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  1. Can't we buy Gold chests with VIP points?
  2. Low TTK problem ? Here's a really quick solution !
  3. Trolls in ranked match
  4. i seem to have no place to feel home??
  5. Androxus Weapon Screenshake
  6. HRX Pack 2018 feedback
  7. Dear Game Developers
  8. "I cannot die" - Funny Situation
  9. Lex or Andro?
  10. Can you guys Make Vivian's gun less louder?
  11. CC applies to party members
  12. I hate Fernando's new portrait.
  13. Free A.I. Shooting Range on Main Game Maps
  14. More melee Champions?
  15. champions ults are a little underpowered
  16. Player Blocking System?
  17. I think we need this in the game (Reticle)
  18. Things that grind my gear
  19. How do you save your forum account i keep losing it
  20. New Pach dudes.
  21. I came here to say that the overtime is the most ridiculous thing I have seen
  22. What new currencies/skins/chests/non-bug-fixings are you most looking forward 2??
  23. Evie "Wormhole" Indicator - and others
  24. Who designed Vivian and Skye?
  25. A couple questions about everything
  26. New gamemode idea: Quick play
  27. Hirez get rid of the essence you have enough potential gold sink
  28. Competitive Draft System
  29. Androxus New Defiance Idea
  30. Game Match Up..
  31. Bots ingame ?
  32. MM question collection
  33. Ranked improvement megathread
  34. Some Terminus' Power Siphon numbers and why It Waits card DOESN'T WORK
  35. quests and composition
  36. Nerfinus
  37. Not re-doing all reload animation if we interrupt it
  38. can we have a gift system
  39. Casual match improvements
  40. Getting disconnected and coming back to find the bot bought useless items
  41. State of the game
  42. crosshairs again
  43. Don't remove Mal'Dambas crosshair when reloading
  44. Please ban players on comp games for trolling.
  45. Dissapointed with Paladins Staff
  46. Drophacking during the draft
  47. 3000 essence missing and CRASHS and notloading
  48. Custom voicelines for champions with team legendary cards?
  49. Some problems with champions sound!!!
  50. The formula behind all (most) flankers is inherently flawed.
  51. Long Wait Times
  52. Quality Before Quantity
  53. Drogoz teleport, is this normal?
  54. is ranked match making returned to the bad days again?
  55. 3 & 6 tp for winning??
  56. Played a match where none of my teammates used an ultimate
  57. Payload needs overtime
  58. Summing up all big Problems of competitive?
  59. Try to understand the "elo" system. -playing with friends-
  60. Fun Factor
  61. Ranked requirements and pick rules
  62. I love this game but some champs are straight up insane
  63. Borderless in ranked matches.
  64. An option to quit the match
  65. Losing points in a ranked match with a bot
  66. Spawn camping and nonsense
  67. Idee für ein angenehmeres Spiel Erlebnis
  68. Zhin - cancel skills by pressing skill button again
  69. Bordering on epidemic.
  70. Konsollar için Türkçe Kullanıcı Arayüzü / İstemci
  71. 2 cards that are explicitly bad to your character (old "balance" reside)?
  72. quests problem
  73. How do directional defenses work against AOE attacks?
  74. Congrats hi rez
  75. Tips in how to get out of bronze (FIX) my mistakes.
  76. 3rd PERSON RANKED.
  77. Fix the matchmaking!!!!!
  78. Please fix the matchmaking.
  79. Any Idea to make casual more fun
  80. Scope Sensitivity Bug and Idea
  81. Whats going on in my TPs?
  82. About the new card system...
  83. The New Card System and Proposed Changes
  84. Levels for legendaries, are you kidding me ?
  85. How to improve cards unbound
  86. My experience on the PTS
  87. The new system
  88. How to get better ping on SEA ?
  89. Lets ban the new card system!!
  90. The new card system is utterly terrible
  91. The new card system.
  92. Dear devs of paladins, an idea about the new system.
  93. Cards unbound.
  94. ob 64 loadout system cancer
  95. OB64 Card system, doing my part
  96. I have a suggestion to change the loadout system
  97. An Open Letter to Hi-Rez Concerning Cards
  98. (OB 64 cards) Are multiple duplicates for upgrading new cards necessary?
  99. Cards Unbound system.
  100. A calculation concerning costs for cards unbound
  101. Yet another idiocy concerning cards unbound
  102. New Card System - Grind too high
  103. % Damage. How exactly does it work?
  104. List of Problems with Cards Unbound
  105. I'm astounded, Hi-Rez.
  106. Hi-rez really???
  107. U have no words Hi-Rez... What Hirez should do
  108. I have no words Hi-Rez... What Hirez should do
  109. New card system is suck
  110. Game is becoming a cheat party
  111. i hate that the strategy / customization element of the loadouts will be gone!
  112. Please do something to Divine Seris's VEW
  113. What will actually happen from now on.
  114. No motivation to play without dailys
  115. What's happening Hi-Rez?
  116. I don't think the VIP system is fair
  117. Ob 64 feedback
  118. Hi-Rez and the RNG Wall (since ob63)
  119. List of all lvl 5 legendary cards in OB64 [136 cards]
  120. Pts problems
  121. New Card System
  122. not being able to test loadouts and other things in ob64
  123. If you're wondering why your users have decreased drastically suddenly, the reason is
  124. New card system
  125. Patch 64 Problem that seems to being forgotten with all the others
  126. Fix for grind on the new card system
  127. My Feedback about OB64 PTS
  128. I have an Idea to fix the new card system
  129. Legendary cards should not have a level.
  130. OB64 - Constructive Feedback & SUGGESTION/IDEA TO FIX EVERYTHING + POLL
  131. misunderstanding enter to join to the match
  132. Feedback about suggested changes, what have you been drinking
  133. OB64?...Time to reinstall COD Advanced warfare XD
  134. Currency Overhaul
  135. Opinion of a very disappointed consumer
  136. What about this crazy random ludopathy sh1t!!??
  137. Comp queue?
  138. Yeah the patch is bad and all....
  139. Casual Mode with lvl 3 cards to test new load outs and practice for Competitive
  140. Don't introduce Cards Unbound System
  141. Reasons why players don't feel "progress" anymore in this game and OB64
  142. Esse sistema de cartas novo so vai afundar este game
  143. This new card system will only sink the game
  144. Questions on Mastery in OB64.
  145. I need answers.
  146. Erorr de misiones para todos
  147. Ice Maps
  148. Nerf!
  149. The older casual player and game profits for the company
  150. Reward lendary cards
  151. Pip's ult heals other people.why?
  152. overtime...
  153. New Legendary Cards
  154. Does Hirez allow things like this?
  155. Just signed up to say this (OB64)
  156. Feedback from a Traditional Game Designer on the state of Paladins
  157. I'm not a math expert, but I made a little calculation...
  158. Ob 64
  159. How to safely mix the old with the new card system
  160. Adding an animation to cards prgression does not make it better
  161. Sorry but New Card Sytem is HURRIBLE
  162. OB64 PTS Update 3 Feedback
  163. What do you think of the TTK on live?
  164. Did not get level 3 cards for ones I owned already
  165. Card System - Yes, Another (Considering Changes)
  166. Paladins becoming the new EA.
  167. Pay to win
  168. Problems with eliminating the "Casual" queue
  169. Your opinion about the NEW LEGENDARIES
  170. Competitive experience in 1m or less
  171. Opening chests after 3rd pts update
  172. Which part of the new card system do you dislike the most (if any)?
  173. Why the new card system will cause huge imbalances
  174. stealth bug visibility
  175. Patch OB64 Salvation - New Game MODE ‘Cards Unbound’
  176. Please, Hi-Rez.. listen to your people!
  177. Idea for a new loadout system
  178. Grokh Totem is broken (XB1)
  179. Konsollar için Türkçe İstemci
  180. Requesting an unranked competitive mode
  181. Card Requirements for Level Up - Chart Comparison
  182. The nightmare OB 64 and my attempt to come to terms with all this, Give your Feedback
  183. For those who have been playing for a long while, what's your fav OB patch?
  184. new custom loadout idea
  185. Positive thoughts on OB64
  186. Bomb Kings new Legendary @ Level 5 with video (and also Burn Monster! feedback)
  187. My OB64 PTS Feedback
  188. New ideas for ob65
  189. I'm ok with the card dup grind as long as i can have a 25 point load out.
  190. Nerf vivian
  191. My PTS feedback (sunk cost fallacy)
  192. Paladins going forward
  193. Don't Break Something that wasn't broken in the first place (new economy proposal)
  194. Getting Decimal Points for Sensitivity
  195. Compromise Proposal (Gameplay vs. Cosmetics)
  196. Sincere and sad Feedback about the game over time until now.
  197. Clarification - We LOVE This Game
  198. Future of the game
  199. Why the card system is good!
  200. More passive skills
  201. For how long you gonna keep this nightmare!!!!
  202. Fix for Excess Gold which Drives Crystal Sales
  203. Wanna hear a joke?
  204. Why aren't we given the level 5 of each card we own?
  205. match making
  206. So... If anyone thinks that OB 64 is a good idea i have some stuff for you
  207. Fernado's "unstoppable force card"
  208. paladins, the worst ranking systeam in the world
  209. This dude aimbots like crazy
  210. hi-rez pls see this video
  211. New card system shouldn't apply to legendaries
  212. New loadout system isn't very good
  213. Quests NOT Displaying
  214. Emote at victory
  215. A few possible changes?
  216. No one likes to play totally unfair matches
  217. How to make cards unbound more fair (imo)
  218. Revising Cards Unbound
  219. Hirez, a community does not want this update.
  220. My ideas for Cards Unbound.
  221. Weapon camera Androxus
  222. Changes i think the new card system need
  223. The new card system isn't so great...
  224. The importance of Cards Unbound and conspiracy theories.
  225. Idea for system of letters and ranked
  226. Ob 64 Cards craft/currency idea to make everyone happy
  227. Cheaters!
  228. All new legendary card are OP except Androxus!!!
  229. well the game is broken
  230. What is happening with the Cards Unbound and why is a BIG NOOOOOO!!!!
  231. How to make new system card fair.
  232. Training Exp
  233. I think you should make the cards buyable with gold.
  234. Ability to Leave Game after Finished
  235. Quest?
  236. fix the matchmaking in quick play
  237. Devil's Advocate: Cards Unbound is.....good?
  238. How to fix ob64 in my opinion
  239. OB 64 is better. Only tweaks needed.
  240. Please Read this message about Paladins now
  241. The solution to QuickPlay!
  242. HiReZ: What are you hearing from the community?
  243. OB64 In my honest opinion
  244. OB64 Feedback: Game Design
  245. Get more XP by staying on your horse?
  246. Is it not possible to release a hotfix for the quests?
  247. haw rank card will be useful
  248. Let there be a total Single player experience!
  249. Cards Unbound Petition
  250. New epic game annunciators