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  1. Referral
  2. [Eu] Looking for a Team.
  3. Moar m8s
  4. Dire Legion is Recruiting
  5. [EU] Looking for Group
  6. looking for a pro team
  7. [EU] Looking for Group/Clan/Team
  8. French player LF Team
  9. ENG Looking For Team <competetive>
  10. Looking for NA players
  11. [EU]LFG ambitions players/team
  12. looking for some guys to play with (NA)
  13. Black Rose Gaming Community - No Instant Sign-up, Lots of Events, Events, Prizes
  14. Na lfg
  15. [EU] Serbia, looking for people to play with (and grind achievements)
  16. NA looking for people to play with
  17. Looking for a populous group / guild to find people to play with!
  18. LFT - Ex-Smite Semi Pro
  19. Busco Grupo / LFG / ESP/ENG
  20. Disparity (EU) - 18+
  21. Mind Ctrl Is Recruiting!
  22. Looking for serious team
  23. LFT Team or players
  24. Oceania, Australia, New Zealand Paladins Discord
  25. Portuguese players wanted!
  26. Looking for people to play with
  27. [Clan] Pantheon
  28. Looking for above average skilled players for a team.
  29. Looking for players with intentions to play with and improve (no experience required)
  30. [ITA] nSanityGaming al Rapporto (Multi-Gaming Italian)
  31. Lfg/lft(youtuber with experience!)
  32. Looking for UK/EU players to make a comp team.
  33. Looking to win Tournaments. NA
  34. LF team/players [EU]
  35. The Gravity Clan, recruiting new or experienced players!
  36. Looking for 2 Solid Players
  37. [LFG] English Language
  38. LFM players to play with
  39. [eu] lfg!
  40. North American Discord Group
  41. Paladins Discord Server
  42. Looking for group (obviously)
  43. LFG Spanish people
  44. (DPS / Flanker) LF Team. (Europe)
  45. In need of a frontline & support.
  46. Support Main LFG NA
  47. LFG Europe (EU) Mega Party/Group Thread - People You Want To Play With
  48. Support/Front Line LFG (EU)
  49. Looking for players for serious team.
  50. EU - Asterix Gaming - Paladins Team - NEED PLAYERS
  51. Warlords(GamingCommunity)
  52. LFM AUS/NZ players
  53. Looking for decent people to play with!
  54. Alright boys... I need some killers! NA
  55. Comp player lf team can play any role needed
  56. NA Low exp High Mechanical Skill player lf Comp team to improve with
  57. Flanker lft/lfg
  58. French Healer LF Competitive Team ( tournament etc ... ) +18
  59. Looking for Arab group, any arabs here around ?
  60. Looking for people to play with (SEA server)
  61. (EU UK) Looking to group, improve and possibly compete
  62. Support LFG [EU]
  63. ✎ Sanctum Multigaming Italia mette a disposizione una sezione Paladins
  64. Join Us Today To Group With Other Players!
  65. [NA] Looking for good, friendly friends to play Casuals/Comp with!
  66. Looking For group to improve and have fun with.
  67. Looking for team
  68. Any SEA players playing?
  69. looking for team/players to play comp
  70. looking for Friendly (25+ age) casual group with TS
  71. [SEA] Just Looking for Friendly Player
  72. Looking for friends!
  73. Well rounded player Looking for a competitive team
  74. AU Players
  75. Looking for Competitive Friends!
  76. (br) lfg/procurando grupo/jogadores
  77. Набор в команду
  78. [LAT] LFG/ Argentina
  79. Paladins Gaming Community! Join Us!
  80. Comp player lf team Pref Damage Role but can play everything Read below
  81. Experienced shooter looking for a fitting group.
  82. Oldschool CS player looking for group to play with
  84. Asterix Gaming - Join our Paladins Community Today - Many Active Players
  85. Somewhat pro (plat/diamond) Looking for Comp Team
  86. LFG to get ready for rankeds :D
  87. New Paladins team forming in NA! Dedicated Players Needed!
  88. Starting Esport Team [EU]
  89. Young Boy with big dreams
  90. Ruzzly call!
  91. [Aus] looking for friendly group
  92. DPS/Flanker LFTeam NA/EST
  93. Looking for a group
  94. Legion Clan
  95. Looking for a group to play with
  96. Paladins Australia
  97. ESPaladins [Clan HISPANOHABLANTE] Spanish Clan
  98. LFG i only want to win , i play as tanker. WIN WIN WIN
  99. Looking team
  100. Looking for team
  101. ~~~~~ Serious Team In Search For Serious Players! NA & EU ~~~~~
  102. My friend and I are looking for a group
  103. Looking for Australian team-mates !
  104. New player LFyg
  105. New laid back fun team (NA)
  106. Looking for ppl to play with. Add me
  107. Staring new Discord Server for Paladins. Link Below
  108. Hi guys looking for a team to play with
  109. Discord channel for SEA players
  110. [AUS] Threat down Under recruiting
  111. Looking for actual people to play with
  112. NA looking for people to play with (Discord voice chat)
  113. [NA] 3800+ MMR Level 33 LFG
  114. Lfg or Team
  115. Starting new Casual Team !
  116. EU - Support personthinger is looking to join a team/group
  117. GER - Clan/Teamsuche - 18+
  118. [ARG] Clan Argos Reclutando! +16
  119. Looking for players/clan members
  120. Looking for new friends to play with!
  121. Lf team/clan for ranked games.
  122. Eu team looking for players
  123. AU looking for team!
  124. New UK/EU based team starting up!
  125. Looking to play? Discord!
  126. Casual
  127. Llooking for people 18+ to play with.
  128. Looking for a team (EU/PT)
  129. Looking for NA Team
  130. Looking for group!
  131. Barik Main LF Fernando and Makao Mains for Competitive
  132. Team Idea
  133. Looking for a team
  134. Looking for a full 5 team
  135. Looking for players
  136. The Rising Phoenix is recruiting
  137. Looking for players to play with/otsime inimesi kellega mängida
  138. Looking for other bad players
  139. Support LF Steady Group with a Competitive Mindset - NA
  140. creating a team
  141. The Prodigy Crew - Recruitment Open[EU]
  142. For Your Duo Que needs And wants
  143. Paterno Gaming Community is building up a Paladins section
  144. Need players to play with
  145. Anybody want to hang out and play a few matches?
  146. New guild
  147. Dire Legion Now Recruiting
  148. Searching for three players to play competitive with
  149. LF Guild (GER / ENG)
  150. Experience Youtuber widd 170 Subs|| Approaching competitive
  151. Looking for someone to play ranked with
  152. TAW probably needs U!
  153. Paladins North America Facebook Group!
  154. Deutsche Spieler Gruppe gesucht
  155. Looking for a chill group
  156. Any danish people ?
  157. LFG or friends to play with. I have Steam.
  158. Looking for a team!
  159. Looking for portuguese players for team
  160. Support Main LFM Competitive Focused Players - NA
  161. [FR] Création d'un petit groupe
  162. LF duo partner for high elo grinds
  163. Oceania Clan/Team Start Up
  164. [EU] Damage/Support looking for people to play with.
  165. Looking to improve with other players!!
  166. lfg NA region.
  167. I am looking for an English Speaking Group
  168. Competitive Team
  169. Lfg cz/sk neumim moc inglišky competitive play !!!!
  170. Italy players
  171. Anyone want to play for fun or competitively?
  172. i need guy to duo / szukam do duo
  173. [CRO] Prvi hrvatski guild?
  174. Fft raitng/tournaments eu [looking for skilled players, ge in cs:go]
  175. Bloodthirsty gaming
  176. {LFG} In america like to play at night
  177. Lfg duo eu
  178. Looking for EU Team / Group
  179. Like everyone here: LFG/Team/Clan/Guild/What Have You
  180. hi from a lonely supp
  181. Frontline/Supp Main LF Duo for Ladder Climb
  182. LF> Duo/Group for party play.
  183. New and LFG or Clan
  184. LF Duo, Serious players but no ragers - Know how to play the game
  185. LF Competitive
  186. Paladins Party
  187. Community for Casual gaming and gamers [Adventurous Gamers] - not clan recruitment
  188. EU/UK Discord Team
  189. Romanian Flanker needs a team
  190. Lfp +1 eu
  191. NurVe Gaming Recruiting
  192. Busco gente para crear un clan
  193. Multi-Gaming Clan Looking to Start Paladins
  194. Como Crear un Clan??
  195. Help
  196. Se busca gente para un equipo competitivo
  197. ITG recruiting new members mostly needed Front Line
  198. Looking for people to play comp with.
  199. Oceanic Group
  200. LFDuo , 4200+ rating
  201. Looking for Comp duo
  202. Looking for Group or Clan to Play With
  203. lft for competitive
  204. Three looking for two more serious players
  205. Team LF 2
  206. looking for group of unranked
  207. paladins discord
  208. Looking For US/Canada players of any skill/experience level
  209. Deutscher Discord Server
  210. NA LF Competitve Group
  211. Looking for group to play with? Check out Clan Overdosed Gaming!
  212. Looking for a serious practice group.
  213. Looking for a casual group
  214. [Clan] TBD
  215. LF Casual gamers to play with
  216. Looking for Group (Main Barik)
  217. paladins discord
  218. LF Competitive Group
  219. Looking for a team to play Comp EU
  220. Looking for Competetive Clan,ESL,Circuit challenger, and more turnaments.
  221. Support LFG
  222. LF duo
  223. Main Tank/Frontliner looking for Team Ger/EN
  224. Virtual Elysium [NA]
  225. Healer/support LFG
  226. [LFM] Vecinos | LATAM
  227. 2 Players looking to make a team!
  228. Looking for Comp players
  229. [LFG] SEA Server - Casual Game & Rank ( Soon )
  230. Clan Marine is Looking for Players to play Competitive matches
  231. LF a couple of mature people to play with.
  232. Support/Damage LFG
  233. LF duo
  234. Looking for a friend on Eu? For casuals and fuuuun? :D
  235. New Player LFG (Casual & Eventually Competitive)
  236. Gonna be esports one day
  237. New player lfg
  238. Looking for casual players!
  239. LFG, friends, mb clan (EU)
  240. Comp/Casual mature players
  241. Another lfg
  242. Procuro pessoas para jogar junto
  243. Any decent players (4,700+ CR, or someone 4,000'ish with bad luck) [29/11/2016]
  244. Looking for Aussie players to group with
  245. Looking for comp/casual players to play with
  246. tired of playing with casuals
  247. Looking for some people to play with
  248. LF People To Play Comps With
  249. LFP to Rock n' Roll WITH! :D
  250. LFG on BR/NA server