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  1. Looking for serious N/A players.
  2. What's the status on PUGs?
  3. Lf team! (na)
  4. Barik Specialist/Support LF team
  5. LF 2 teammembers for competitive(EU)
  6. Looking for 2 more (EU)
  7. Any Spanish players?
  8. Looking for team NA
  9. LFT NA competitive
  10. busco jugadores para equipo EU
  11. Lit Gaming is possibly recruiting 2 or 3 players for some competitive play.
  12. Triatic Gaming Recruiting For A Team And Casual
  13. NA LFT serious player.
  14. Canadian Looking for Competitive Team (NA)
  15. [FR / EU] Building Up a team
  16. [NA/Latam] Professional eSports commentator lf team willing to win the whole thing.
  17. Creating NA Competitive Team
  18. Looking for Founder's Tournament oriented team (EU)
  19. OPINION: Is it necessarily good to recruit players w/ prior FPS experience?
  20. NADropsvolt eSports is LF players who can play 10+ hours daily for sponsored pro team
  21. Looking for 3 Members
  22. Competitive TF2 Player Looking for Founder's Tournament oriented team (EU)
  23. 3 do team
  24. [EU] Tank/Supports main LFT
  25. Looking for esports team!
  26. Centralized place to look for 5v5's, teams and players and anything competitive!
  27. [NA] 24, Competitive/Semi-Pro experience looking for a team
  28. Lf finnish players
  29. LF NA Competitive Team, Highly Adaptable, Hardworking, Can Play 6 Champs Viably
  30. [N/A] Team need 2 having try-outs
  31. LFTeam To practice With and play in Competitions
  32. Starting/Looking for NA Competitive Team
  33. Looking for a team[NA]Serious teams only please
  34. Any PUG going?
  35. Lit Gaming is possibly recruiting 3 players for some competitive play.
  36. Looking for a team to play with EU
  37. [StormPlayers] Equipo Hispano/Latino
  38. [EU] German lookin for Team
  39. What's the meta?
  40. LF NA Team.
  41. NA Paladins player looking for team for the Founders Tourny
  42. NA Paladins player looking for team for the tournement
  43. Looking for competitive team aiming for #1
  44. Competitive Team List Compilation
  45. LF Scrim partners
  46. Se busca gente para equipo competitivo serio
  47. EU player searching a team
  48. Spanish EU player looking for competitive team
  49. EU Player Looking for Hardcore Team
  50. [EU] Looking for competitive team
  51. [NA] Need 1 or 2 members for competitive team, currently have a Smite pro on our team
  52. [NA] Looking to face other teams
  53. [EU] Looking for competitive team - [Info in post]
  54. Tank looking for team that wants to win it all.
  55. [EU] Looking for Polish players to make a competitive team
  56. [EU] LFT - either PL/ENG
  57. [DK / EU] Top Tier Team is assembling
  58. [EU] Looking for competetive team for the tournament
  59. [EU] Looking for a team
  60. [NA] Starting a competitive team [Name undecided]
  61. looking for competitive team
  62. Looking for Competitive NA team
  63. Should the competitive community introduce a card banlist?
  64. NA team looking for serious Players!
  65. [EU] Looking for a competitive team
  66. [NA] I'm Looking for competitive team
  67. LF NA Competitive Team, Highly Adaptable, Hardworking, Can Play Most Champs Viably
  68. Hi Looking for German/EU/NA players to sign up with.
  69. [EU] Mature Team Recruiting Any Players (THE GRUMPS)
  70. [NA] Looking for mexican players (lvl 20+)
  71. Founders Tournament Information
  72. [NA] Looking for a team, I main Tank/Support.
  73. Lf german speaking players for serious Team !!!
  74. lf1m eu ultra skilled grohk with 24/7 playtime.
  75. [NA + EU] Weekly Paladins Draft Saturday Night Tournament Hosted by DVG
  76. Lf players to PLAY AGAINST [A team preferably]
  77. Competetive Scrimming
  78. [EU] Lf european team that wishes to play competitively
  79. [ GTeam Academy : Paladin ] Looking to scrim with teams from NA & EU servers
  80. Seek team for challenge match
  81. Looking for an EU team.
  82. (EU) looking for a team
  83. |EU| looking for competive team IGN wohlk
  84. NA Pro Looking For Team - LvL 18
  85. NA Player LFT interested in Founder's Tourney
  86. [EU] LF competitive team
  87. (NA) LFT for founders tourney
  88. [FR] Seek Talent to build the best FR team
  89. [EU] Looking for german or english team
  90. NA - Looking for 5 more to grind in CM
  91. Looking for a semi-serious team
  92. DropsVolt Gaming Weekly Draft Night
  93. LF (Tourney) Team
  94. DropsVolt Gaming still looking for top notch players
  95. Competitive team / Equipo competitivo
  96. Equipo Espa
  97. Paladins World Tournament! Finals: b2b vs. WPG
  98. NA East Coast player looking to join existing team or start new one for Tournament
  99. looking for a skilled team
  100. NA - Looking for 5 more to grind in CM
  101. Lizard looking for a new home
  102. [EU] LFT 3 people
  103. US Team LF Players
  104. [NA] Looking to start a new team.
  105. Equipo Espa
  106. [Teamaufbau] Deutsches Competitive Team
  107. The Search for #1 EU Players
  108. [US / West] Building Team
  109. Clan espa
  110. BIG Gaming busca 3 miembros para team desde 0
  111. LF Pro team for Founders Tournament
  112. EU Player Who Speaks English (and from there)
  113. Looking for a team.
  114. Na est lft!!!
  115. Tournament question
  116. Player looking for team with HIGH Competitive exp. [EU]
  117. LF tournament team
  118. Lf a team
  119. Team
  120. Buck main LF team
  121. Joining a team
  122. [DK] looking to make a Danish team
  123. [FR ONLY] Cr
  124. Looking For A Team For Competitive
  125. Looking for a NA team.
  126. LF Competitive team
  127. Looking to start an N/A competitive team
  128. LF competitive/tournament team
  129. Seek team for scrim / Cherche team pour jou
  130. Ripple Esports is Searching for Highly Competitive Players
  131. Coaction Gaming looking for 1 Player
  132. Looking for a team (NA)
  133. Dire Diplomacy Looking For One Player
  134. Djinn Gaming Looking for Competitive Players
  135. [NA] Looking for good Competitive team.
  136. [PL] Two Poles searching for an org/team that they can join
  137. Lf a team or others to start a team for anything from daily games to tournaments.
  138. Tournament #1 [kawaii sports gaming] [prizes]
  139. Zero-fear gaming is recruiting
  140. [NA] Team looking for someone that actually is good
  141. NA Looking for Good Players
  142. Need Serious Team for Tournaments
  143. Looking for people for NA Team
  144. Looking for team
  145. Looking to make a team!
  146. Committed player looking for a committed team.
  147. Evie main LF team
  148. [NA] Pandorum Gaming Seeks Teams
  149. Fate eSport is searching for a full time Coach [EU]
  150. Arcem esports [FIN]
  151. Ground Zero is looking to enter Paladins!
  152. LF a team. NA
  153. SunkenCitySalt International Tournament Sunday! Still Time To Join!
  154. [EU] I looking for a team [FR/EN]
  155. [US] Team in need of only 1 player!
  156. G to start forming a team to go Competitive
  157. Starting an NA team.
  158. Going Competitive, Need 2 More [North America]
  159. [EU] Searching for players/squad
  160. [eu] Looking for team; evie main; experienced.
  161. [EU]Experienced MMO/FPS Player, Looking For Team
  162. [FR] Team 4x4=12 cherche un 5th joueur
  163. [EU] Trying to put a team together, anyone interested?
  164. Thinking about joining a team.
  165. looking for a high team
  166. Zero Fear Gaming looking for competitive and casual players
  167. [F/A] Mr White
  168. Competative player LF an ACTIVE competative group
  169. Team looking for more.
  170. Zero Fear Gaming
  171. ZFG Looking to fill Main roster spots
  172. Team francaise ambition profesionel
  173. ZFG Looking to fill Main roster spots
  174. Team Solace recruiting.
  175. ZFG Looking to Fill Main Roster
  176. Zfg
  177. I looking for a team (FR/EN)
  178. [EU] Competitive player looking to join a team or create one
  179. Champion counters
  180. Serpentine is Recruiting!
  181. OG KUSH is looking for EU players
  182. [FR] Animeria Community Gaming Recrute
  183. English 'highly skilled' player/streamer looking for high end competitive team!
  184. [FR] NIID Team francaise recrute / NIID French team recruiting
  185. Skilled american player looking for team.
  186. Team Recruiting name undecided
  187. Searching for a team
  188. LF New Scrim Partners!
  189. LFT/LFG Serious Only.
  190. Experienced team recruitment [SIGNUP]
  191. [EU/SWE] Experienced player looking for serrious team!
  192. SK Kite Prim is looking for 3 players
  193. we're looking for teammates to be a top team
  194. [FR] VERSUS communaut
  195. LFT as a sub
  196. Team Crapus v12 engine
  197. Skye Main LFT
  198. Will there be a 2vs2 or 3vs3 ranked system implemented in this game?
  199. [EU] Serious player looking for motivated team
  200. Zero Fear Gaming
  201. Starting an NA team
  202. Team ZFG
  203. Pug group, come join and play some more competitive games!
  204. [FR]Team DeafeningWhisper Recrute !!!
  205. Creating EU pro team!
  206. Looking for Team EU PRO
  207. Team Sinister Paradox NA
  208. CoAction Esports PuG Tournament
  209. Looking for High Level NA Team
  210. Moj filmik z Paladins
  211. Team NXT is recruting
  212. [FR] Space Ducks
  213. La NIID recrute du staff Paladins !
  214. ES l Looking for a team/buscando equipo
  215. Extinction Esports is looking for a team
  216. AxeLeague Needing members
  217. LF English or German Team
  218. LFG Competitive
  219. Creating Professional-Team
  220. Looking for a Team
  221. Extinction eSports Looking For Two Players
  222. Looking for a team!
  223. Se busca players (hispanos) para TEAM competitivo!
  224. Me and friend Looking for Comp Team-
  225. I need a team...
  226. Looking for Competitive Players
  227. Looking for EU team
  228. Looking for team NA
  229. [FR] orKs a la recherche de 2 joueurs
  230. Enhanced Gaming E-Sports (LF) Comp Players
  231. Pre-Season Paladins
  232. Procura se PTs
  233. Looking for German Tank!
  234. Pre-Seasion Competitive
  235. NA Paladins Team (Apply here)
  236. Open Qualifier Question(s)
  237. [ Qualifer] Team Ferox search for international Tank-player
  238. [NA] CoAction eSports is looking for players.
  239. Das eSports Team sucht dich!!
  240. [Important!] Best place to look for players, scrims and such.
  241. Grohk Main LFT
  242. [EU] Looking to Join an EU team. Main Ruckus
  243. [EU] Looking to join a keen team (German/International)
  244. Search a team Spanish or International
  245. Looking for 3 people for ESL Tournament
  246. How to sign up for the paladins qualifiers 2016
  247. NA - Looking for team to go pro with
  248. NA Team LF Members for Qualifiers.
  249. [ NA ] - Looking for a Team -
  250. Looking for a NA team