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  2. tips and tricks
  3. Beacon spawn point stratagies
  4. Fernando Full Comprehensive Guide (Tank)
  5. Ruckus - the gate/vault destroyer guide
  6. Kinessa - The Sniper's Guide
  7. Skye - Stacking the Dot
  8. Question about cards
  9. Countering Pip's Chicken
  10. Pip strategies&tips
  11. [GUIDE] How to play Androxus
  12. Am I missing something?
  13. [GUIDE] How to play the game!
  14. Counter Strategies?
  15. Ying Builds
  16. CB20 Card build suggestions
  17. Skye decks for all occasions?
  18. androxus help jump
  19. Value of Harassing?
  20. Fernando! A how to guide of melting faces. CB21
  21. Kinessa's decks??
  22. Help with kinessa
  23. [Guide] Fernando! How to Melt faces. Updated with each patch.
  24. can we give buck some love plz! XD
  25. Kinessa: How to play her most optimally?
  26. Callouts?
  27. Looking for a good deck for Skye
  28. Ying's ultimate
  29. Profile and Mastery Level : Useful information
  30. What does everyone think about Buck in CB24?
  31. Best way to play cassie?
  32. Bucks Jump?
  33. Ruckus deck
  34. New Ying Player in need of advice
  35. Old school Evie player in need of help
  36. Barik Deck feedback and clarification question
  37. How to counter
  38. Actual healer character
  39. So how do we counter The Bomb King?
  40. *Barik* Beast health build
  41. How do you play Grover after CB27 ?
  42. Shielding???
  43. New Fernando Player looking for help.
  44. In need for a deck for cassie in Cb27
  45. How does Grover's Crowd Control reduction work?
  46. Help with Androxus
  47. Easy champions for bad players
  48. [Pip] Gift Giver Card
  49. Okay, how i play ruckus??!
  50. doubt about androxus reversal
  51. GROHK and EVIE
  52. Beginner advice: Use your head and mind your ultimate!
  53. Guide to New Players(from personal opinion)
  54. What are some FUN decks?
  55. Buck's Heroic Leap
  56. Kinessa vs Skye
  57. [Guide] How to play Skye
  58. How to turn better in drogoz ult?
  59. My Skye deck and results. CB 32
  60. What is a pubstomp Champion?
  61. things may improve your skills in paladins (2)
  62. Tips on Playing Bomb King and Drogoz at high ping?
  63. Kinessa retreating tactic
  64. Burn Card Basics Guide
  65. Kinessa : any tips for a new player ?
  66. Item Basics: Healing cards
  67. Barik's exploit heavy "Walking Tank" strategy.
  68. help ruckus deck
  69. Viktor Deck Build - Ammo [Begginers Guide]
  70. The Jaded Dragon [A Guide To Ying]
  71. Mokoa self Healing Question
  72. If you play a flanker please read
  73. If you wanna get better you're in the right place.
  74. EagleEye [A Guide To Kinessa]
  75. Help me please, cant start Paladins.
  76. How to earn the credits?
  77. A little respect for tanks, please. (For those players who don't)
  78. why am I so awful with splash damage characters?
  79. Paladins newbie with questions about offensive items & Evie
  80. Best Frontliner?
  81. Northern Huntress [Guide To Cassie]
  82. Bomb king aim
  83. Very Early Mal Damba Thought's [Sorta A Guide]
  84. Buck the Destroyer: Guide
  85. What do you think is Androxus' niche as a Flank champion?
  86. How to make the most of your Androxus Pick (for new players)
  87. Introducing MasterPaladins - A profiles, stats, news, leaderboard site for Paladins
  88. How to improve my twitchy aim?
  89. Ruckus cards
  90. Grohk underrated?
  91. Evie - Helper Guide with a Card Build
  92. Trying to pick up Drogoz
  93. Guia para iniciantes - Makoa PT - BR
  94. The Serpent King [A Guide To Mal'Damba]
  95. Evie - Card Build ((for Pro's))
  96. Noobish guide for noobs
  97. The Beefy Flanker (Buck Beginner Guide)
  98. [Guide] How Resilience card work
  99. Paladins Stats Spreadsheet Goodness
  100. effective healing?
  101. Looking for general drafting advice
  102. Ma'Damba's right click heal - what's the deal?
  103. Which Item Best Counters Mal'Damba Gourd?
  104. Skye Hard Counters Kinessa?
  105. Smash Bros. Bomb King
  106. Can we get the long awaited Evie and Viktor nerf in the next patch?
  107. Looking for peeps to tell me how shizzle I am and what I should do to improve!
  108. How to Play Characters
  109. Assist specifics
  110. My Personal, "Viktor" Guide
  111. Can someone explain Cassie's Incitement Card Please
  112. My Personal, "Evie" Guide
  113. Makoa's anchor
  114. Bomb King
  115. Which Items are better for each rol?
  116. When Your Teammates Pick No Frontline Or Support?
  117. My Personal, "Sha Lin" Guide
  118. If i bought the Pumpking he will never come back? or he will come back in the next yr
  119. How to use Fernando┬┤s Ultimate
  120. My Personal, "Fernando" Guide
  121. Grover Question
  122. What to buy in the items shop
  123. Grokh's gameplay and supports in general
  124. Barik's Turrets
  125. New Drogoz gameplay - 48 eliminations 12 Solo
  126. is this how to play evie correctly?
  127. Build Guide Compilations?
  128. Paladins Pro Map Callouts! Fish Market
  129. How to improve Bomb King gameplay?
  130. Who Is Mathmatically Best Healer?
  131. Solo Ruckus Tank Works Amazingly Well
  132. My Personal, "Ruckus" Guide
  133. Super Stealthy Skye's Smoke Screen Strat
  134. Damage King Viktor guide
  135. DisHeartening
  136. Need Help With Buck
  137. Grohk's Healing rain
  138. AFK = viable strategy in Siege mode?
  139. Evie (Beginner)
  140. A Guide to Ruckus: Not Just Holding Left Click
  141. How Can Viktor Better Deal With Androxus (and Evie)?
  142. Does Nimble Stack With + Movement Cards?
  143. Made a Cassie video before they nerf her in the upcoming update
  144. There should be a new champion.
  145. When to make the push?
  146. How to effectively maximize your Tyra gameplay.
  147. Tips on playing against 2 tanks?
  148. Using Ying's dimensional link
  149. Tyra Build to (Attempt) to fix her lack of mobility
  150. A Guide to Bomb King: King of Krowd Kontrol
  151. Playstyle for Cassie
  152. Voicechat
  153. Random questions from a new player...
  154. Tips On Mal Damba?
  155. Help with Ying
  156. Guide to how to EASILY beat the tank to the limite weekly PVE
  157. Solo Tank Ruckus Concept
  158. How do you play flank?
  159. How Skye renders Torvald UNUSABLE
  160. Last One Standing - Trophy/Achievement
  161. Andro : Defiance or BasicATK
  162. Does Kinessa counter Drogoz ult?
  163. How to maximize your Torvald Gameplay. [Guide]
  164. Is there a smoke screen build out there? Also, PSA: smoke screen card work
  165. How to play Barik anyone?
  166. Playing againts torvald with skye [HELP]
  167. Does Evie's Ice Block Equal Certain Death???
  168. Does the emote kill?
  169. My advice for paladins
  170. How To Deal With Maeve?
  171. That moment when...
  172. The EASIEST way to win PVE (Fernandos)
  173. How to maximize your Maeve Gameplay [Guide]
  174. People shouldn't flame with questionable picks in PvE.
  175. Help: bomb explosion radius?
  176. Need help for tank + a suggestion
  177. My personal Cassie guide (Dodge Roll ll the way)
  178. Evie loadouts
  179. PVE - How to beat Leap frog - Cheeky strategy
  180. Drogoz build
  181. How to help new players get essence
  182. Ruckus Guide
  183. Mal'damba or Gronk?
  184. Hide and Seek: Bombking's kingdom!
  185. Formidable
  186. Help in flying around with Drogoz
  187. Can someone explain me Maelstrom legendary card?
  188. How to maximize your Kinessa Gameplay [Legendary Card Editions Guide]
  189. PVE Challenge - hide and seek (easy win guide)
  190. How to maximize your Viktor Gameplay [Guide]
  191. What to do to improve?
  192. [PVE] Hands That Bind - EZWin
  193. My personal rant on dmg-supports
  194. Hands That Bind PVE Quick Guide
  195. Explosive Resonance Ying?
  196. Question on Mal'dAmba legendary
  197. New Player Guide: What Items should you buy?
  198. Viktor legendary cards
  199. I'm struggling with Evie
  200. When people hack and still can't win.
  201. When people hack and still can't win.
  202. How to Maximize your Inara Gameplay [Guide]
  203. Inara, Stay Tanky- The ultimate DMG reduction build
  204. Which is the best legendary for Barik?
  205. Deft Hands for Champions like Maeve
  206. Deft Hands "Problem"
  207. Opinions on effective Ying gameplay
  208. Initial stuffs on PTS Lex
  209. Beginner's Guide to Item Shopping [A Guide for countering your Enemy Champions]
  210. [PVE] Grohk Bustin - EZWin(?)
  211. How to do more dmg with Cassie?
  212. Bomb king tips and tricks
  213. Pip is best healing support, play it as intended !
  214. OMG Im on a team with Skye again
  215. What do you think about Pip's nerf?
  216. Character exchange system in the middle of the game
  217. Sha Lin Run Them Down IV
  218. Makoa - No cool down on shell spin?
  219. Thoughts on best way to Tank?
  220. How to play Grover effectively!
  221. The Best Of The Best
  222. Please fix your server
  223. Solo Carry Cassie Guide
  224. Great Evie Kills Kinessa Combo
  225. How to heal with Grohk!
  226. How support works (thread intended for who is not a support)
  227. Kinessa's healing cards
  228. Beginners' Guide to Champion Loadouts
  229. Need Tips for Evie Dealing With Other Flankers
  230. Target Prioritization
  231. Maeve's super secret targeting recticle tip!
  232. Maeve Full Guide
  233. Fernando Tips?
  234. Androxus' Reversal
  235. Item Guide: What to buy and what not to buy!
  236. The best way to win
  237. Quick scope card for Kinessa?
  238. Pip X Another support meta
  239. what are your gameplay strategies with seris?
  240. need better cam view for androxus Reversal
  241. do other people have good matches with inara?
  242. Seris's Flank/Support hybrid card loadout
  243. Brightmarsh new map
  244. Tutorial: how to counter Torvald's ult
  245. Competitive: Explained!
  246. OB 49 would be a good time to increase your FOV
  247. How to play evie effectively?
  248. I want to be a better Willow
  249. Grohk vs Willo
  250. Any Maroka players got a good build thanks.