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  1. Playing TDM - Euro Server.
  2. Looking to make a team to start comp!
  3. Just and Eestern timer looking for some Paladins fun.
  4. Paladins Character Specific Discord Servers
  5. REthink! Looking for members to join
  6. Any1 from Balkan region?
  7. Looking for partners
  8. looking for competetive team
  9. I'm looking for someone to play battlegrounds with on the PTS
  10. looking to team up
  11. looking for teamates
  12. xbox one players LFG
  13. Xbox one North American Server players
  14. Experienced
  15. [NA] [PC] Looking for some good team mates in ranked
  16. New Mature Gaming community- HighGuyz.online
  17. [PC] Need 3 Players For Arcade
  18. [XONE][EU] Looking for a team to play some ranked and maybe go competitive
  19. [Xbox] Looking for players
  20. Looking for Healer Duo for BG (Top 10 Rank Goal)
  21. Lfg for competitive ps4
  22. Need one more player
  23. PC : looking for people to play ranked with (NA)
  24. [Xbox] Playing competitive tonight.
  25. You rock you rock you rock
  26. Looking for Players
  27. Tactical Team
  28. Looking for a team
  29. [PS4] [EU] Looking for people to play 5man casual
  30. [PC] Exultance Gaming looking for players
  31. [PS4] Looking for players for competitive
  32. Comp Player
  33. Europe Competetive Player's Search
  34. [PC/NA] New player Platinum 1 looking for casual/ranked teammates!
  35. help me help you
  36. Clan WarTeamColombia (WarTeamCol)
  37. Team Recruiting - Black Excalibur
  38. Looking for people in na or eu
  39. Looking for people to play with
  40. Players Level 65+ READ! PS4
  41. Looking for people to play ranked with(Southeast asia)
  42. Looking for people to play with [PS4]
  43. Need a team? Maverick Guard is recruiting.
  44. LFG in EU
  45. Looking For Players For Team
  46. [EU/PC] >>> Looking for a Mentor / Team - I want to get better! :)
  47. Hello Looking for romania players !
  48. Starting a discord group
  49. Starting a discord group
  50. Starting a discord group
  51. (Europe) Who wants to climb ranked season 2 together?
  52. Looking for team in EU
  53. Alt F Fear Multigaming (Deutsch)
  54. looking for competitive
  55. I’m planning an event (MAEVES ONLY) (PS4)
  56. Looking for a team Xbox one
  57. Paladins Discord Server (NA)
  58. EU PS4 Players Unite!
  59. Looking for a team Xbox one
  60. NA Ying LF season 2 team
  61. Looking for competitive group/teammate
  62. Na
  63. Recruitment for Team Tactical!
  64. Angehender Streamer sucht Leute zum Zocken
  65. Looking for SEA players
  66. Looking for Player or groups
  67. Looking for a mate or two
  68. Lfg [eu]
  69. LFG (based in Aus)
  70. Lfg {na} {pc}
  71. LF People EU to play with
  72. Recruiting for consoles comp (eSports)
  73. LFG - Plat 2 90 TP Looking for someone to group with
  74. Looking for people to play with
  75. Paladins Gruppe gesucht
  76. i am looking for new friends to play, and join discord
  77. Looking for duo partner for ranked (Diamond)
  78. Looking for people to do placements (platinums or diamonds in previous season)
  79. Exultance Gaming Community [NA PC]
  80. Looking for People.
  81. Need a friend to play with..
  82. Looking for Players to make a team!
  83. Republic of May looking to start a Paladins group/clan.
  84. Looking for a Team!
  85. Plat 3 75 Points Main tank Looking for team
  86. LF people to play with (PS4) Aus/SEA
  87. ICE AGE SURVIVORS Looking for new Member
  88. Giveaways (Battle Pass Give Aways ETC)
  89. Dutchies join discord and find people to play with!
  90. Looking for serious players on Xbox 1
  91. |Fever| - Clan Accepting New Members Become A |Fever| Member Today!
  92. Join my new Discord server!
  93. [SEA] Looking for People to Play Custom Games!
  94. Need Duo Partner For Masters Push (NA)
  95. New clan, looking for people
  96. Join our tiny discord group
  97. [PC] Mitspieler gesucht!
  98. Looking for Ps4 players (ranked)
  99. lokking for duo queue competitive
  100. Looking for a paladins team
  101. [ENG/GER] Diamond Player LF Team !
  102. [XBox/EU] Looking for/creating a team to play diamond+/- ranked
  103. Paladins LGBT+ Community Discord! :)
  104. PC/NA Looking for friends
  105. US night time xbox, support player LF team
  106. [EU] Experienced FPS gamer, new to Paladins LFG.
  107. [NA][PC] Looking for a group to run with in casual and competitive.
  108. [NA][PC] Looking for 3 more Squad member's [Comp][Casual]
  109. Lfg
  110. [EU][PC] Looking for a duo queue partner
  111. [NA][PC]Xenium~team Paladins Community Looking for fellow paladin players!
  112. Looking for a team or fellow gamers to play with
  113. 10k+ Discord, LF squads for Realm Royale? join!
  114. Realm Royale Team
  115. New player lf clan/friend to play with.
  116. Looking for referral friend!
  117. Looking for people to play some casual or ranked games with
  118. (NA)(PC) Looking for new team
  119. Interested in Joining a Competitive Team?
  120. Join the "Ascended Paladins Community" -Server
  121. I want to get the Pip Scientist skin and need help
  122. International Paladins Community [PC]
  123. Realm Royale LFG: Damage Inc is looking for players!
  124. I´m looking for a team. ( EU / Pc-Mac )
  125. Looking for people to q ranked
  126. Looking for people for competitive
  127. (NA) Looking to start a team
  128. Senshi of the Realm - We're looking for more players!
  129. Duo
  130. WINTER Clan Recruiting for Realm Royale!
  131. Awesome 200 Member Paladins Server with Tournaments and cool stuff!
  132. Help with qualifier matches!
  133. Looking for a friend
  134. Looking for friends / people to play with (:
  135. A Discord server for Maeve mains!
  136. Paladins Discord Reuploaded+Update
  137. PC Discord Server
  138. Battle Pass Group
  139. Looking for Team
  140. Searching 3 players to rank up
  141. Gaming Discord Server: Infernicity
  142. [NA/US] Open recruitment for Paladins for PC | KNG Discord Gaming Community (1400+)
  143. Looking for people who could help me finish a challenge!
  144. 2 Dudes Lfg "Shadow Warrior Trials"
  145. Looking for People to rank up
  146. Ranked
  147. LFG Switch
  148. LFG Switch NA
  149. Looking For Team
  150. Looking for a team (PC)
  151. Lfg Competitive group europe!
  152. Placements
  153. team up for challange
  154. looking for NA/PC Ranked group
  155. Lfg ranked
  156. PC Duo
  157. PS 4 player seeks team for ranked
  158. Battle Pass Kill Every Champion Help
  159. Looking for help in ranked aka carry me sempai
  160. PS4 placement matches
  161. FeverClan Is looking for more players to join!!
  162. NEW GROUP Glacius Paladins Guild
  163. Rare Invasion Gaming LFC
  164. Xbox One RIG
  165. PS4 placement matches
  166. looking for good players to play with
  167. recruitment for NA Pc Team
  168. LF people to play w/
  169. Looking for team or duo (:
  170. Looking for people to play with! (EU)
  171. CptHghStoner — ps4
  172. PC Pick-up-game server
  173. Xbox One: Looking for group or duo
  174. Nintendo Switch: Looking for a group to play competitive with.
  175. LFG PC.. Looking for a Group
  176. [LFG] PC Casuals (primarily SEA)
  177. Casual PS4 play
  178. Returning Player looking for friends [EU][PC]
  179. NA PC 25+ years of age group!Tired of the kids? (no offense) this is the group for u!
  180. Looking for group - ps4
  181. Is anyone looking for a player in there team
  182. Lfg ps4 add/inv educated_hunter
  183. New Team Looking for members [D2]
  184. [EU] [PC] - Looking for someone to get up to diamond
  185. [XBOX/Switch] Paladins Discord Chat
  186. Need a squad (Xbox one)
  187. SSRR clan seeking new members (SWITCH & PC)
  188. [MULTIPLATFORM] Underworld is recruiting new Paladins players !
  189. LFG casual duo que
  190. [EU] [PC] LF 3 players for future tournaments
  191. Xbox one playing now
  192. Looking for Players to join my private team!
  193. looking for group gold
  194. LFG PS4 NA Casual and Competitive -Zenoxious1914
  195. [EU][PS4][Ranked] Lf people to actively team up for ranked
  196. The Art of Warfare Clan [TAW] International Clan-Recruiting
  197. [EU] Looking for casual group
  198. [EU-PC] Casual games to pracc.
  199. [PC] [EU] Ranked casual team, I'm tank as main class
  200. [PC] LF casual play and ranked teammates
  201. LF Clan or Group (EU)
  202. Looking for a Ranked Buddy EU
  203. I need peoples to play with ..
  204. {EU} {PC} Looking for a team!
  205. [PC] Looking for a casual and/or ranked group on EU
  206. Looking for ranked Duo or Team
  207. [PC-NA] Platinum+ Competitive (Ying Main)
  208. Endoplasmatic is looking for members
  209. Looking for a group on PS4/PC
  210. LFG (Xbox one) Jmeech88 New player
  211. LFG Server Europe Chill casual game
  212. Infernicity Discord Server
  213. I need help in ranked "so many trolls in ranked i'm crying inside" T_T
  214. New player PS4 EU
  215. Lf good plat 1 players to reach together diamond.
  216. LF: NA PC - Tier 5 Encore Challenge
  217. "Calling PS4 & Xbox One Player" Giving Large Gift (PC) getting console skin for me.
  218. XBOX ranked/ casual looking for core group. Help a girl out :)
  219. LFG last challege battle pass 300000 heal plus damage
  220. [PC] LF friends/group to play with
  221. Looking for help
  222. (Xbox) Looking for help with 300k healing/damage challenge
  223. Discord Server, Paladins only
  224. Join our Ascended Community Discord Server!
  225. LFG 300k damage and healing challenge (SEA server)
  226. 300K dmg + heal challenge
  227. looking for people in SEA server
  228. Any New Zealand or Australian gamers out there?
  229. 300K Damage/Healing Challenge attempt tommrow at 3PM UK Time
  230. Looking for some fun!
  231. Getting and receiving advice discord server
  232. Need some players to play with and mess around.
  233. Damage and Heal players for 300,000 total in a single match
  234. LF People for the 300k Challenge
  235. [PS4] LFM to do the retarded 300k heal/damage battle pass quest
  236. [J3S] JAMBADOS! - Taking on Challenges that MIGHT MAKE us RAGE!
  237. HPG - Recruiting Pc Global 18 +
  238. [Pc] Community Italiana di Paladins
  239. Looking for players to play with on PS4
  240. Battle Pass 1 (2019) - Challenges
  241. Introducing TAW a Paladins Gamer Community!
  242. (Xbox) 300k challenge. Me and my friend needing help
  243. Looking for a ranked partner on switch
  244. Battle Pass "For Realm Alpha" 300k Dmg/Healing Challenge
  245. Im Pretty Bored. Trynna mess around.
  246. LFG PlayStation players
  247. Looking for a party
  248. Danslov - Looking to join or help create a group! [NA- PC]
  249. (XBOX) LF Casual Queue Companion(s)
  250. The Art Of warfare Paladins division is recruiting: