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  1. Zhin counter vs barik turrent = imortal
  2. Competative match making algorithm
  3. Solutions for detecting drophackers
  4. Game crash
  5. Maeve,Sha lin and Barik made fps drop.Need optimization.
  6. Damage indication
  7. Buff's Talus should have
  8. Ranked system 2.0
  9. Remove Skin Bundle
  10. New Patch, new stupid things
  11. Come back system
  12. Rank game champion level
  13. Why there are no sub-categories of each class yet?
  14. Enemy/Teammate voicelines for ultimates
  15. restore minimum level requirement
  16. brazil server is burning, give him a restart
  17. Gameplay Feedback: I want to play your stupid game.
  18. Xbox one bugs
  19. there is a difference between rework often and too often. Let's see some examples
  20. Champions Ability Change
  21. tips for ying
  22. balance of matchmaking ?
  23. So how about this as an idea
  24. Ranked "balance"
  25. Mobility for who? Maeve of course.
  26. VIP PPL Pick Points
  27. Remove Auto Purchase Mid-Game
  28. Im tired of Ranked
  29. Alternating Current is modified but still useless. (OB60)
  30. Surrend function
  31. Androxus suggestion
  32. Player harassment
  33. Some Suggestions and comments
  34. What happened to chat?
  35. the solution to avoid broken characters updates is so simple.
  36. Ranked points calculator
  37. Items / Card choice at the beginning
  38. Matchmaking isn't good at all
  39. European PC-Server
  40. Please change lex asap!!
  41. The Tutorial...
  42. Bring back mobility to flankers.
  43. Androxus new op champ
  44. more accolades
  45. Players without full roster should not get first pick
  46. Punishing AFK is a MUST
  47. matchmaking in partys
  48. Mute new notifications sound
  49. Competitive is horrible
  50. Party matchmaking is getting ridiculous.
  51. problem
  52. Add a block button
  53. Jump inaccuracy on snipers
  54. How do you aim with androx?
  55. a sided game
  56. Italian language?
  57. When will Grohk be reworked?
  58. Jenos targeting
  59. Make a way to ban players (from being matched up with you)
  60. Random Weird Bug
  61. Console needs a report system
  62. Match Making
  63. Fix sfx on new evie skin
  64. Let us choose our default unlocked legendary ourselfs
  65. Evie Immune to cripple?
  66. Did andro really need a punch?
  67. Change Reversal Animation
  68. Cheaters
  69. Some consideration i think would improve the experience
  70. evie's ice block
  71. Why when we have a SERIOUS problem with MATChMAKING, you trow all to a single thread
  72. Better items shop idea
  73. It's really good it's free/ainda bem que e gratuito
  74. A Buff for Tyra
  75. Can we please get back the sorted character selection grid?
  76. Character design
  77. Ying, shatter, and her lack of range
  78. Remove the "Join Game" Screen
  79. BALANCE HEROES, u guys really need to balance heroes, A LOT
  80. Low level talus ruining platinum games
  81. What the absolute F*** is this, Hi-Rez.
  82. Deserter Penalty Tweak
  83. Crazy Game Mode Idea: Random Queue
  84. Barik's Ultimate
  85. SEA Server - Big Big Problem
  86. Onslaught - better "overtime" mechanic
  87. Party MUST be not Allowed-
  88. Unavailable Chest
  89. Please rethink competitive champion selection
  90. New Game Mode: Gun Game
  91. Skye Removal
  92. Custom Game Creation Overhaul
  93. Competitve
  94. Point system in matchmaking
  95. Disable decay while competitive is down
  96. Recommendation system
  97. Competitive game cancelled - TP loss????
  98. Bots are still buying wrong items
  99. Champion Selection "Are You Sure?"
  100. Silver league(SEA)
  101. Too many trolls in Competitive
  102. Bug or feature?
  103. aiming reticle suggestions
  104. Ranked system is disapointing
  105. My experience with Paladins
  106. Time to kill getting lower and lower
  107. Let us open chests that we own that are out of rotation
  108. Your ranked determination sucks
  109. Matching makes playing impossible
  110. Are sniper type characters not super useful in this game?
  111. Introducing custom crosshairs
  112. Can we have a option to play a strict SOLO matchmaking?
  113. Request
  114. Ur matchmaking is the worth!
  115. request time to chat Onslaught
  116. A couple of basics consideration that would improve the experience alot.
  117. Make Ranked Placements Static
  118. We wanna know the range of the abilities by reading the description of the ability
  119. I want a refund
  120. I've solo qing alot
  121. Nerf skye's ultimate.
  122. Cut the crap, stop the toxic bullsh*t
  123. Make ultimate Instant.
  124. How to buy crystal codes?
  125. getting more crystals
  126. Skins hidden behind quests
  127. (Test maps) Glitch: Spray Does not display correctly
  128. About the new "Wrecker"
  129. Drophack
  130. Rant!!!
  131. My personal experience
  132. Solving the Casual Queue Problem
  133. Does this look like "Fair and balanced" to you, Hi Rez?
  134. I'll start this off: NO to 3rd person! OB61
  135. Is wall springing still a thing?
  136. Turning wrecker into aggression, LOL.
  137. 3rd person POV will be unfair
  138. What do you think of the new Diminishing Returns system?
  139. What do you think of the new Wrecker item rework?
  140. PTS Terminus Feedback
  141. Punisment for no Damage/Flank/Support/Frontline
  142. Map Banning
  143. Problem with Terminus and new balance changes
  144. SA server?
  145. Quarry...WHY?!
  146. Ob 61
  147. New skin for talus
  148. We need a "Hacker" report
  149. thoughts on OB 61
  150. Regarding the camera toggle(3p/1p)
  151. Win Win 3rd Person
  152. PTS patch gone "gotta go fast"
  153. Stop let players with differents frames together and in team!
  154. I'll start this off: YES to 3rd person! OB61
  155. Tired with unbalanced match making
  156. TP Gaining / Loss per Competitive Game
  157. Killing Trolls of Competitive
  158. Make all support players automatically show all allies' health.
  159. It's really good it's free/ainda bem que e gratuito² ''ob61''
  160. How does Credits calculation work?
  161. Fix the servers
  162. Why a platinum cant play with a master but a bronze can play with platinum?
  163. Confused on Match Making
  164. Well... I asked for mobility and I got it. My OB61 summary
  165. Fix matchmaking
  166. You wanna hear a joke?
  167. FPS Cap please?
  168. Biggest shit I ever played
  169. [CONSOLE] in game scoreboard info are penalized
  170. 3rd person solution
  171. Please Fix The Matchmaking
  172. New player experience is literally garbage
  173. For pip's F, Weightless
  174. Ridicoulus ranked mode rules
  175. A seroius sujestion SavE tHe Top-Play plz!!...
  176. What is grover?
  177. Hi garrett (alpha and beta)
  178. Matchmaking inbalance
  179. Disenchant doesn't work
  180. AFK/troller teammates resulting in TP loss
  181. 2 party 3 party ranked
  182. Buff Fernando's ultimate.
  183. Request Audios portugues-BR
  184. Can we have a south america server instead of only brazil?
  185. No to wrecker rework
  186. Lian's Presence very unsatisfying to use due to broken tempo
  187. A horse simulator :(
  188. Zombies, 1v1, 2v2, 3v3
  189. Androxus' reversal!
  190. Do something with auto purchase items.
  191. Missing mastery skins and matchmaking
  192. Reasons for cooldowns
  193. Party Limit
  194. Suggestion:
  195. Do Not Wait 2 Weeks To Fix Bugs
  196. NO to 3rd person.
  197. Just why
  198. The most important feature in Paladins!!! That needs to work!!!
  199. Tp points
  200. How to improve Custom Mode
  201. Terminus Devastion card is a total disapointment.
  202. It'd be nice if supports or frontlines could get the top play?
  203. Why can't say, support classes, get highest damage? even if they did the most damage?
  204. Hi-rez proves that they don't give a fuck again
  205. Racism? where is the GM now ? THIS GUY CALL ME MACACO = Monkey
  206. Terminus' urgent nerf
  207. Mal'Damba makes too much noise
  208. Paladins Plan to fix OB61
  209. Do you really need a high end gaming pc to get those top plays? - Top play add-ons-
  210. Suggestion - Legendary set champions - Music
  211. Zhin’s movement
  212. Vip Store price have Item
  213. Wrecker rework idea
  214. I cannot buy Terminus voice
  215. Items rework ideas
  216. Spray changes.
  217. Power Siphon
  218. Buggy characters and slow destruction of the game
  219. Talus's damage is ridiculous
  220. Система лайков
  221. Will crouching ever be a thing?
  222. hotfix or what?
  223. Constant kicking and erroring out in ranked
  224. The last replay
  225. Remove 3rd person view in game.
  226. World of Warcraft's mindset.
  227. First Person Limited to Terminus Only
  228. Quite huge nerf to all AOE champs.
  229. Sensitivity
  230. Terminus vs Terminus: Powersiphon vs Reanimate
  231. Suggestion to change the kill system.
  232. Why i play with unrankeds all the time?
  233. Deathmatch mode urgently needed
  234. Terminus captures easily because almost constant immunity
  235. Fix The Competitive MM System Please
  236. im here only to say play against maeve is so frustratnig
  237. [Community Thread] Things that need to change in Paladins
  238. Terminus vs Barik and Terminus ultimate "warning"
  239. Allow Us to Disable Chat
  240. The problem with this game.
  241. hi bugadins !!!
  242. Why Terminus's Power Siphon can't be silenced by torvald
  243. Andro
  244. Knockbacks and gravity
  245. MatchMaking Broken
  246. Pleased dont nerf fernados shield.
  247. Please do your job.
  248. Replay system
  249. Reduce respawing
  250. Dropped Games Reward