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  1. matchmaking still sucks
  2. Do talents need unlocking or not?
  3. Siege of Ascension Peak mode needs more fun
  4. Free skin
  5. Comp
  6. Skye on the Magistrate's team ruins all fun
  7. BE MORE ORIGINAL =='' this patch seems like a copy paste
  8. Nerfing champions that don't need nerf, ignoring those who do
  9. New customization. How can I change spray?
  10. Cosmetic locks a BAD idea?
  11. Hirez
  12. Urgent : I need understanding
  13. How do I mute someone?
  14. If someone doesn't accept practice queue, replace him with a bot.
  15. Jenos defending his mountain
  16. PETITION to increase requirement for comp
  17. What's the point of playing ranked matches nowadays?
  18. Getting one of the new meme emotes...
  19. Siege of acension peak loot
  20. Cutscene MVP Poses
  21. People in party
  22. Bring back the old androxus from 0B52, remove the semi automatic.
  23. Some REALY helpful Ideas
  24. Did not receive skin
  25. Unfair Voice Packs Price
  26. Trolls solution
  27. Paladins vs Magistrate?
  28. Teams
  29. Cheats and giggles
  30. Tutorial.
  31. Jenos soul eater voice pack
  32. Why I have to play onslaugh?
  33. Zhin's ability lockout time
  34. My Feedback
  35. About border/loading frame
  36. Customizing Clothings
  37. Mal Damba chancellor ult
  38. New mode is completely unbalanced
  39. Custom skin, chest gold buy
  40. A request from all Cassie mains.
  41. Ranked is a joke
  42. Voicepack price MUST be in gold.
  43. Crystal quest replacement
  44. So I tried this game...
  45. Cauterize makes the game unplayable.
  46. In regards to the roaming emotes
  47. Ahm, no skipping divisions?
  48. Competitive soft reset?
  49. New gamemode is messed up!
  50. Competitive Matchmaking? More like random 10 people in a game.
  51. Siege Engine
  52. Drop Hack in casual games on the Latin server
  53. Gameplay and More!
  54. Movement skill classification
  55. POTG tweak?
  56. PLEASE bring back full Voicepack Customization!
  57. Would be nice to have a mode just to test things on certain maps
  58. Ascension Peak in comp
  59. Ranked Requirements
  60. Wtf is wrong with chests?
  61. God Mode available?
  62. Comp Play - Possible solutions for trolls, smurfs and ignorance.
  63. Why Aim Assist Needs To Be A Thing For Controller Players on PC
  64. weird lagging issue when using evie
  65. Ideas for developers!
  66. Give us a mailbox feature that let us know if your report was successful/unsuccessful
  67. Idea to reduce Toxicity
  68. THANK YOU HI REZ (w/ criticism)
  69. Idea for a better competitive matchmaker: champion specific SR ratings
  70. 21 min queue... Still waiting...
  71. so what about hackers?
  72. OB68 Issues (Including siege game mode)
  73. Maybe buff (hitscan damagers)?
  74. Reveal and resilience
  75. mastery MVP, emotes, pose, skins maybe bug idk
  76. Those nice new tf2 wannabe walking dances
  77. love the game
  78. Request of Extension of ASCENSION PEAK BUNDLE PACK to OB70?
  79. Season 2 placement question
  80. Voice Packs Should Be VIP
  81. Hi-rez, please!
  82. Free Name Change
  83. Cauterize. Is it working yet?
  84. Paladins PTS suggestion
  85. All characters should have footstep/movement sounds
  86. Team Matching
  87. Sprays interfere in the game optimization?
  88. "best in class" system error for flank
  89. Question for the community
  90. sha lin right click - still bugged (just remake it)
  91. Cusomization
  92. the new emotes
  93. Please Hi-Rez
  94. Skins?
  95. Champions with aimbot, why exist?
  96. Accuracy or hit boxes?
  97. beta paladins battle royal help
  98. 1 on 1
  99. Unbalanced Games
  100. FIX the disconected players at the start
  101. Gold = Garbage for old players?
  102. Making custom matches more customizable
  103. Why did you make timber mill WORSE?
  104. Overgrown weapon chest
  105. Fix game's matchmaking already
  106. PVE or boss dungeons
  107. currency converter system
  108. Capture the flag
  109. Ascension peak
  110. Champion's Epic Skin Voice Pack
  111. Jade preistess to revealing
  112. anyone else get glimpse of their character after top play.
  113. [Realm Royale] Gameplay Suggestion - Character Races
  114. Small tweak suggestion on the Cool Down visual
  115. List of things that could be less friendly.
  116. Requested Seperation Deathmatch and Onslaught Game Modes
  117. Character customization is horrible now!!!
  118. Where is my Zhin's Warlord skin?
  119. make voice packs buy able with GOLD
  120. Accelerant Audio Problem
  121. Healthbar Customization.
  122. Have some VGS Commands display a world icon for the team
  123. Siege of Ascension Peak
  124. Balance Patch is highly needed { for sake of anything }
  125. SEA Server Ping
  126. A possible change for Khan's cards
  127. vote for ban
  128. custom voice pack
  129. Hero interactions
  130. Rewards and stuff you gain
  131. 20-30 minute queue times!!?? Let us queue for more than one game mode!!!
  132. dont have my custom voice packs for my skins
  133. Modo espectador nos consoles
  134. Beware of the New kind of trolling in competitive !
  135. suggestion on talents for credits
  136. This is what is wrong with Ranked
  137. What happened to ranked?
  138. So, how am I supposed to prepare for ranked now exactly?
  139. The item Deft Hands
  140. I gave Paladins a shot
  141. Deserter in purpose
  142. I want to play ranked with my lower ranked friends
  143. Mr. MoneyBags
  144. El juego es bueno pero.......
  145. Basically my suggestions
  146. Voice Pack Selection
  147. LEX on jaguar falls
  148. Quality of life suggestion about card's with internal cooldowns
  149. No More Champion Specific Spray's
  150. Matchmaking complete fail
  151. Matchmaking should be based on players league!
  152. QoL change suggestion - Save different reticle for each champ
  153. Competitive Ranking System
  154. Ultimate Cards
  155. Returning of frames,showing rank.
  156. Lock characters in comp until player reaches a certain character level
  157. Item Buy Loadout
  158. Bring back Payload mode, please.
  159. Khan : buffs or nerfs ?
  160. Make Happy Hirez and player- Skins Tread
  161. Putting on a skin and looking how it looks with an emote
  162. Suggestions hero new
  163. VIP Weekend or OB69
  164. Unreal Engine 4
  165. Omg, I love you Hi-Rez!
  166. Competitive Ranked Suggestion
  167. Khan Nitpicks
  168. Feedback Regarding Voice Pack System
  169. Minor customization problems
  170. Make a offline version of the games, maybe a campaign.
  171. Double Banning Roll Back Request
  172. Comptititive Games
  173. Revise Competetive Ranking System
  174. I think the Loot Chest system is horrible
  175. Fix ranked queue
  176. Ascention Peak mode is unplayable
  177. Bots in TDM is a mistake.
  178. Death game
  179. Leaving the game during or after battle.
  180. suggestions for gameplay
  181. Pip's Giftgiver card
  182. Cauterize coloring on personal health bar?
  183. excessive queue times
  184. My take on the loot chest system
  185. Upcoming Game Modes
  186. When Cauterize is so broken...
  187. Annoyed by some parts of the update
  188. Make synergised champions.
  189. Ash's shoulder bash knock back rework
  190. Suggestion - A healer with telescopic sight
  191. More information on the team UI (cauterize)
  192. Competitive trolls and toxic ...
  193. So Founders pack players don't get the voices?
  194. Can we get a blacklist for ranked?
  195. Compounding sanctions for leavers
  196. Aimbotters
  197. [PS4] Cut VGS and report players
  198. Placement matches result vs. last season result
  199. Bad matchmaking spoils the game
  200. Game using too much something I think is RAM that will occur the PC to restart!
  201. Difficult things certain champions and players deal with.
  202. Match Maker on season 2
  203. Reversal is Not a Reliable Counter Move
  204. Patch OB70+ Balancing Proposal
  205. Stealth Champs and Illuminate
  206. Khan Excessive Force
  207. Androxus defiance
  208. In ranked games losing team must be compensated on the expense of bot player
  209. Delete Deft Hands.
  210. unknown quest
  211. Match Making on Console
  212. Players Not Selecting Character (Onslaught)
  213. New mode is wasting space.
  214. Please Hi-Rez..listen.. (not a rant)
  215. Ps4 urgent optimization
  216. Performance
  217. Yings FLowers
  218. Give a way for everyone to main is favourite role
  219. Show the rank on competitive matches
  220. I want a refund (a ingame refund for this.)
  221. Ying teleportation bug?
  222. Capture the flag
  223. Voice-pack selecting
  224. The decline of my favourite videogame
  225. [Suggestion] Improve Khan voice
  226. Disable/Skip Top Plays.
  227. Will we lose our VIP ranks in OB70?
  228. Auto Purchase Items
  229. Mega Potion Talent
  230. Demarcate the healing area of Grover Blossom
  231. Some cooldowns must be higher or abilities need delay
  232. Disrespect with Brazilian players (several cards with wrong values)
  233. how i can buy realm royale key ?
  234. Removing map details is not the way to Optimization
  235. If most of weapon is powered by crystal
  236. Common logic plz
  237. More game modes - An Arcade menu
  238. In the competitive we can know the enemy characters, why not in Casual?
  239. Indicate the presence of a Bot
  240. A positive feedback - New look from Viktor
  241. I think Inara needs bit of rework
  242. Founder's Pack Issue
  243. Training room resilience test.
  244. Ideas for changing Viktor's look again.
  245. Let us see a dot or our crosshair in the center while reloading
  246. Should Jenos' "Orb" change to match his weapon?
  247. Unbalanced ranked matchmaking
  248. Competitive Requirements/Matchmaking
  249. One for all
  250. PvE