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  1. Match Making
  2. Point on Ranked
  3. the solution....?
  4. command /surrender
  5. What do you meeaannn
  6. Add an In-Game "Player AFK" Button
  7. Wrecker makes overshields pointless
  8. No Portuguese forum, why?
  9. Do NOT add a hero like Zarya to this game.
  10. Feedback and Suggestions. ^^
  11. Top play? Fail play!
  12. Crouch button & trollers
  13. Matchmaking suggestion ( new game mode )
  14. show items at the end of the match
  15. Block User Feature
  16. Fix the scoring system
  17. Accidentally using ult trying to emote?
  18. This meta sucks no one is picking tanks or healers
  19. Could you make some replay that are not able to replay to able ?
  20. Counterpicks and changing heroes
  21. Easier spectate/game replay?
  22. Please do something on those reported player
  23. Comp :Win +15 points , Lose : - 200 points/ Master+gold in same party/Broken System
  24. A new idea for skins
  25. Just noticed a really nice and minor thing with BK
  26. Come on Hi-Rez! Please, explain your matchmaking algorithm!
  27. Remove taunting and add more options
  28. Can someone explain this to me
  29. Add more settings
  30. Allowing 1 team-member to switch heroes
  31. Is Hi-Rez trying to make supports and frontliners useless?
  32. how to fix match making!
  33. Loot chests with only gold...
  34. Grohk totem suggestion
  35. santa skin for barik
  36. /view profile/ option
  37. Idiots spamming voice messages. No limit?
  38. Cassie has a bird!
  39. Changes to Competitive rule set
  40. Melhorias que podem ser feitas( Improvements that can be made)
  41. Competitive Points - Monthly Resets (Tiers excluded)
  42. Restricted to Bots only?
  43. Better HUD
  44. Need Clarification for Deft Hands
  45. my new gamemode ideas. (desstroying castle)
  46. Skye Loadout for experimented skye player
  47. Make a Notice When Team Dont Have Tanker / Support Champ
  48. Pro Tip for Using Sha Lin to New Players
  49. Viktor's grenade resets
  50. Cheats in Paladins
  51. Bomb King's poppy bomb is plain ridiculous
  52. Competitive points make no sense for me
  53. The new game mode concept i wish will happen in the next patch
  54. I can't see Skye.
  55. Match Making in Casual is way too loose.
  56. Add an option for Potg
  57. Communication and Intel Features!
  58. 13/15 chest items are gold... better nothing then this something
  59. [PLEASE] Remove Kinessa [PLEASE]
  60. What's the point of Skye's Q
  61. Competitive ruined by many people playing "free style"
  62. notification for support
  63. still about the hitbox
  64. Ranking is a joke?
  65. Ranked with party
  66. Game is Down
  67. Improve Matchmaking System?
  68. Why is there no chatroom while waiting in queue?
  69. Remove or allow to skip "Play of the Game"
  70. New skye meta Smother IV
  71. What means FWOTD in "radiant chest roll per FWOTD"?
  72. Replacing the Item System
  73. Lag or bug or glitch ???!?!?
  74. lag!?!? bug!?!??!glitch!??!
  75. Improved communication
  76. Fernando's charge
  77. Time to Kill
  78. champion select and team comps
  79. minimap
  80. make players focus on what they are supposed to do with their champion
  81. Hacker in server br Please Ban this guy impossible to play nick of hacker VLOZZI
  82. Class suggestion notification
  83. tickrate improvement
  84. Relative sensitivity option for Kinessa's scope.
  85. Ying is a bit too annoying.
  86. Too many cheaters around atm
  87. Competitive mode - Let us wait longer than 5 minutes before this...
  88. Drogoz's voice pack
  89. [ H E L P] PS4 Controller Setup [PLEASE]
  90. Single player practice maps
  91. New game modes, payload meh
  92. Whats wrong with top play
  93. Higher requirements for competitive
  94. New champion - Babushka
  95. Comp queues
  96. Problems with fps drop
  97. Better Champion Picking System
  98. Any news about guilds being added?
  99. Lag
  100. Public Beta
  102. c h e a t e r s
  103. Balanced, so, so balanced
  104. Deserter Penalty
  105. West Coast servers?
  106. champion settings
  107. Pumpking skin Grumpy Bomb
  108. Add more bushes
  109. Reflections on Paladins after the Overwatch Free trial weekend
  110. [Feedback] Change the Competitive points count
  111. Why do shields and stealth close on reactivation? Thats BAD! Let me explain.
  112. The New Viktor.
  113. Matchmaking ?
  114. Unbalance: One High lvl+ 4 noobs -Vs- Full Mid-lvl team
  115. Front Liners and Support becoming non-existent in Causal
  116. Thoughts on Mal'damba??
  117. Lag Spikes
  118. When will there be another key for colossal chest and how much key there in event?
  119. Makoas shotgun too overpowered
  120. Mass of aimbotters break the game -.-
  121. Inconsistancies and General Improvement
  122. Hi-Rez, please help with the servers.
  123. Issues with daily quest win rewards?
  124. Androxus reversal useless
  125. Feedback: My experience [Frontliners, Supports]
  126. ''E'' Ultimate has delay.
  127. Androxus skin?
  128. [Feedback] FPS Drop and Sound bug, after the last OB 38 Patch
  129. The "New" Maps
  130. Floors aren't walls...
  131. Shooting Range Improvement
  132. Pls new game mode im tired of the 2 other game mode heres my ctf game mode
  133. Suggestion!
  134. A few ideas to add to paladins
  135. Has this game been laggy for anyone else since OB38?
  136. Improvments on the champions
  137. What items to pick and when, plus why you shouldn't pick aggression
  138. Chat in lobbies
  139. so successful defense grant 200 money than capture it ? (siege)
  140. Drogoz on Jaguar Falls
  141. A few suggestions...
  142. Need ability to change classes in-game - too many mismatches due to bad team balance
  143. Way too many hackers
  144. Capture the point
  145. -Name Removed-
  146. Is Paladins really full of hackers and scripters?
  147. Hitboxes...
  148. Draft Throwing
  149. Add an option to skip Play of the game (top play)
  150. Black list suggestion
  151. competitiv explanation
  152. Let's Fix Credits (Points for items/burn cards)
  153. Keep losing because of stupid teammates
  154. Crossover skins and references
  155. Are you serious about the THIRTY MINUTE Deserter penalty ?
  156. Really unbalanced matchmaking
  157. The hacker issue is really really bad tonight.
  158. How the hell i can report cheats? Is there any admin in game!?
  159. Victor's ult
  160. sea server lag
  161. Avoid function
  162. ULTs must counter
  163. Wake me up when stuttering bug ends.
  164. thank you Hi-Rez
  165. Guys can u gimme a review playing as EVIE ?
  166. About the cheating problem
  167. Timer Bar for Wormhole Blink on Evie
  168. Filter Players
  169. Matchmaking Needs to Be Improved
  170. Add spawn indicators please?
  171. Sha lin is just a worse cassie + kinessa fusion
  172. Block losers Kinessa/ShaLin to "play bots only"
  173. Restrict pick Kinessa+ShaLin
  174. Need advice on my evie gameplay!
  175. speedhack?
  176. I dont see a reason to play any other Attack Damage Carry than Cassie
  177. It's time I made another one of these...
  178. icon suggestion: buffs
  179. What about the headshoots?
  180. Undo button in shop
  181. Desertion suggestion!
  182. Maybe some options, hah?
  183. I need help (streaming and cheaters)
  184. Upcoming events?
  185. Someone please explain how is this possible.
  186. Premades in every single game
  187. Bunny hopping badness
  188. Can Russians please have their own server
  189. My Game auto updated today.
  190. Is this intended?
  191. Add support for new macbook pro
  192. The ban system
  193. Graphics & Visual Improvement
  194. New item in shop and melee weapon button
  195. Servers min level 10
  196. Horse protection skill
  197. New champion flank idea
  198. cheater
  199. How about a melee attack?
  200. Minimap Requested
  201. SEA sever
  202. map
  203. Hi why cant i skip the top play ?
  204. I am sick and tired of reporting!
  205. Audio / FPS Bug is still here
  206. OP skills
  207. guys first time making english commentaries
  208. Game unplayable
  209. 2 minute queues...
  210. Instalockers
  211. Bot items
  212. Hi-Rez, I beg you, do something about your matchmaking
  213. Change the requirement for classification games
  214. Low spec version for low end pc
  215. GG nobody play frontline anymore
  216. I will report any group, if...
  217. map music opening after champs pick
  218. Suggestions..
  219. Please restrict each class to 2 maximum.
  220. Take out duo or make a competitive scene only with solo Q
  221. The voice command is so last centry
  222. Help healers a bit
  223. Is split screen something u want?
  224. Game completely out of balance. 3-4 flanks can win easy vs all other setup
  225. Competitive
  226. We need 1v1 as a real Gamemode Hi-Rez
  227. Change Makoa cannon to blast damage with a small AoE
  228. What's wrong with AI?
  229. Ending kill streaks gives too much ult charge
  230. Option to turn off Text Chat in Paladins Champions of the Realm
  231. Perhaps ctf?
  232. Have a problem with competitive rating system
  233. Hitboxes are really big for some reason.
  234. groover
  235. I little change of cards mechanic
  236. A tank with 18 obj time! that's why this game needs a total rework on game modes
  237. (How about more realistic Gameplay?)
  238. Ivi cheater
  239. Disable fire in spawn
  240. V cmds spammers
  241. Game Design: How to make Paladins actually a thing.
  242. Give heroes character interactions with each other.
  243. Split screen wanted.
  244. How does Kinessa's teleporter even work?
  245. How about Voice chat and more playing instead of wating?
  246. Fix matchmaking
  247. How to make this a game worth playing!
  248. Until what level do wee have to fight bots when wee start a new account?
  249. Matchmaking analysis - about 30k matches analyzed
  250. Evie seems useless?