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  1. Things missing when using a controller
  2. Skill during the game
  3. They allowed parties in Competitive? Gross.
  4. Viktor
  5. Just a little thing
  6. My First Experiences
  7. Please give Andro a shotgun.
  8. Nerf Drogoz fly and dmg
  9. So.. When Hi-Res is going to make the in-game report ACTUALY WORK?
  10. Make all flying addition damage +20%
  11. CO-OP Survival Mode?
  12. Less Respawn Time
  13. PvE stops giving exp after lv. 13?
  14. Team Death match/Capture the flag
  15. Rewards for competitive
  16. Farmed By Enemy Team, Couldn't Finish Match
  17. Detail character difficulty
  18. EU server lag?
  19. Time to pick team is ridiculous.
  20. Just few changes to the game
  21. TOO much time for accepting the game
  22. Bug or abusing gamefeature or intended ??
  23. Siege point - Defender on success should give point after it reach 3
  24. Collision and some heroes capabilities to reach high places
  25. Mal'damba nerf
  26. About turkish translate
  27. Shooting Around Corners?
  28. Colorblind Mode
  29. deleting projectiles and deployables on death is infuriating.
  30. Please give a report option of 'intentionally trolling'
  31. Limit number of heroes per class selected.
  32. When does aimbot hackers will be banned ????????
  33. Get rid of match ready screen.
  34. Matchmaking still broken
  35. Low health feedback
  36. Auto-item window
  37. Before/After game communication
  38. Training -Shooting Range
  39. Weapon Feedback
  40. Melee Champion
  41. Bad players ruining the game, we need a player rank match system.
  42. Giving every champion a passive
  43. This game needs voice chat
  44. The mount use in the beginning of the game.
  45. Bad Lag Tolerance
  46. The BEST matchmaking ive ever seen.
  47. [Experience Point System Suggestion] Match Time
  48. Cards need rework.
  49. Should add rewards for completing quests
  50. What about footsteps?
  51. Spectator mode
  52. Help or i will unistall
  53. We need a Melee Based champion
  54. Winning conditions on casual games
  55. Cassie, An UNDERRATED Paladin
  56. Ying ult/e tool tip
  57. Dying after round ended breaks killstreak
  58. gameplay
  59. Game quit during a match, a lot.
  60. Allow us to change loadout in match
  61. I miss the survival game mode!
  62. The Horse You Start With ** REMOUNT AT SPAWN **
  63. Add Damage Taken To The Statistics At The End Of Game
  64. a new champ
  65. Ying's ultimate is DULL and BORING
  66. compettive
  67. update maps
  68. make the shop better
  69. Pip: Bonus damage on enemies affected by Explosive Flask?
  70. I have some ideas for Paladins :D
  71. Ideas to improve Paladins :3
  72. All heroes have the same default announcer voice
  73. General impression, Bomb King and Cassie
  74. Max party for competitive is 2 people.. Really? Why
  75. hitboxes
  76. Fix deserter delay!
  77. Will the devs actually ban cheaters or..
  78. Developer Insight
  79. About Ying's Dimensional Link ability
  80. Drogoz modifying
  81. Just a Question about CASSIE...
  82. :confused: Lag, is it just me?
  83. deserter timers punishing players for bugged lobby entry
  84. Im disconnected from game during champ select now i have an hour long deserter.......
  85. Disconnecting During Join Game Queue/Game Lobby
  86. Ying close Beta Vs Ying open Beta (Opinion)
  87. Remove the banned players from leaderbord
  88. Reconnect!!!
  89. ultimate of characters(especial power)
  90. Random Champion Button whie startin with 600 credits
  91. Gameplay Feedback
  92. Few things that bother me. Timeout, Pip, Shooting range, LORE?? etc
  93. Support class must see everytime their teammates healt!
  94. Gameplay Suggestion: "Change Deck" option in store during match
  95. [FR] Attaque de mĂȘler !! (punch body to body)
  96. PLEASE third person view for all champions.
  97. Crosshair Settings
  98. [Event] I've hit my target!!! Which means TWO winners will be selected instead of one
  99. Importing Leaderboard Loadouts BUG! Only shows first loadout T_T
  100. anyone else lagging horribly in battle?
  101. Notifications for Low-Health Teammates?
  102. Competitive is Locked?
  103. improvements
  104. cant join match
  105. The game is fun but
  106. Jump aim?
  107. Loadout Swapping
  108. Reporting a cancer player
  109. Champion Select/Deserter
  110. A list of few things this game could use
  111. [+] Avatar in Game
  112. Customizable or single key quick-chat
  113. The Game Match is too fast
  114. This game NEEDS this
  115. Kinessa needs a rework
  116. New Suggestions !
  117. Makoa VGS is way too quiet
  118. We need more time in Champion Select (for casual queue at least).
  119. About Brazilian internet and players / Sobre a internet Brasileira e seus jogadores.
  120. What is wrong with the rating system in this game?
  121. I've been playing Paladins for two weeks
  122. post lock in changes in comp
  123. Thanks for creating Groover, HiRez
  124. Cursed Items - Expanding the Shop.
  125. Bug ??
  126. HiRez, please revert Siege back to the old 9-point system!
  127. Seeing MMR at end of a Match
  128. Just played my first competitive game and.. here are my thoughts.
  129. Dying Before Match Start Fix - Suggestion
  130. Colorblind Mode.
  131. More mobility or returning mounts
  132. Radio Message Improvement
  133. Players not playing the objective
  134. Is There SOmething Wrong With The Server???
  135. Competitive Match Points
  136. we need rewards for tournoments
  137. Getting Into Ranked
  138. Feel like the only one who uses the in-game chat?
  139. 5 men party Rank
  140. I'd like to see team mates' health bars in my HUD
  141. So Many Exploits
  142. About Bomb King and Frog Isles
  143. terrible hit box
  144. We need something like over-watch in CS:GO
  145. Matchmaking discussion (how to improve it)
  146. just the things that can make the game better
  147. Oh wtf !
  148. Please fix matchmaking
  149. 30 minutes timeout for abandoning bad team pick? GREAT BUSINESS MODEL
  150. My match closed to home screen and I could return to the game
  151. Skye Reduced Damage
  152. Need Voice Chat Please
  153. Competitive Rating
  154. Will Paladins Get a Graphic/Art (Maps) Overhaul Soon?
  155. PLEASE Hi-Rez STOP ADVERTISING Viktor and other easy champions to the newbies.
  156. An In-Depth look into Game Balance
  157. Replacing Aggression (Damage Boost) with Quick Trigger (Fire Rate)
  158. Is there even any sort of effort put into solo queue matchmaking.
  159. New Tank Champion Idea
  160. Character Role Names Need To Be Changed
  161. Allowing Duplicate Champions in Competitive
  162. Remove Party Leader system
  163. How do the ranks work?
  164. Ruckus needs more skins
  165. Per-champion rankings are bad for the game
  166. Map select (Or view before choosing character.)
  167. Skye should get a loki skin
  168. Cut Down Timer For Certain Things
  169. SNIPER with limited range??
  170. Hacks [AIMBOTS]
  171. My Biggest Grievance Right Now
  172. Champions and Maps
  173. FPS Drop !
  174. WTF with Deserter time ?!?!
  175. this game is gonna become overwatch
  176. Uhmmm... What are the ranked rewards?
  177. Local Machine Bot Game Please!
  178. Competitive Match Ranking & Hacking
  179. Major issues with Ying's Dimensional Link
  180. Game Problems (subjective opinion)
  181. Competitive Requirements
  182. Casual queue
  183. 30 second counter between matches, why it can be a useful tool!
  184. Makoa - cheating with hook or not?
  185. Suggestions in game and in queue
  186. New Shooting range with bot options
  187. List of Concerns and Things/Problems I've noticed + Random Suggestions
  188. Why i totally dont like the new ob36 patch
  189. 6v6 or 8v8
  190. Do you think Cassie skins are overpriced?
  191. Waiting time before new round
  192. Suggestion
  193. tank/heal dynamic
  194. Damage square too large
  195. Why does the game do not suport 3+ party?
  196. Please, help us Hi-Rez!
  197. My opinion and my advices
  198. Cheaters? pffft nah, we don't care.
  199. Speech Alerts on Bomb King
  200. We need clear visual indicator for teammates using ultimate.
  201. Item Store
  202. Improving teamwork
  203. Surround sound 7.1
  204. Allow us to invite up to 5 players in Competitive.
  205. How is Best in Class calculated?
  206. [IDEA][DEVS] end game screen
  207. Huge drop in FPS during gameplay causing severe lagging and audio issues
  208. Can't skip end-of-game screens
  209. When you're too uncreative to invent new features - then please copy them better
  210. Loot Chests
  211. Fix assymetrical scoring already
  212. Remove play of the game.
  213. Bout best of the game thing..
  214. Sell Items/Card on match.
  215. So winstreak bonuses exist?
  216. Cauterize to 33% , Blast shield to 12%
  217. Competitive system
  218. Hitdetection
  219. You call this fix match making?
  220. Damage dealt counter
  221. [SUGGESTION] Make Paladins more RPG-esq?
  222. Changes Coming to Founder's Pack
  223. [SUGGESTION] Casual Hero Queuing
  224. How tf does Viktor's ult work?
  225. Casual
  226. Are you even playing your own game?
  227. Being attacked + sound
  228. Best In Class; doesn't apply to payload.
  229. Dying after round ends
  230. Competitive Match Changes
  231. Win 3 rounds, lose 1 = you lose
  232. Object Collision
  233. Buying Chest with Gold
  234. One Of The Best FPS Ive Ever Played
  235. Pre-game Champion/Weapon modifications
  236. Haven vs Blast Shield
  237. Pips will (almost) never win Best Support
  238. How is my last post a rant?
  239. Top play complaint
  240. Character Rank stuck
  241. Auto Aiming
  242. Reversal still bugged after 10000 updates
  243. Anyone else having problems with deserter debuff?
  244. Character Matchups
  245. Play of the Game, Not really needed
  246. Possible Skin Ideas
  247. Ranked is still extremely problematic
  248. OB36 feedback
  249. Friend Message System
  250. PoTg suggestions