pip have guy-liner on all of his skins
  198. Aggression may actually have a very niche use(Outside of a noob trap)
  199. Reset Hero rating?
  200. About cassie's bow
  201. Ranked/Competitive mode matchmaking issue
  202. mouse bug
  203. Please fix champion rankings
  204. Black list players
  205. Severe lags
  206. 40|OB Hi-rez What are you doing with this game?
  207. Unacceptable behavior
  208. Rank System
  209. 10 reports in 24h or less = (24, 36 or 48h) autoban.
  210. The new unmentioned Credit change
  211. Rating system Broken
  212. My suggestion to make sniper champions relevant and my ideas for two sniper champion
  213. social communication while gaming
  214. Drogoz Salvo broken?
  215. Paladins is turning into CS
  216. [Request] Duel gamemode
  217. A new champion arises! Also with new bugs!
  218. Players are being banned in 6 years because of a Steam problem
  219. Minor, yet annoying issue with alternate shop bind
  220. New Healer/support idea
  221. Great game only some minor bugs so far
  222. Stop adding damage heroes
  223. feedback
  224. Easy Anti-Cheat was probably a mistake
  225. Please fix duo queue
  226. Suggestion: Setting Loadout as default
  227. Features to be added!
  228. Essential changes to make Paladins 'playable'
  229. Report function
  230. Change Ability Configuration + Fit Game to Screen
  231. Add a "Cheating" report buttom
  232. How Tyras Q would be
  233. Delete the party system
  234. Let me save my replays, or give me an ingame record button
  235. why you shouldn't quit playing
  236. Why paladins main plot is wrong
  237. [updated] new Healer/Support idea w. cards
  238. Cards are not working against Cassie bots in Shooting Range mode
  239. Description of cards are pure vagueness
  240. New Features
  241. Crippling Throw rework
  242. Long Queues these days?
  243. New Item ideas for all trees.
  244. Survival mode
  245. sensitivity
  246. HiRump for President
  247. Add Teammate's HP bar
  248. Does the bug that let's you get the founder horse still work?
  249. PING (SEA region) has been higher than usual since OB38 or OB39.
  250. Spanish translation