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  1. Looking for people to play new ranked!
  2. [EU] SequenceGG Gaming is Looking for You :)
  3. LFG ps4
  4. Looking for New Players
  5. Lunation eSports now opening for paladins members
  6. EU PS4 CASUAL LF like minded players.
  7. Looking for a team or people to play with
  8. LFG I'm Support Main
  9. New Multigaming Discord Group: The Beacon
  10. SEA Servier LF Partymates
  11. [EU|PC] SequenceGG Gaming is Looking for YOU!
  12. Looking for active NA PS4 players to team up
  13. looking for skilled ranked players with mic (NA - PC)
  14. Looking for some cooperative compt players!.(SEA)
  15. Lft ps4
  16. Ranked 2.0 Grind.
  17. LFG SEA Server
  18. 2.0 Plat LF comp geared grp.
  19. Looking for good people
  20. [TAW] The Art of Warfare's Recruitment Thread
  21. Looking for People to play with
  22. LF Duo Queue Partner Comp
  23. Casual/Semi Experienced
  24. Recruiting for Ranked 2.0 (NA PS4)
  25. [BMS] Black Mamba Squad | Recruitment Page
  26. LF Comp Team/People to Play With
  27. lf ranked partern
  28. Custom mode scrims for fun! join us!
  29. [EU] LF RANKED PREMADES (Silver)
  30. Ranked 2.0 buddies (open community!!!)
  31. lf for some chill people
  32. Looking for a team/clan EU
  33. Looking for group , 3-5 people ranked
  34. [LFG][PS4][BRAZIL] Fixed team
  35. Anyone want to group
  36. [PC|EU] SequenceGG Gaming Is Looking for YOU!!
  37. [PC][EU] Support / Tank looking for party
  38. LFG not so active group
  39. Plat 1 otw to diamond, LFG / Team
  40. Looking for Group.
  41. Looking for a group
  42. [NA|EU|PC|XBOX|PS4] SequenceGG Gaming Is Looking for YOU!!
  43. (NA) New multi-gaming Discord server seeking members!
  44. Busco jugadores de PC que les apetezca jugar en casuals o en competi (soy Diamante)
  45. Looking for a group, to play ranked (ps4)
  46. [PC] Flex player looking for a group / players to play comp
  47. BREEZ Clan - Recruiting now!
  48. [PC/NA] Plat looking for duo/group for comp
  49. CSGO player transition to Paladins
  50. LFG - Last one standing trophy !!
  51. Unofficial Paladins Forums Discord
  52. NEW !DISCORD for people who play paladins and a place to LFG
  53. InitioGaming, Internationl Gaming Community
  54. lvl 70 Diamond LFG/LFT (PS4)
  55. Looking for a group
  56. [PS4] [EU] Looking for people to play with
  57. [PC] [NA] LFG or duo
  58. [PS4][NA] Versatile Competitive Player LFT
  59. Lfg
  60. I'm considering Ranked
  61. Looking for A Gold + Group
  62. PC - LVL 81 - Gold - Just looking to play with some good people
  63. Lv 60: 3.3K rating (7/15 placement done) looking for fun, regular duo partner
  64. sick oh nubs
  65. Searching for golds (as low as possible) to play with
  66. EU PC - looking for players for competitive and tournaments
  67. EU Player looking for some comp help
  68. Platinum NA East Coast Need a Team
  69. looking for active team
  70. Gold V - NA - Support Main - lv 61
  71. Looking for Casual Party
  72. [PC][RO]Dead Immortals recrutează jucători Români !
  73. [LFG] - Diamond 2 / Masters Tank Main
  74. Looking for someone to do Comp. with
  75. Looking for group to play Casual with (EU, PC)
  76. Looking for PC players for Comp (EU time)
  77. Looking 4 Friends 4 Casual Games Au/NZ GMT+10
  78. need more skilled player
  79. MVP 9 of 10 games LFG
  80. Looking for a Team!
  81. Toxicity free Paladins Discord server
  82. Looking for people who play daily
  83. Gaming Discord for the Distinguished Murderer: Here for War
  84. Paladins open house event on The Beacon
  85. Help!
  86. Paladins group for people that want to team up with some people
  87. The Forum Discord Server!
  88. LF Duo
  89. Looking for folks to play with?
  90. InitioGaming
  91. Looking for hardcore Casual players
  92. For hardcore people
  93. Competitive Play
  94. Tails Only 4v4 Challenge Anyone?
  95. F 2 PC players from the balkan region
  96. [PC/NA] LF Friends To Play Casual/Competitive With, I Record
  97. 2-3 more PLAYERS [EU] G3
  98. Paladins: group
  99. Ps4 players
  100. LF4 Silver 3 + DuoQ +
  101. LF4 DuoQ Gold IV +
  102. LFG Fun gaming
  103. LFG competitive
  104. Oceanic Gaming Community
  105. Looking to create a "forum" team
  106. Master looking for smart & fun teamates
  107. LFG tired of poo players
  108. Anyone want to form a team?
  109. Looking For Gold 2 + DuoQ
  110. Looking for a Person to Play Comp With (PC on NA)
  111. Making a new team//or teams that need 2 players
  112. group
  113. TeamKelp WANTS YOU!
  114. Looking For Team
  115. Custom Discord Server
  116. EU platinum. looking for duo in competitive
  117. Low gold high silver
  118. Looking for Members: The Gaming Radar
  119. Looking for someone to play comp with(SEA)
  120. im looking for someone to play comp (EU)
  121. LF ps4 comp team
  122. Looking for Casual group To Play Comp With(US)
  123. Looking for a group [PS4] [Diamond Rank]
  124. Looking for PS4 NA for comp
  125. EU PC - Masters Player Flex all roles LFT
  126. [OCE] Alpha Crucis Discord
  127. PS4 Competitive
  128. Console LFG thread
  129. Looking for team for competitiv
  130. Looking for a legit team
  131. Looking for someone to make group with
  132. NightHawk Gaming
  133. (GER) TEAMSPEAK für Paladins (Mitspieler gesucht)
  134. halloween games
  135. Gaming Discord! Join Now!
  136. [EU- PC]The Parkzheimer Club recruits old farts
  138. Lfg
  139. Diamond looking for duo partners
  140. LFG to Play With :)
  141. Looking for additional players - Lunch Time EST
  142. LF Casuals to play with
  143. Cercasi Tank plat++
  144. PapaCarlos, looking for someone to play rank with
  145. SEA PC > looking for partner to play competitively
  146. Looking for casual group
  147. [EVENT] BottleRocketGaming hosting FreeView!
  148. Lfg quickplay
  149. Search for a team, my daily Paladins! /TS server
  150. Suche ein paar deutsche Spieler
  151. Looking for competitive group
  152. LF ppls for daily team ETG
  153. Looking for friends to party for whole weekend +20% xp and gold boost :)
  154. team needed
  155. LF Team: Support/Tank Main
  156. LFG for casual
  157. Ищу пати и друзей
  158. Paladins Discord server
  159. Help for competitive
  160. Team TalonHawks
  161. PGS or team sub
  162. LFG EU competitive
  163. Lft na ps4
  164. LFG EU PC - Play most evenings
  165. Need Team To WIN
  166. LF A Team to Grind Ranked with. Just placed Gold IV
  167. Healer main lf Gold comp friends PC-EU
  168. PS4 Platinum Looking for Team
  169. Diamond looking for a player to rankeds
  170. Support player looking for team
  171. Looking for group [SEA]
  172. flex player looking for team ^^ eu
  173. The Knights Of The Red Blood Gaming Community 18+ is Recruiting!
  174. Looking for people to Comp with. (NA)
  175. EU - PS4 - LF competitive
  176. Paladins Power Group (Pt/Br LGBT+ COMMUNITY)
  177. LFG NA Player
  178. [PC][EU] Flex looking for a team
  179. [PC/EU] LFT to Scrim/eSports with - Main Flank @ Master
  180. Looking for a Organization
  181. [PS4] Looking For Achievement Boosters! Last Man Standing and Bounty Hunter!
  182. [SEA] Looking for good teammates to play competitive
  183. Group for VIP grind.
  184. Never solo queue! Searching for platiums or golds to carry.
  185. PTS Friends For This Weekend
  186. Diamond player: looking for ppl to play with
  187. Multigaming community with 1400+ members. JOIN!
  188. Looking for a team to join or to create a team
  189. Ps4 Teammates w/ mics
  190. Looking for a teammate
  191. Looking for a teammate so I don't feel lonely when Matchmaking ***** me over
  192. [RECRUITING] SEA Team Member!
  193. Looking for people to play with. (lvl 10)
  194. Lf daily ranked duo or group q (brained people only)
  195. Romanian Tournament
  196. [Playing Paladins with other Players]
  197. I'm currently training for competitive (mainly as fernando)
  198. Sleepy Community Discord Server
  199. Judgement Day (6/10 Players) 'Forum' Game Sign-ups
  200. LF Ps4 Paladins Team
  201. Lf active NA serv duo que
  202. Discord server for the hardcore
  203. New Player Looking for People to Play With!
  204. Looking for Comp team
  205. Lets play Competitive!!!
  206. Looking for decent people to play with
  207. LF players with Golden Weapons
  208. LFG for paladins
  209. Returning Player LFG
  210. Looking for a Team [PC]
  211. Looking For Friends
  212. Looking for some chill people to play [EU]
  213. [LFT][PC][NA] Player looking for Team.
  214. LFG Permanent group
  215. LFG Permanent group
  216. Looking for some friends
  217. Searching for a team.
  218. Creating Team
  219. Looking for a squad
  220. Looking for players who want to play just for fun
  221. Returning NA player looking for people to play with
  222. LFG getting out of bronze avoiding trolls/noobs
  223. Looking for Competitive Group [NA, late nights]
  224. Looking for friends
  225. EU team members for casual and competitive
  226. Looking for people to play with! SEA server
  227. Looking for average players
  228. Looking for teammate(s) in casual and/or competetive mode (EU)
  229. Creating An E-sports Team
  230. Looking For Friends
  231. Looking for some people to play with.
  232. PS4 EU - Looking for a Support Main to join in the new Competitive.
  233. How to rank up ?
  234. NA XBone Frontline & Flank looking for people to help me learn
  235. Looking for team (not professional) EU
  236. FeverClan Is looking for more players to join!!
  237. [PC, EU] Looking for teammate to grind ladder.
  238. Looking for Friends
  239. New-ish player lfg to climb comp
  240. Looking for a team To play with
  241. PS4 EU - New player looking for people to play with
  242. Xbox1 na lfm
  243. Keyon Blackblade's Public Paladins Discord Server
  244. Creating a group To get high in rank !!
  245. [EUW] "Newbie" looking for an active discord community!
  246. Anyone wanna play at 8:30 pst?
  247. Looking for decent players for ranked!
  248. hi looking to my first party ever.
  249. Anyone About?
  250. Lookin to make a team