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  1. Playing from Europe Servers
  2. Casual//NA Server//No Drama Llama//Family Friendly
  3. Trying to find someone to play it (casuals), im a girl, decent player.
  4. LF> Comp / Casual Players
  5. NA- tank/healer LF a place to be
  6. Lf balkan people to play
  7. Looking for casual/ comp players
  8. Against All Odds(A2O Gaming) is Recruiting!
  9. serious question
  10. [TAW] The Art of Warfare's Recruitment Thread
  11. nSanityGaming cerca persone competitive (Italian Multi-Gaming)
  12. Group for Casual/Ranked play
  13. Comps
  14. Adult Gaming Group Looking for Paladins Players.
  15. Looking for Indian paladins players
  16. Looking for players to join a team
  17. Looking for Casuals xD
  18. Looking for Casuals Team on NA server
  19. 5v5 Clan war
  20. Looking For a Competitive Team! Friendly Player
  21. Looking for team NA
  22. LFG European Time zone
  23. pls, im tired of being paired with scrubs, i just want a good play to competetive q
  24. LFG Casual (NA server)
  25. Looking for good players to make a team (NA Only) Please no Trolls
  26. Newly clan looking for players!
  27. STORM Community
  28. Trying to fit in a serious team
  29. Looking for EU Competitive Team
  30. Looking for Comp Team
  31. PTS lfg
  32. Tired of Casual/Competitive dumbness [BR/NA]
  33. Looking for players to grind Casual/Comp! (NA)
  34. Newly clan looking for active members:cool:
  35. Look for a Serious Team
  36. LF Hardcore players
  37. [SEA] Looking For Players / Team
  38. Looking for comp group that uses discord
  39. LFT, Europe.
  40. LF Clan or People to play with
  41. Looking for Comp Partners! EU
  42. New player looking for clan or group with voice coms. I have all VOIP programs.
  43. Xbox Beta Players!!
  44. Looking for some decent comp players[NA]
  45. f0rtt look for good group [PT/EU]
  46. Looking for people to play with
  47. (NEED MODS) Unofficial Paladins Discord
  48. Looking for a competitive team
  49. Looking for players to play competitive with
  50. LFG - Eu - Check inside!
  51. [EU] Leyyweak, looking for E-Sports Team
  52. Looking for a group of people who want to play AS A TEAM!
  53. South African players
  54. E-Sports Team E2N Recruiting!
  55. [Australia] - Anyone interested in grouping? (Discord)
  56. Looking for mates tu play with!
  57. LFG>Decent SEA players
  58. [NA]Grohk, Fernanda, Viktor, Ruckus, Ying. LF anyone who can coordinate and isn't bad
  59. Peacekeepers
  60. [NA] lft / lfc / lfg
  61. Looking for a Comp Group
  62. Casual group! Somewhat active and chill.
  63. 20r Clan is recruiting!!
  64. Looking for a consistent group
  65. Over 30 Semi/Competitive - Casual Clan
  66. Looking for people from balkan/eu (casual & comp)
  67. Looking to escape the solo que garbage.
  68. Any South Africans?
  69. Looking for skilled team // 4.6k rating now
  70. Where are the PS4 Players?
  71. PlayItHard Cherche Joueurs
  72. Lf> team sea support role here!
  73. Team SB E-SPORT Recruiting !
  74. Looking for group
  75. Team diversity looking for more people to join our community
  76. [AUS] ESL Team Sanctum
  77. Support (Ghrohk main) looking for partner for comp games
  78. Bloodthirsty gaming
  79. BLOODTHIRSTY GAMING application link
  80. [NA] Team Bloodsyn
  81. Looking for team 5k rating +
  82. Looking For Semi-Pro team! Diamond+
  83. ESL Team
  84. 20r ESL Team Recruiting (AUS)
  85. Experienced Overwatch players LFG
  86. LFG for GGN Comp.
  87. Hey, New to Comp. looking for group.
  88. LF Recruit a friend
  89. New Player Looking for New Friends!
  90. Looking FOR a clan/group???? came to the right place!
  91. Newer Player Seeking People to Play With
  92. The Black Rose - New Paladins Section (Hop on & get into matches!)
  93. LF a player to add as REFERRER
  94. New player Lv.8 Looking for teammates
  96. [EU] Looking for a Team.
  97. Looking for a pro Team [ EUROPE ]
  98. Party for Casual and Competative Games
  99. Lol need some peeps that know how to capture a point. :P
  100. LFG - Casual play, Group Bonus, Super Chill
  101. Starting a team
  102. Looking For Some Friendly/Chill People Who Like To Have Fun! [EU]/[UK]
  103. [AUS] 20r Community - Casual & Competitive - Group play - All welcome
  104. Looking for 2 People to join our team
  105. [EU] Flex Player. Main Frontliner LF Team
  106. Looking for a group
  107. Dansker Søges til team og hygge
  108. Competitive Team Looking For Players
  109. PvE on the PTS
  110. LFM for a new casual/comp group for any and all players
  111. Looking For Players With Intelligence
  112. Lanes Initiative is recruiting!
  113. Looking for 5v5 scrim tonight 8-11pm est.
  114. Looking for a duo comp partner
  115. Sanctum Italia cerca Team ed utenti singoli! Dati Teamspeak 3: ts3.sanctumitalia.it
  116. Looking for Team UGDryzzen here
  117. [italia][EU] LoserS Team Paladins Recruiting for ESL and GGN
  118. LFG EU Frozen Frenzy 4.9k
  119. Looking for casual, mature players! Discord or Skype!
  120. Looking For Group
  121. Looking for active people from Croatia/Bosnia/Serbia/Slovenia
  122. Hate Solo Queue? Add players from this Steam group
  123. LF a Competitive Team/Casual
  124. Looking for good and smart competitive group.
  125. chatting while playing
  126. looking for a competitive team
  127. Looking for a Team to play with
  128. [EU] Looking for ESL/GGN/Esports Team
  129. Equipe Centurions precisa de dois players
  130. Frustrated Front Line Seeks Steady Support
  131. Looking for casual and maybe competetive ps4 players
  132. Looking for people to play with on PC
  133. Looking for Casual Premades
  134. [EU] Front liner looking for serious team to play tournaments with etc
  135. [NA] Exultance Gaming building a team
  136. LFG North America
  137. Looking for duo Competitive
  138. [EU] LoserS Team Paladins Recruiting for ESL and GGN Tournaments:
  139. Looking for a team
  140. Id like to find a team for serious competitive play
  141. Looking for team
  142. New to the game, looking to explore eSports side
  143. Lfg
  144. Signature Gaming Looking For Tank Main
  145. Szukam graczy do drużyny!
  146. Looking for more players for 5-man premade casual queue
  147. LF Steam Friends or clan to play with!!! please add me
  148. (PC) LF casual yet serious clan
  149. LFG Comp. 4k+ [EU][18+]
  150. [FR] French player looking for a team [English spoken]
  151. LF 2 Dutch players
  152. Signature Gaming Looking for DPS/FLANK Main
  154. Procurando Time ( BR )
  155. Need team
  156. Looking for active team for competitive
  157. North American Player looking for a team
  158. LFG for Casual and Competitive
  159. Coldfire Gaming| Looking for Paladin Players
  160. Team Gründung! (German)
  161. Is THIS your problem in competitive? Read now and find the (Possible) Answers today!
  162. Looking for good peeps to party up for gold/exp bonus
  163. Need comptetive team Diamond/Master ranks and up. 4.2K+ elo/rating
  164. Willing to join a team: Frontline and Support main
  165. Team KINGS is now recruiting
  166. Lf duo!
  167. LFG | NA | Discord | 8pm EST - 11pm EST
  168. Paladins Philippines Community
  169. LF teammate to unlock "250 hours" achievement
  170. LATINOS nuevos en el juego
  171. New French player LFG
  172. Lfg
  173. Lookin for spanish people
  174. kanenas ellhnas n pezoume?(any greek ppl to play together?)
  175. Recruiting For Team.
  176. LF mature people | NA | Casual Player
  177. Ossuby LFT [EU] - Serious Team!
  178. HydruS eSports - Looking for a Paladins Team
  179. R3M Gaming is recruiting!
  180. LFG ESports/Competitve
  181. LightCombatGaming Recruiting NOW (North America Only Currently)
  182. Recruiting North American Team
  183. Looking for a Team
  184. NA Project X Recruiting 2 Players for Scrims/Tourny
  185. Older player looking to group with older-ish players (NA/English speaking only)
  186. Diversity Paladins group
  187. ⌠SH.Ø.T⌡ Recruitment
  188. Looking For People to Play With/Refer
  189. Hey join me
  190. (NA) Resolute.GG is recruiting for a Paladins team!
  191. Competitive Team- Join Here
  192. Looking for decent team
  193. Discord Server Available for Team play
  194. LFG Competitve players
  195. Clan Italiano Multigaming “Moon Raiders”
  196. might start a team
  197. Pro forumers team
  198. Opnation is looking for members (14+)
  199. Looking for a Tank/DPS to Comp with 4k+ rating
  200. Solo player needs a team/players (EU)
  201. Looking for Grahk Bustin pros.
  202. KONVICT GAMING - EU/NA/OC - Multi-National 5000+
  203. Good player need ranked partner
  204. Recruiting For a Team
  205. Looking for a PS4 Team/Group
  206. "Clan BlackBox needs player"
  207. Looking for a competitive partner!
  208. New here looking for a fun adn competitive team!!
  209. Team Illuminate- Discord and Recruit
  210. Xbox 1 beta LFG
  211. Need Friends
  212. XB1 Looking to start comp team
  213. Looking for Xb1 team
  214. LF duo.
  215. LFG Xbox 1
  216. Looking for multiple friends to play with
  217. Look for PS4 Players
  218. Need slaves
  219. Looking for/Making a Paladins team
  220. Paladins Clan | The Hall Monitors
  221. Coalition of Chaos Wants You!
  222. NA LF Main Healer 4.5+ MMR with alot of Experience in Paladins
  223. Looking for Players!
  224. Team Arid Recruitment.
  225. Looking for players on PC
  226. Looking for Casual & Competitive players! (Teamspeak)
  227. Looking for PC players
  228. lfp - top gunners - France Top Roster
  229. LFG casuals to play with
  230. Viper Gaming Recruiting [EU]
  231. Procurando jogador Flanco/Dano para time
  232. LF Duo/premade for ranked.
  233. Looking for 3
  234. Reset gaming come join.
  235. PC - Europe (evenings)
  236. LF casual mature players in Europe :)
  237. Competive players !!
  238. LFG for competitive (Tank player)
  239. Looking for a duo (COMPETITIVE)
  240. LFG Pve
  241. Any Australian players?
  242. LFG For Causal/Competiitive games
  243. Looking for players to create a team
  244. LFG for Xbox Players
  245. Looking for xbox one players
  246. TF2 and Paladins, sitting in a tree, P-L-A-Y-I-N-G!
  247. Need partner for competitive?! Read
  248. Paladins Discord Server [not official] - The Dragon's Den
  249. southeast asia group!!
  250. LF old salty assholes to group up with