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  1. Please Bring Back Fernando Enforcer skin And God Of War want them badly please!
  2. Please region lock Russians and Asians to their own servers
  3. Dark tides
  4. Voice commands rebinding
  5. Still Waiting For A New Epic Skin For Terminus!
  6. Marauder's Port entrance problem
  7. How I would improve the Dark Tides event because idk I want to
  8. Please Put God Of War Fernando Skin In Deal Of The Day Special Offer!
  9. VERY IMPORTANT for the developers of Xbox paladins
  10. A suggestion for ranked matchmaking
  11. Heavier deserter penalties not reflected with change in attitude.
  12. Match Against Party
  13. Request: Assign custom crosshairs for individual champions
  14. New And Updated Items - Veteran Player Opinion
  15. I just got a 30 minute penalty because my game froze
  16. Console Aiming needs to be fixed
  17. About the ranked system and the MMR
  18. For the people who wants to know how the ranked system and matchmaking works !
  19. Consequences for not participating
  20. Need More Incentive to play frontline and support
  21. Item system rework
  22. Draft picks
  23. Please add map vote
  24. Qualification matches. What are they good for?
  25. Ranked season 2 frame
  26. 30 Mins Deserter is on a game that crashes more than it works is not okay.
  27. Too many bots in qualifying games
  28. Crystals for Skins (Directly)
  29. Stop nerfing and start reworking
  30. Please fix Andro's punch already!
  31. Please!
  32. Deck edit/Skin test in training mode
  33. Using ability before game start, during spawn countdown
  34. Low health sound notification
  35. No Bosses Dark Tide this week end?
  36. REVEAL is broken
  37. New level system
  38. Nerf scuttle on dredge pls
  39. Repair, pls, the Rating Matches balance!!!
  40. Just a quick Strix suggestion
  41. Gun Hit Detection Is Sickening
  42. racist player and insulting other players in the team
  43. About Pipa
  44. My Pre-1.8 Opinion
  45. the actual status about the game made by a sudamerican low elo
  46. Multikill timer too short. Would love to see more multikills
  47. I have to leave until they nerf Koga :(
  48. Option to single player queue for training mode
  49. New Skye weapon sounds
  50. Can we just remove Dredge. I literally just walk away from my PC any game he is in
  51. PTS update
  52. Initial Thoughts on the Test Maps
  53. 1.8 TTK Thoughts?
  54. Plz gibe more loadout slots
  55. just an idea
  56. DESERTER IS OUT OF PLACE, "Cant even train while deserted?"
  57. Accused for being a cheater/hacker/aimbot etc.
  58. FIX Paladins
  59. This regards Lex's fire rate and fire button
  60. Paladins PS4 - Enable M&K
  61. Art Direction
  62. bots
  63. REVEAL must be categorized AS Crowd Control
  64. An advanced friend and enemy system ?-? a new Voting-system ?-?
  65. Falling off the map
  66. Free For All game mode.
  67. Add Pass Theme and Skin SoundTrack
  68. Feedback from a new player
  69. Dodging = hours of Deserter, AFK = no punishment.
  70. 7612 Credits in match, gained 12 TP
  71. Any switch players?
  72. Add option to undo recent purchase in the item shop
  73. So , Why Grover isnt (temp) Removed from the game?
  74. Full moon viktor abyssal echo
  75. Press "SPACE" to spawn in TDM
  76. Minimum CC duration and cleanse
  77. Players Disconnecting.
  78. High Ping.
  79. Game Mode Idea's
  80. What's going on? Why the serious amount of lag in every match?
  81. Warning (xbox) lost of skins due delinked data
  82. Third battle pass soundtrack?
  83. Gamemodes
  84. dredge is broken in diamond elo
  85. reporting system
  86. Practice during deserter
  87. Suggestion - Great game/rematch button or system?
  88. Voice Chat
  89. New Map Rush is imbalanced
  90. Controller bindings
  91. Reveals in Paladins
  92. Dredge Balance Suggestion
  93. Customization idea
  94. Season Pass 2018 Questions..
  95. Remix chests useless.
  96. Re-enable ESC to exit chat
  97. unable to connect
  98. Good job Devs, Paladins is a fun game
  99. Test maps on console.
  100. pip healing potion
  101. Graphic Improvements
  102. Wouldn't it be cool if paladins did this?
  103. Paladins is a great game, buuuuuut......
  104. Want this in game and i think someone will love (pip glass off)
  105. Queued to login
  106. "I need healing"
  107. Some third person movements in "first person" should be optionally in full 1stperson
  108. Some champions need a buff
  109. More Options for Gyro Aim
  110. Blitz upper
  111. Lex's curses thingy
  112. 30 Minutes deserter time for DC in casual... crazy
  113. players but are bots
  114. I thought this game would be better than Overwatch... I was WAY wrong
  115. The volume of the Remix-skins (and Maeve Raeve) is too high
  116. When the other team has a tank and two healers
  117. Give the Payload an Outline
  118. introduce a kicking feature in the game
  119. Voice commands voiced by the champions themselves
  120. Ranked needs a serious reworked "it stresses everyone out"
  121. Furia Beam
  122. Honor Systeme
  123. End screen not right
  124. Few ideas about fixing matchmaking, getting rid of smurfs and learners
  125. Paladins Feedback - my feelings on Paladins at the moment :(
  126. Training mode proposal
  127. Pls add green circle visual as Grover in First-Person
  128. Golden Skye & Guild Skye
  129. Quality of life suggestion:
  130. What is the policy on people who use smurf accounts?
  131. Talent Removal Thread!
  132. Gift drops question
  133. Below Diamond Ranks Should not be Eligible to be in Champion Leaderboards.
  134. This is actually so bad its funny.
  135. Battle pass lvl up
  136. Hi-rez, fix your match making
  137. Crossplay
  138. Ranked
  139. Cargo
  140. Toxic people blocking
  141. Need mode - payload.
  142. Report Doesnt Work
  143. Game modes rotation suggestion
  144. Chat "trolling" is making a big rise lately, make DND work both ways.
  145. Kinessa overpowered
  146. Talus speed too much
  147. dredge spam and effects
  148. Need A Thicker Reticle Option
  149. New map in rotation?
  150. camera shake reduce
  151. Explain your mechanics better
  152. No Deserter
  153. Changing the XP Battle Pass to normal XP
  154. Cannot understand Ranked TP
  155. the overtime mechanic
  156. Drop Hack
  157. Console Ranked
  158. Every Casual game has BOT/TROLL - IS THAT FUN?
  159. Hirez and the worst queue sistem of all time
  160. New player, some feedback
  161. 2.01 Has got me really excited for the future
  162. Playing Moji can be depressing...
  163. Everybody is thinking that, thank you z1unknown
  164. Mixer Points
  165. androxus
  166. Ranked requirements
  167. Battle pass 3, kings combo, fernando's challange
  168. Spec mode? Are u alive??
  169. Reduce Nimble cost?
  170. Haven't played since Summer
  171. Another complaint
  172. About the paladins community
  173. Display Cauterize Percentage On Team Health Bar
  174. "Stay in team" Button
  175. SOOOooo are you guys expecting a new improved MM in Season 3 Rank :rolleyes:
  176. Efflorescence GROVER
  177. I want win a game
  178. When streamers talk for the community
  179. MOTD, Assault and Adventures
  180. the new bike mount feels like its broken
  181. Is every Ash player like this? or just some people
  182. Volume Control For Music Skins
  183. Hi-Rez tell us more about Mixer points
  184. Syberbolt's survey about a feedback of Paladins
  185. Paladins a big Suggestion to make.
  186. Unfair matchmaking
  187. Prices and effects in the item store (PTS 2.01)
  188. Training
  189. Competitive trolls, really
  190. Brazil server lag!!!!!
  191. 2.01 jenos up front healing BAD.
  192. Role assignment for rank
  193. please reduce the deserter time
  194. Lore Story Mode!
  195. Competive Chat.
  196. 2.01 and Future Feedback from a Very Experienced Player (not me) & my remarks
  197. Dimensional Link rework
  198. Paladins (Nintendo Switch): Player Voice Chat
  199. Loading Artwork Ideia
  200. Battlepass encore challenges
  201. Ideas for using gold
  202. MMR issue
  203. Avoid Player Function
  204. Don't remove Ying's "Lifelike" Talent
  205. Put back the item shop in game how it was
  206. After the first round, 4 of my team goes to AFK
  207. Can we rework Veteran?
  208. Combat medic talent suggestion
  209. Cauterize ruins game
  210. Percentage-based damage talents are bad for the game
  211. Massive Delay !!
  212. Suggestion (New ideas, New gameplay & 1 skin)
  213. i've played a dozen of ranked
  214. TP to 90 instead of 70 on derank
  215. Encore Route is way too grindy.
  216. LATAM in NA
  217. i'm out
  218. Matchmaking, Bots, Deserters, Cake.
  219. Moji support Ideas
  220. Inconsistent behavior of reset loadout cards (and ammo cards)
  221. About afk ?
  222. Psssible hack?
  223. Two cheaters
  224. 4:3 bless rng
  225. I have to hear the remix song Everytime some has remix skin?
  226. Example of Maeve vfx trail hitbox
  227. PS4 need an internal chat (And a real report system)
  228. Return Rate of New Players Hurt by Talent EXP Walls & Loadouts Being a Side System
  229. PS4 Ridiculousness
  230. Why can't we see players rankes anymore?
  231. Item system rework 2
  232. deserter for not joining
  233. Teleportation bugs in Paladins
  234. Where are we at with bots?
  235. Possible drop hacker caught
  236. Paladins 2.0 patch is the biggest trash
  237. No season 2 rewards?
  238. Are they trying to make Khan invincible or something??
  239. No more shooting range?
  240. Latest patch problems
  241. New Patch really has some issues
  242. Casual is a mess
  243. Other than her ult, Imani feels underwhelming
  244. Unlimited immortal imani dragon bug found
  245. Why is Vivian's ult still not on a timer?
  246. Honest after patch review
  247. Questions about ranking bonuses
  248. Does Hi-Rez think everyone is a pro?
  249. Must Do This Like All Games!
  250. ban 30 days for getting afk is fair?