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  1. About the chests...
  2. Add decimals to sensitivity change
  3. Don't make a selection in competitive
  4. Siege mode needs changes
  5. No one selecting heals or tanks in casual
  6. Champion Organizer
  7. So Matchmaking...
  8. Seris Orb Visual/Sound
  9. The solution for 5vs5 Balanced "Competitive"
  10. Overall changes for easier balancing
  11. OB48 is unplayable...
  12. Training mode- Shooting range
  13. Why it is so hard to flank these days...
  14. This is not good
  15. Tyra Range?
  16. How about some Guild System???
  17. Deleting loadouts?
  18. FIX Competetive and Rankings!
  19. Please fix you antcheat (AIMBOT IN ALL THE PLACES)
  20. kill cams that are lying
  21. My proposition of a new competitive matchmaking system
  22. Competitive changes!
  23. amazing servers
  24. Give your feedback in this survey
  25. HI REZ why do you encourage cheating?
  26. Game info ?
  27. Team balancing !!! Please read it it is very serious.
  28. Repair. old stuff / New content
  29. Skye needs a major rework on console atm
  30. Idea for Inara: Magnetic Stones (instead of Warder's Field).
  31. False EAC kicks/Reconnecting with no Legendary
  32. Fix Seris sound effects they are too overpowering
  33. Do I need a mic to play competitive?
  34. How do i turn off the auto buy?
  35. Smurfs... New Players Don't Stand a Chance
  36. Matchmaking ? Now!
  37. Competitive Rest? :D
  38. Lex should not see skye in stealth + Buff skye
  39. [Tab] key should also show every player's ping
  40. How does Deserting work?
  41. Failed push
  42. Character Portraits
  43. knelt and punch I watn this
  44. History chest
  45. buff movement area and portal could replace horse mount
  46. Waiting period to start a Match
  47. Hacks hacks hacks and... More hacks
  48. alien swarm gamemode ?
  49. Deeper Loadout System
  50. The New map
  51. Consistency.
  52. wtf is with the rise in D#@k tactics
  53. Most annoying champion?
  54. Download REPLAY [SUGESTION]
  55. Makoa & Barik
  56. A thing called ''Braindead bots'' and ''Too smoothe'' does egzist
  57. Skye and Old Torvold
  58. Two game changing improvements for the game!
  59. Lexx - making him unique, fun and interesting to play
  60. Add crouching
  61. They keep nerfing tank and support.
  62. What happened to performance and sound?
  63. We need more Voice Guided System commands
  64. Pips ult working on Makoa's ult, why?
  65. Grover's bizarre misadventure
  66. Hacks ? Where ?
  67. cassie buff
  68. Seris = FPS drop
  69. F k you again for this matching
  70. Suggestion about change items for loadout cards in game
  71. What if "deathballs" are a myth?
  72. Focus Androxus?
  73. Anyone else having this bug?
  74. willow seedling cooldown 15sec to 3sec in just few easy step
  75. About Useless Frontliners and Healers
  76. Bots Restriction
  77. Give us emblems and it would solve everything!!!!
  78. Game uninstalling itself?
  79. PTS Willow Feedback.
  80. Reversal, if you can't fix it then replace it. HOW?
  81. Allow different crosshairs/reticles for different champions
  82. What happen to the SPECTATOR mode of the Game
  83. General opinion on Willo, the new champ in ob49 (tested in test server)
  84. Xbox
  85. 1v1 death match
  86. PVE Modes Suggestion!
  87. how to win 100% of the time
  88. When is INDIA going to get new SERVERS??
  89. Play of the game needs an epic music
  90. Add skins in steam inventory/market ?
  91. map for test shot
  92. Play of the game. FeedBack
  93. How to toggle voice chat?
  94. "Small" changes for Kinessa
  95. PICK BUG + 30 minutes of desert.
  96. Improvements to chat system
  97. Rubberbanding issues in competitive.
  98. Cassie and everything you need to know about where she stands!
  99. Can't play normally
  100. Why are you guys so hostile?
  101. Can someone explain?
  102. Remove Emotes - Save lives
  103. Skye nerf.
  104. Lex ruin the game
  105. Disable voice chat when play of the game starts
  106. please give drogos a new explosion sound
  107. whats the point
  108. Show how much damage you've reduced?
  109. Improving weekly quest to be more creative quest
  110. bring back agression
  111. V H S keys are to far away
  112. Make the healing key all keys
  113. Brightmarsh is severely limited
  114. Last Patch
  115. champion ranked rating
  116. Reversal isn't working (sometimes)
  117. Tank GUI
  118. Disable playing ranked games champions under 4lv
  119. I give up
  120. Willo's Q attack
  121. Stop adding champions and fix matchmaking
  122. My thoughts on OB49
  123. willow voicepack no gold
  124. Is it too harsh to be a deserter for 1 hour?
  125. Where's seris?
  126. Problem with the essence
  127. brightmarsh is unplayable
  128. We need damage location indicator
  129. Allow wallhack?
  130. Voice chat bug
  131. Competitive lag
  132. About the game. Is it only me?
  133. Quest For Crystals?
  134. New upgrade system is shit
  135. Remove the rating for AFK players in Rank Game
  136. Now That We Have Voice Chat...
  137. Rejuvenate (Item) to apply non reducible heal
  138. Seris title?
  139. Casual matchmaking SO much worse now
  140. Desertor time and trolls in game
  141. Too many new players in comp
  142. Willo's blast of attack is to huge
  143. Sugerencias para mejorar el juego
  144. Suggestions for improving the game.
  145. F*cking lagging servers.
  146. Is competitive pick order sorted by MMR now?
  147. Give some credits to supportclasses
  148. Rework Ability Cards for Ying
  149. Remove Illuminate, please?
  150. Scorched Earth is a little too strong?
  151. Hi-Rez end your life if you see this
  152. Quem concorda ?
  153. Can champions be more interactive
  154. New rank system ? (where)
  155. Socializing
  156. X-Post from Reddit - Can we go back to when Health and Defense mattered.
  157. Sad with the Paladins
  158. Me trying competitive
  159. Skye disinclines new players
  160. new competitive rating system sucks even more
  161. I need help! Answer please
  162. New Champions are ruining Paladins
  163. Suggested change to Cauterize (not a nerf or buff)
  164. Cheats invented
  165. Does Training count towards reffered time?
  166. Thoughts on my Fernando Build?
  167. Desertor time do not make sense
  168. unfair champion willo
  169. Forcing meta roles is never good idea
  170. Buck is a great heres why
  171. Game Feedback Queue System, points rewarding, Need Changes
  172. Punish those players that ruin the game!
  173. need flak hero.
  174. Brightmarsh sucks!!!!
  175. PALADINS CARD/LOADOUT SYSTEM: A Concern for Game Mechanics
  176. Really wish to kick out all community white knights here
  177. ranking system
  178. sha lin help
  179. The game is UNPLAYABLE!!!!
  180. Please we need more optimization
  181. why is this a thing
  182. Hit-scan/boxes
  183. lol people call me hacker :v
  184. Secret Technique for Seris
  185. Delete competitive
  186. Optimization for weak PCs
  187. This game needs more audio/visual feedback
  188. Don't even have a Title For This ..
  189. Buff for Willo Needed Desperately
  190. Nerf/buff requests
  191. Change ice block to something useful without the reprieve legendary.
  192. Allowd naming and shaming on forum
  193. Making shopping easier and faster?
  194. Is it only me
  195. Animações Especiais para a Jogada da Partida
  196. More Aspects To The Champions
  197. What should Hi-REZ focus on?
  198. 2.3k elo should not be able to group with 1.4k - WTF kinda idiotic thinking is this?
  199. best bug ever
  200. Small Suggestion about taking damage.
  201. An Idea In my head For along time..
  202. Undo Item Purchases while still in base
  203. Competitive LAG
  204. Grohk - the troll pick (literally)
  205. Voice chat whilst in a party
  206. There is a Tyra Hunter's Mark hack. What to do about these cheaters?
  207. mm prohibites parties
  208. Request for Hirez
  209. GOD raiting
  210. Competitive completely unplayable
  211. Barik's turret range
  212. All Champion Win Rates (May 8th, 2017)
  213. Some Suggestions
  214. viktor have recoil, but its different
  215. Ajudem a Inara POR FAVOR!!
  216. The Problem with Healers
  217. Payload - Better contested notification?
  218. Fix the damned play of the game... Please?
  219. Fix the GOD exp
  220. Have a general message be automatically written in lobby
  221. Suggestions to Improve Gameplay for everyone.
  222. 15 minutes queue (br server)
  223. Game Mode On Character Select
  224. Cauterize + Willo's dead zone indication
  225. Queue times
  226. I need helpppppp
  227. Paladins is in Dire need of more Pick modes.
  228. Servers and Lags
  229. Explain me this please
  230. Competitive
  231. Resilience works against Cauterize?
  232. Mal damba blows
  233. 2 hours of deserted everytime
  234. chest skin
  235. fidget spinner skin
  236. We need more lag compensation.
  237. Radiant Chest should not unlock card which already unlocked. Suxks
  238. Hey, stop introducing new champions, we have enough
  239. Possible hacking or bug (unfair credit calculations)
  240. Features for Achromate Players
  241. The entire game feels... choppy.
  242. Visual effects of Willo's abilities
  243. casual rolling lobbies
  244. Reason for no CC imunity for Makoa during ultimate
  245. Horrible Competitive Matchmaking
  246. reporting a new cheat-option
  247. Kinnesa bug
  248. Just Some General Feedback and Stuff
  249. Dedicate more resources to matchmaking
  250. Some feedback about the UI