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  1. PC LFG thread
  2. The Chaos Vanguard is looking for you!
  3. Good player serching for a team!
  4. Cradle Of Pain - Invite Players
  5. I figured our community needs a definitive forum for LFG/LFM
  6. Looking for some peeps to play with
  7. [EU] Damage dealer LF Competitive Team for tournaments/scrims
  8. Clan List Thread
  9. Thyth Gaming is recruiting now!
  10. Konvict Gaming is Recruiting
  11. Fate eSports
  12. EU West player looking for team
  13. Looking for Founder's Tournament oriented team (EU)
  14. Hello My name is Sindro and I
  15. Add me US servers
  16. Anyone need a good player?
  17. Brazilian looking for a team
  18. [EU] Tank/Supports main LFT
  19. [NA] 24, Competitive/Semi-Pro experience looking for a team
  20. Newbie LFG
  21. LF NA Competitive Team, Highly Adaptable, Hardworking, Can Play 6 Champs Viably
  22. team hubris the #1 team in overwatch tried to recruit me in 08
  23. Semi-professional Paladins Players wanted!!
  24. [FR] Team NIID recrute !
  25. Looking for a Team to be a part in upcoming Toruneys
  26. New to Paladins LFG
  27. LF People to play with or full Team
  28. Warfare Gaming community / EU and US
  29. Deutsche Mitspieler Gesucht.
  30. [ESP] Se buscan jugadores
  31. LF people, add me (US)
  32. Looking for some player for the tourneys ect!
  33. Looking For Others
  34. Lfg
  35. Trois cl
  36. Trois cl
  37. Barik Player LF Team/Players to play with
  38. LF Objective Oriented Players
  39. LFG Or just a few people to play with
  40. Germany Community Group - good for teamsearch , guides and stuff around paladins
  41. Rng looking for members
  42. Daily gather
  43. Sup, looking form a new team or join a good one
  44. Looking for 4
  45. [FR] Widget Gaming recrute
  46. Looking For a Team, hopefully try to go to the tournament!
  47. Looking for people to play with!
  48. Looking for some friends to play with, maybe for competitive!
  49. LF PW Tournament Team
  50. Looking for good players/team who's looking for a more competitive scene
  51. Looking for group
  52. Detox Gaming is Recruiting! Teamspeak Required!
  53. NA - Looking for 5 more to grind in CM
  54. 2 guys from Poland lfg (only pl)
  55. [GER]LF Mitspieler / Clan
  56. [EU] LF 3 people
  57. Anyone wanna help the worst Paladins player ever to improve?
  58. New team!!!
  59. LF Groupies!
  60. Looking for a laid back but winning oriented group :)
  61. LF Group
  62. Insane Skye player looking for a team.
  63. Looking for a group.
  64. LFG looking for people to play with [EU]
  65. Looking for a Group
  66. [FR] recherche team ou 3 joueurs
  67. Looking for a U.S group.
  68. Warped Battlers (NEW TEAM)
  69. LFM - Join WOOT Gaming! Serious, Veteran gamer's .
  70. Biete deutschen freien Teamspeak 3!
  71. LF competitive/tournament team
  72. x3Zx Are recruiting a experianced Paladins team
  73. Looking for people to play with (EU, casual)
  74. Omg I should've logged in Beta from the day I got invite!!! LFG! Curse Voice please.
  75. LF competitive team/players
  76. Enhanced Gaming Recruiting Casual/Comp Players
  77. Looking for group
  78. Empirium league recrute
  79. [FR] Recherche Team
  80. [NA][PC] Pandorum Gaming | Multi-Gaming | Mature | Teamspeak
  81. Noob LFG
  82. human hair full lace wigs 8Vxp - How to Pick buy hair extensions sall
  83. Grupo de gente que hable espa
  84. Looking for Teammates (US)
  85. Deutsche Spielersuche mit Voice und Text in Discord und FB
  86. <EU> Looking for casual people to have fun with
  87. LFG Casuals
  88. LFG to start forming a team to go competetive
  89. [EU] Looking to join a team or create one for competitive mode
  90. Looking for New and Exp Coaches!
  91. (Eu/NA)It's been two days....Need a team :)
  92. Looking for a competetive group EU
  93. Zfg
  94. LFG Casuals
  95. Looking for a gaming french group
  96. Thinking about joining a team.
  97. Team fran
  98. Definately LFG
  99. Paladins GER/SWISS/AUT
  100. Looking for Group [ BG ]
  101. help
  102. Lfm
  103. cherche groupe fr
  104. Looking for russian speaking players
  105. Clan Espa
  106. Serveur TS Fran
  107. deutsche spieler gesucht !
  108. LF Teammates to play competitive, but also have fun
  109. Lookin for a group to play with
  110. LF Mates or Team [GER/EN]
  111. Looking for casual players
  112. Team preVox sucht Dich!
  113. Enhanced Gaming Community (Competitive , Casual)
  114. Clans/guilds
  115. LF Team/Group/Clan/Peoples to play with-Competitive/Fun NA (Eng/Fr)
  116. La NIID recrute du staff Paladins !
  117. [BR] Procurando grupo para jogar
  118. [NA] Team ODIN Recruiting Casual/Competitive Players Age 16+
  119. I need a team, casual role
  120. Community Gaming Clan Sks
  121. [GER] Suche Spieler
  122. [FR] orKs
  123. LFG casual, EU server
  124. [NA] Looking For PINOY Players!
  125. [ESP] Comunidad de juegos - ASEDIADORES (Casual)
  126. Hiho
  127. LF friendly friends
  128. Ger LFM
  129. [ESP] Novatos clan Paladins en espa
  130. LFT for Competitive play. Ying Main on NA
  131. [Ferox.pro] Looking for german Tank!
  132. Looking for a team to play competitive or casual - [UK/TR]
  133. Paladins Discord
  134. NA Paladins Team (Apply Here)
  135. [ Qualifer] Team Ferox search for international Tank-player
  136. LF Filthy Casuals U.S.
  137. Das deutsche eSport Team Ferox.pro sucht Dich!!
  138. Looking for NA team
  139. NA Team Recruiting
  140. EU team looking for PALADINS Roster - BrutalFissure
  141. Looking for group members EU
  142. Looking for Additional Players NA
  143. looking for a team
  144. Just looking for a casual group of gamers
  145. Looking for a team mate to play with? Check here
  146. Looking to make a competitive EU team for the qualifiers!
  147. Looking for A.M. players CDT (Texas)
  148. Looking For Players (NA)
  149. Looking to play with some people
  150. LF team for competitive play[EU]
  151. [NA] Looking for group (obviously to get disgusting and probably play competitively)
  152. Need friends! I use Teamspeak!
  153. casuals on curse!
  154. Looking for one more player to complete team for comp
  155. Buscando jugadores Hispano hablantes
  156. Team looking for a player that uses teamspeak or something a long those lines
  157. Looking for a casual group to play with
  158. Need more Paladin friends to play with
  159. Looking for Friend(s) to play with- I use discord
  160. LFG to play with :) #Discord
  161. Lfg eu
  162. Come join the Paladins Casual Community Discord Server!
  163. Looking for a group
  164. LF Someone
  165. Looking for a Team
  166. Looking for a group of guys to play with
  167. LFG/LFT from EU and Russian speaking!
  168. Looking for NA team
  169. Looking for NA team
  170. A Pip in need of friends
  171. Looking for Palz (NA)
  172. yes another i need fwends
  173. Cassie Player Looking For Friends
  174. [Ger] Looking for a Group!
  175. [EU] Turk oyuncular
  176. [EU/AUT/GER] Looking for people to play with!
  177. Lf team high exp. gogo :)
  178. Joueur Fr ??
  179. TAw is looking for NA players
  180. [GER] LFG to play with :p - I'm decent I guess
  181. Enough!!!
  182. LF people to enjoy the game with!
  183. Looking for relaxed players
  184. (PL) Zapraszam Polak
  185. We can play together! / Birlikte oynayabiliriz! [EU]
  186. Looking for a cooperative team
  187. Recruiting a group
  188. Recruiting a Team
  189. Nazdar Borci
  190. EU player LF friends
  191. Heja :)
  192. Dire Legion Now Recruiting
  193. Looking for people to joing Adria eSports
  194. LF Decent Players [EU]
  195. Discord server available for anyone who wants to join
  196. Looking for Clan NA server must have teamspeak
  197. Looking For A Long term Group!!! (NA Servers)
  198. Fever Clan Recruiting
  199. LF for EU and Ru players for funny teamplay
  200. Looking for a group.
  201. Looking for team
  202. LFT 32 lvl +
  203. LFT consistent and daily games with mics
  204. Above average player looking to have some fun.
  205. Team Salt
  206. Ardent Gaming is recruiting!
  207. LFT with CURSE VOICE
  208. Looking For A Team
  209. We can't ALL be above average...
  210. Inovacio communaute/multigaming fr
  211. Dire Legion Now Recruiting
  212. LF Competitive team
  213. LF Team EU
  214. *Final Alliance* 10 Years is recruiting!
  215. [CS] Cynical Squad recruiting Casual & Veteran players. (North America)
  216. looking for a group/making a group
  217. LF
  218. US - LF Skilled people to play with.
  219. LF people to play with [Casual/Semi-competitive]
  220. LFG Team
  221. Looking to get a group together for competitive play
  222. Looking for objective teamates
  223. Looking for people to play with
  224. Looking for a group
  225. LFG Players
  226. [LFG] for casual and whatsoever
  227. Looking for a team to play in the Summer Circuit!
  228. [NA] - Looking for competitive players. IGN: Bushwahkhan
  229. Looking for competitive members!
  230. Looking for a team
  231. Best paladins player in the world LF team
  232. Looking for Active , competitive team ! "EU"
  233. [EU] Team Nameless [Looking for a player]
  234. [eu] lft
  235. Looking for a team with comms.
  236. Looking for People to Play With (Casual and Competitively) [NA]
  237. Myth Makers is on The Hunt!
  238. Looking for some Latin American players
  239. Joker Squad (NA) Recruitment Forum!
  240. [EU] Old Paladins player is looking for a team !
  241. [EU] Old Paladins player is looking for a team !
  242. [NA]Looking for a 5th player for tournaments
  243. Looking for Group/Team
  244. Paladins got added as an official game at Bebux Community
  245. LFG ESL 18.00 EU ESL Match
  246. Dire Legion Now Recruiting
  247. Bebux Community Recruiting!
  248. Organized Guild: Unknown {Discord}
  249. LFG and Referral
  250. Rebound is now recruiting!