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  1. Chosen Champions | 3v3 Paladins Tournament
  2. LFG or team EU
  3. Looking for Players!
  4. Team Ghetto / Recruiting
  5. [ESP] Equality busca nuevos miembros
  6. Viper Gaming Recruiting [EU]
  7. [SEA][EU] Bastet esports looking for recruits
  8. RiffRaff eSports [NA] Looking for recruits!
  9. Just looking for a team that can compete in upcoming tournaments.
  10. LFT NA Serious Team willing Scrim/tourny
  11. BushidoMonks #TeamBr Recrutando jogadores. Senário competitivo..
  12. (NA) 4100CR - Support Ranked 62 In The World Ying 4615CR LF Competitive Team
  13. Looking For Team
  14. looking for a team
  15. [EU] High Level Teams. Competent Players apply here.
  16. Looking for team.
  17. Ps4 Competitive Teams
  18. [NA|EU] Creating a competitive team!
  19. EU player recruit for Viper TEAM
  20. Ps4 Scrims
  21. LFT NA Serious Team willing Scrim/tourny
  22. FirstOut Esports Recruitment
  23. PS4 looking to start up competitive team for tourneys and console wars if possible.
  24. European Tournament every Saturday 2 PM CET
  25. 4200 CR Support Rank 8 World Ying LF Competitive Team!
  26. Looking for NA team
  27. NA Ps4 Competitive Team Recruiting a Damage/Flank Main
  28. World #1 Inara Player LF EU Team
  29. [Healer] Looking for NA Team
  30. Elite Players Recruitment
  31. [Healer] [Frontline] Searching for team | Ign ~ EinMeister
  32. Console Wars and Keyboard/Mouse users on Console
  33. Coach/Analyst gesucht!
  34. 1m2o looking for team EU
  35. Formando time sério para competitivo[BR-PC], posíções: Tank/ Sup / Dano
  36. Lfg
  37. SEA Paladins Road to Dreamhack Championships 2017
  38. [ES] The Spanish Paladins league will begin soon
  39. European Paladins Tournament Saturday and Sunday
  40. Busco equipo competitivo serio
  41. Looking for team
  42. (NA PS4) Looking to put together ESPORT console team.
  43. Dark Nebula Gaming recruitment PS4
  44. Esports team?!
  45. EU team looking for players
  46. Looking for team ps4 NA
  47. Fill all roles
  48. Looking to join PS4 Console War team. Willing to learn any role at all.
  49. Looking for a Team for an upcoming Esport SEA prefered
  50. Looking for na team healer/tank master tier
  51. (PS4) Highly Competitive OG looking for ps4 console wars team!
  52. What does DH stand for/mean?
  53. Na Xbox Team Recruiting Here!
  54. New player here
  55. Looking for a team. lvl 25 tournament team please.
  56. Looking For New Team [PC] [NA]
  59. NA Esports Frontline player looking for a team
  60. Looking for players!
  61. Looking for Great Players!
  62. Coach/Analyst gesucht!
  63. Spieler gesucht!
  64. EU Team Thaiming looking for 1-2 dmg player(s)
  65. Looking for a team that is serious for ps4 console wars
  66. Rns Recruitment Challenge [join our discord} Status:OPEN
  67. [fr] (pc) lf2 (tank-support)
  68. Flank/Damage look for team UK PS4
  69. Deutsches Team sucht Spieler
  70. Recrutement équipe e-Sport Paladins France
  71. Looking for team PS4 NA
  72. [EU-PC] Support / Tank looking for eSport team!
  73. extremely experienced player looking for team
  74. Are there hackers in the pro world?
  75. Former OW PC pro LFT for paladins (PS4/NA)
  76. looking for a team
  77. Masterys
  78. Looking for a team!
  79. Awire Esports is Recruiting (again)
  80. Looking for Players! [EU]
  81. Are you interested in European tournaments on console ?
  82. Looking For Players For eSports Team.
  83. Top 5 [EU] Teams list with players
  84. Looking to either start a team or looking for a team
  85. Lft [na/ps4]
  86. SEA Invitational Tournament Qualifiers
  87. Raptors eSport Reclutando Jugadores
  88. Paladins PS4 Esports Team Forming!
  89. Community XBOX Tournament
  90. Lft eu
  91. Dedicated Support Main LF PC Team
  92. PaladinsWorld is now the OFFICIAL Paladins Esports Website!
  93. [PS4] LFT Front Line/Flank
  94. {PC} {EU} Looking For Players To Join Serious Team
  95. Eclipse Gaming recruiting PS4
  96. English and French caster recruitment
  97. I'm looking for a team
  98. LFT - PC / main tank/healer 5kmmr
  99. Looking for Players +3
  100. Spieler gesucht!
  101. Timeless Esports is Recruiting NOW!!
  102. Paladins for Tiered Games
  103. Flank/DMG Looking for a team. PS4
  104. looking to start a team
  105. Awire Esports is Recruiting for a Blaster Specialist
  106. Esports competitive changes
  107. Highly Skilled Flank LFT.
  108. New Squad looking for alot of members.
  109. Mildly Serious Paladins E-Sports Team Wanted
  110. Paladins Vietnam Chicken Shot Tournament ( For newbie only)
  111. R>SEA players that wants to have some fun
  112. EU/PC - PalGuru ranked ~2100 - dmg/flnk/supp - looking for a team
  113. Players needed
  114. Looking for players to join a esports team based in NA region
  115. Paladins France is looking for teams to represent the community
  116. LFT - Details inside :)
  117. [UK/EU] Support LFT
  118. Noctis Black sucht Spieler!
  119. Team Overlight - Recruiting/Forming (PC-EU)
  120. looking for NA xbox one players to form team
  121. I am looking to make a new esports to compete in tournaments- above lvl 30 is desired
  122. Looking for serious players: At least 2.5k casual elo on paladins.guru
  123. Is there a tracking site to show the games? Who picked who? Individual line scores?
  124. Looking for Members to join my team.
  125. [SEA] Team Tempest (new team) looking for members
  126. Looking for swedish players
  127. Esports Team looking for players- Lvl 70 or above is required
  128. Help! Question about the Paladins Global Series
  129. Looking for players level 60+ to join Team Tyrant
  130. Multi Game Pro Player looking for established team. (NA)
  131. Upper Hand Gaming Recruitment
  132. [PS4] DMG/Flank looking for a team
  133. Burrito and 50 Shades of Snek
  134. Looking for 2 players for Global Series NA
  135. How can I get to the esports comps
  136. Paladins Europe is looking for teams to represent the community
  137. Paladins France recherche une équipe pour représenter sa communauté
  138. NA LFP Osprey Gaming
  139. Join NewbNations eSports team
  140. Why isn't players from Bangladesh are allowed to join Paladins Global Series?
  141. [EU] Looking for a competitive team
  142. [EU] looking for team and/or casual players
  143. Xiuu LFT
  144. [OCE] Where's the best place to find an eSports team for XBOX in OCE?
  145. [NA] Tension eSports LFS Mon & Fri 10pm est
  146. seeking team
  147. Looking for a competitive team
  148. (PC) NA Plat 2.0 healer/tank iso team
  149. Team Tekkit - Looking for competitive players
  150. [NA] Looking For a Great Team
  151. The Paladins Community Competitive League is looking for players and teams!
  152. Agoge Gaming Tournament
  153. Paladins tournament with MASSIVE prizes hosted by Uproar.gg (NA/LatAM)
  154. Looking for EU Team / Building an EU Team
  155. Looking for PS4 team in NA
  156. NA PC Paladins Team - Moonlit Chaos
  157. where to watch the pgs
  158. Tank and Support LF EU Team (PC)
  159. Diamond Xb1 player looking for esports team
  160. 2k+ ELO TEAM Tryouts PS4 NA
  161. [PC Player 2.13 KD- Tank Main] Looking for eSports Team
  162. (PC) (NA) Diamond 1 Frontline Main LFT
  163. [PC] [NA] Support LFT
  164. [PS4][NA] Versatile Competitive Player LFT
  165. Plat4 Main flank/DD search Team!
  166. Join the Rabid Wolves
  167. New team forming for EU tournaments / ESL etc - diamond ++
  168. RD busca jugadores
  169. [EU] New Team Recruiting Front Line
  170. I'm looking for master team Jack8
  171. C3 Recruitment
  172. Pro team rosters
  173. F/A NA (18 yrs old) Im interested in playing this as an Esport! Any tips on starting?
  174. OC/AU New E-sports Team
  175. Looking for a Team
  176. Videos from Cups with Ying (this patch)
  177. Hook City is Recruiting! (Oceania)
  178. Ninja Turtle Esports [SEA] Recruiting for Pccl
  179. [Xbox] Getting a start into epsorts?
  180. [Xbox One] Esports teams out there looking for other teams?
  181. [PC] Plat 5 Lvl 60 LFT
  182. Who are the most used champions in Paladins E-Sports?
  183. [EU] Looking for 2 players
  184. Paladins tournament Wednesday and Saturday
  185. looking for team (ps4)(eu) frontline/supp main
  186. New to game trying to get into the competitive scene
  187. (us)--looking for team
  188. Looking for a team (EU) (Xbox)
  189. help with the competitive scene (IMPORTANT)
  190. Master player LFT, eSports.
  191. EU PC - Masters Player Flex all roles LFT
  192. [PC-EU] Mortal Esports recruiting!
  193. team looking for players
  194. Searching for a Team
  195. 2.8 kd / D4 Interested In Joining a Team (maybe sub)
  196. Looking for EU team with atleast 2k ELO
  197. Lets enter for the paladins Global Series! [PC] Searching Players
  198. [GER-EU] YOimTOTO LFT
  199. Team Savage Recruiting
  200. Onslaught tournament at EGL
  201. Black Ace Industries Esports is Recruiting! Need a flank and support! NA and PC!
  202. Looking for [NA PC] Team
  203. i am looking to join a team (PS4)
  204. Looking for an esports team? Join us!
  205. Looking for a squad!
  206. Master player search for ESport Team
  207. Paladins Competitive Challenge survey
  208. Looking for a team
  209. Looking for players near or above my skill level in masters
  210. Recrutement Joueurs Paladins Français !
  211. The start of something
  212. Looking for a Team
  213. Recrutement équipe e-Sport Paladins France
  214. Where do I play competitive Paladins
  215. (PS4) Free Agent Looking for team
  216. Codes question
  217. HRX 2018 loadouts?
  219. Lft
  220. Lfg- na/pc
  221. Creating Team
  222. Looking for a high tier team (EU/XB1)
  223. Starting a brand new PGS team! [NA]
  224. [NA/PC] Support Main LFT
  225. Creating An E-sports Team
  226. Diamond 1 LF serious team (EU)
  227. Team Prism (EU) recruiting
  228. Friendly tryhards looking for one more teammate for esports events!
  229. Looking for a EU Team
  230. X1 Scrims
  231. Team Arise looking for Scrims
  232. Lft
  233. Want to queue up?
  234. Looking for Players!
  235. Looking for team mates!
  236. Looking for additional players to form a team for PSG [SEA]
  237. Looking for an active full team!
  238. Paladins Challenge Tournament
  239. LFT/LFP Ps4 Na
  240. Paladins Tournament!!!
  241. Looking for a team.
  242. [PC] Exultance Looking for Players
  243. ESL Play - Paladins
  244. Tremble Esports: Paladins Team Setup(NA and EU)
  245. Fate Esports is looking for a tank
  246. Paladins Team: Underrated. Looking for experienced and dedicated players! EU Only
  247. FUN Tournament 3vs3
  248. Looking for a serious Paladins clan [EU]
  249. Looking for a team [EU]
  250. Safu Cup 2v2 #1