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  1. team compositions, tanks, support etc.
  2. What happened with Torvald, Hi-Rez?
  3. T he Tides have turned (PLease Hi Rez) Fix the Match Making
  4. Champions tier (OB 53)
  5. Zhin's skill Delay
  6. So the quality of my games are terrible
  7. Great Fixes
  8. Rate-Games+Skin
  9. Impossible to win !!!
  10. Payload - A Little Suggestion
  11. point system
  12. Brightmarsh rooftops
  13. What the hell are you devs doing with these cheaters.
  14. Close game don't exist in Competitive
  15. Ranked with more than just duo Q
  16. Stop Bans
  17. Visual Tweaks
  18. Match Making Problems
  19. uhh meave new skin is ugly ?
  20. GER: Anvisieren-Aktivieren/Deaktivieren - Steuerung/Einstellung oder Tastenbelegung.
  21. On my 4th game played encountered two aim bots
  22. Terrible matchmaking including parties with low elo players
  23. Founders pack question
  24. Some champions need there abilities ungraded or reworked [Discussion Welcome]
  25. EZ evie
  26. Hacker aimboting and confirms it.
  27. A 4th costumisation slot
  28. banir personagens ficou muito ruim!
  29. A player hacking horse mounting even when in combat in my game
  30. You Nerfed Bomb King without mentioning it anywhere?
  31. Current matchmaking making Paladins unenjoyable
  32. Game breaking exploit in Primal Court in Onslaught game mode
  33. Meta Analysis: Drogoz
  34. Please make play of the game skippable.
  35. Why is the game like shit last few days?
  36. Is this Cassie hacker, smurf, or very good?.
  37. Game feels wonky
  38. Hacking Cassie
  39. Issues with reporting hackers
  40. thre problem is...
  41. not picking a hero/deserter
  42. Wallachia
  43. New horse problem
  44. Fish Market no Longer Fun
  45. Reworking the Item Shop
  46. Why is it that we can only solo/duo queue in comp?
  47. Re-entering the spawn room in onslaught
  48. Please get rid of the input lag
  49. The root of Evies problems
  50. Zhin Upgrades.
  51. Kinessa Camping Abuse (2K17)
  52. Button "Return to lobby"
  53. equiered level for competitive.
  54. Stop adding tons of sprays
  55. When devs never play their own game, the result : OP champ every patch
  56. Zhin is underpowered
  57. Skye breaks the game (console)
  58. Banning.
  59. Replace non-pickers with bots in training mode
  60. Major improvements!
  61. Pls fix cus comp isn't fun anymore
  62. Feedback from a newcomer
  63. Bring Back Disenchanting Legendaries
  64. Pls restore our evie pls :((
  65. Hi REZ for God's sake.
  66. voice chat ??
  67. Please remove the Fire feel
  68. Lifelong Gamer - Here's Why People Will Stop Playing This Game On Console
  69. The main problem with paladins
  70. buff Cassie
  71. Make SKYE Preparation affects kill and elimination again Please..
  72. Competitive always pick last
  73. Chill with skins/champions and focus on the problems this game is having
  74. create a button to ban people for your matchmaking
  75. Thank you Hi-Rez for making a good champ a bad champ
  76. Delayed Chat, SEA server broken, EVIE OP
  77. bug so far and invisible walls
  78. What's wrong with skye?
  79. Outrageous Skye idea
  80. Console players and some charactr balancing
  81. A console player with alittle feedback
  82. Things to consider adding
  83. Reasons to play
  84. Oh My Gems!
  85. Lian, Owl, Astro
  86. Cassie's hitbox for Blast Shot is really awkward (and maybe every of her skill)
  87. Please fix broken matchmaking, and raise competitive level from 4 to 8 at least
  88. Suggestion - kick button for custom games
  89. Competitive
  90. Extreme lag on sea server
  91. Is there any ANTI-CHEAT at all?
  92. Zhin Buff
  93. Balancing suggestions
  94. No chat in competitive lobby and game?
  95. How many more years we should wait till the Grumpy visual fix???
  96. Designing a teamplay-friendly UI: proposing meaningful variables for scoreboards.
  97. competitive mode right now pretty lit guys
  98. Why does Hirez focus so much on cosmetics and not gameplay?
  99. So I report a horse hacker and....
  100. Aim Assist
  101. Overtime is absolute garbage!! Remove it!!
  102. OB54 crystals - some game mode give 15 weekly crystals if they win.
  103. 25 thousand for 10 chests? Is it Scrooge Mcduck's treasure?
  104. Kill Feed UI small change
  105. New Laid-Back Game Mode
  106. spawn camping as a way of life
  107. Option to leave casual matches pls!
  108. Preparation change suggestion for Skye
  109. Let's Talk about Daddy Torvald.
  110. Was this why i buyed the founder package ??? Serio hirez ?? Of a way in it !!
  111. Zhin nerf
  112. You've got the voicelines, so...
  113. TOO MUCH time wasted for every single Game to start
  114. Zhin Ult - Bugged with Grohk's "Totemic Ward" Legendary
  115. Hi-rez Loves Game of Thrones?
  116. ob54 feedback
  117. Nice баланс (сарказм)
  118. OB54 Feedback
  119. Create Outline for Grover's Blossom Range
  120. Lian if androxus and cassie have a baby
  121. Make Paladins Beginner Friendly!
  122. Barik's Tinkerin in OB54
  123. Not enough mouse acceleration and support 21: 9
  124. Kinessa rework urgent!
  125. A question about Maeve.
  126. Zhin's attack range is very hard to judge
  127. 2 hours deserter time when game dc in selection screen....
  128. Future of the game
  129. My Final feedback on How Zhin could be.
  130. UltraWide 21:9 Support
  131. Create an Outline for Grover's Blossom Range
  132. Верните Кристаллы в топку Эссенцию
  133. Legendary Cards: Abilities instead of Buffs?
  134. Champions Screen
  135. Play of the game determination?
  136. The ELO system needs to be trashed!
  137. Auto Kick High Ping Players
  138. Matchmaking Casual
  139. prevent bad team composition
  140. My Opinion Regarding OB 54
  141. Lian is Nail backwards
  142. OB 54 Evie Legendary cards
  143. Old Version Siege
  144. Game crash
  145. Feedback on OB54
  146. How-To Fixify Auto-Buy
  147. Create an Outline for Grover's Blossom Range
  148. My proposition - freind fire on.
  149. snipers headshot=kill a squishy
  150. I haven't been able to enjoy this game in a long time.
  151. Aimbot Issues in Paladins
  152. Are the devs going to respond to any threads? Also, what is being done about AFKers?
  153. Is Tyra under powered and why?
  154. Reduce Inara stone ward vertical hitbox
  155. :mad: Take a look at this match
  156. Removing the Crossair in Ads
  157. Why the Legendary Changes?
  158. Add Tutorials On How to Play Frontline and Support
  159. "Competitive mode" will never truly be competitive until these issues are addressed
  160. Nerfing mobility in OB54 on PC is a BAD Idea
  161. Visual/Audio ques on some characters need a serious looking at
  162. Why is there no matchmaking on PTS?
  163. What the hell is wrong with the rating system?
  164. Why change androxus's legendary card?
  165. Willow spike ball glitch
  166. Pip healing potion feels completely random.
  167. Reduce cost of Deft Hands to 300 please
  168. Hirez please start Ban Cheaters by IP or MAC Adress
  169. So many aimbotters in ranked
  170. Option to craft cards at import screen
  171. troll
  172. Matchmaking is broken
  173. It looks like the game has turned \ parece que o jogo virou
  174. fix Viktor, somehow, please
  175. Evie and Drogoz is UNFUN as hell
  176. Grovers credit. what happen????
  177. Groovers Briars and Blossom.
  178. If you team feeds, you will too.
  179. Competitive game !!
  180. Smite Champions in Paladins.
  181. Reporting people for griefing.
  182. prices for Champions
  183. Abilities and Items that ought to be returned.
  184. 5 Man Stack 90% Winrate
  185. Not really polished, unresponsive keystrokes, and broken champions.
  186. Do you think tasks of each role is still unclear?
  187. what's wrong with people?
  188. Art style of some champions
  189. competitive no longer worth playing
  190. Anouncement when new patch is live
  191. Cauterize is too CHEAP??
  192. Should be reduce Drogoz ultimate rate?
  193. Green Cards
  194. Lian many people say that all her shooting abilities is excessive. I have an idea.
  195. Idea: More champions on a point captures it faster
  196. What wrong with Paladins.
  197. Why 'Flanks are OP"
  198. Failing To Join
  199. Competitive Party Queue Issues
  200. HiRez, don't turn into Blizzard.
  201. OB 54 Solo Ranked match update?
  202. Hi-Rez seem no longer know what they're doing with balancing
  203. Reported a cheater with HORSE HACK 8 days ago
  204. Worse Every Patch
  205. This is probably the least balanced I have ever seen the game
  206. People who are not buying items and feeding should be penalized
  207. Um what...
  208. Team balancing is disgusting.
  209. What's wrong with Barik's old Weapon-Turret Synergy?
  210. Can you please Return the ragdoll physics
  211. VGS suggestions
  212. Please bring back the old Accelerant legendary card
  213. Please bring back the old Accelerant legendary card
  214. Ying heals are too random and how to fix it
  215. Grock "wraith" legendary card still bugged
  216. Shooting range
  217. Maeve and the nerf
  218. Uncensor Ash
  219. Idea on how to change Cauterize
  220. Idea for chat logs
  221. Suggestion about VGS
  222. Bomb King Poppy Bomb
  223. Competitive Matchmaking
  224. Can I disable "bomb" interface?
  225. Dear Hi-Rez Studio; Please Revert Evie To The Way She Was Prior Open Beta 54
  226. All my legendaries are locked again, why?
  227. Allow Changes to Loadouts
  228. Please Read - Thoughtful OB54 Projectile speed Feedback
  229. Gold and XP in "afk" training
  230. Extreme balancing issues
  231. Disable Cassie until she's fixed
  232. Server LAS
  233. perjectile speed increase quarrels
  234. Evie's Bonus Damage Visual
  235. Specials used with the triangle button for PS4
  236. Seris and Ash ult suggestion
  237. Sha Lin Kit
  238. OverTime System
  239. How do i know if Androxus used his revesal card?
  240. hi-rez pls
  241. Unfair game
  242. Matchmaking
  243. Characters and my ideas
  244. List of TROLLS
  245. Buff buck please
  246. Got rid of reward gems and Increased prices
  247. Buff, rework, or eliminate skye :/
  248. how to MUTE annoying people insulting me on mic
  249. Maeve's double pounce
  250. RIP mobility. A farewell to paladins