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  1. Support main looking for team
  2. Deutsches Paladins Team gesucht!
  3. [eu] 4k elo flanker
  4. LFT Main flank player. (4.3k+ competetive rating points)
  5. Looking for team/people to play with
  6. looking for team
  7. Looking for Team
  8. serious eSports team [looking for +2]
  9. Se busca persona experta en personajes de daño para equipo competitivo
  10. A la recherche de joueur pour monter une équipe eSport
  11. Paladins invitational ladders [NA,EU & OCE]
  12. Fft raitng/tournaments eu [looking for skilled players, ge in cs:go]
  13. В команду Cake & Glory ведется набор
  14. Bloodthirsty gaming
  15. RuskiSvarog - Main Front line, but can play any position N/A server
  16. Procuro Time(BR)
  17. Procurando Jogadores! [BR]
  18. Supreme Professional Paladins Team
  19. Looking For Team Main Drogoz And Fernando
  20. Player Search a Clan EU
  21. Busco equipo para "competir"
  22. If u need a team to join
  23. 2 Competitive Players LF Serious Team
  24. Team RaZe Sponsored ORG Seeking NA talent for Evie Winter Classics!
  25. Looking for a experienced team
  26. Helix Gamers League to Host Paladins Circuits
  27. Experienced Duo looking to make a serious team or join an established one
  28. Se busca crear equipo competitivo
  29. ITG recruiting new members
  30. E-sports app
  31. Mi ficha técnica paladins
  32. Diamond Ranked Player Looking For ACTIVE e-Sports Team
  33. [BR] Recrutamento Falco Invictus
  34. [BR] Recrutando 2 pessoas para um campeonato neste sábado
  35. LF competitive partner
  36. Three looking for two more serious and competitive players
  37. Team LF 2
  38. Looking for e-sports or and competitive team.
  39. [EU] [LFT] 4.6k CR
  40. Looking for 3 serious players to team/comp
  41. Eu 4.8+ lft
  42. TRH Recruiting (New Team)
  43. [NA] OG Retribution LF Serious Players for Competitive Team
  44. WASD Sports looking for a person to fill out a manager position.
  45. Team eXile looking for members
  46. Zonic eSports Premier eSports organization looking for talented Paladins lineup.
  47. [EU/US] TBD Recruiting
  48. ClawOne [eSports-Team] looking for talented PALADINS Players !
  49. [LA] Reclutando para Evie's Winter
  50. [EU] Old Paladins player is looking for a team !
  51. LFT or creating one
  52. mlg gb arena * help needed
  53. (AU) Drogoz main looking for AU team.
  54. [FR] Nous recrutons un coach
  55. 4k profile / 4.3k drogoz
  56. Frontline Main player looking for team, looking players for create a team.
  57. Main tank player looking for a competitive team!
  58. Kings of the SEA Paladins Tournament
  59. Ищу команду/Looking for team(EU)
  60. [EU] Creating Top 3 - 5 Team for next year ... ( with experienced players )
  61. [NA] OG Retribution LF 2 Players (Support and Frontline) for Competitive Team
  62. Competitive player (NA)
  63. Paladins patrocina eventos organizados por jugadores ?
  64. Looking for people to play 4.7k rating NA
  65. [EU] Looking for team. Main support 4,5k
  66. (EU) Young player looking for esports team
  67. Bist du auf der Suche nach einem competitive Team?
  68. [FR] Coach Open
  69. Realm Raiders, new weekly Tournament for the region EU
  70. Looking for comp/casual players to play with
  71. [ EU ] iLLEGAL1337 Looking for serious team!
  72. [NA] Looking for a Team
  73. [LA] Anarchic Volvers Busca Integrantes
  74. [EU] TheFley is searching for an eSports Team!
  75. Looking to join / create a team [NA]
  76. looking for members or teams NA
  77. (Ger) Suche nach Team
  78. Esport websites
  79. [EU]Looking for team
  80. LF serious esports team, one of best damage players here
  81. [EU] Create ESL Team
  82. Need one more player
  83. E-sports team for Africa
  84. Solid Team For ESport
  85. We Are the WhiteDwarfs [EU] and we are looking for clan members to enter the league!
  86. [EU/NA] The Rabbit Hutch
  87. Vexed Gaming recruiting Master/Diamond Flanker as 5th player
  88. LFT Pbl6A
  89. Synergy Squad eSports now recruiting for Paladins Team.
  90. looking for damage/support for NA team
  91. Lft
  92. Looking for a NA team
  93. [EU] Looking For Team!
  94. [NA] Evil Riders e-Sports Club - Looking for active gamers
  95. Looking for Competitive NA team for tournaments
  96. [EU] LF Esport Team
  97. Anyone know how to ring?
  98. Algum time BR recrutando?
  99. Look for Portuguese Team ( community ) [EU]
  100. (EU) Looking for a team
  101. NA player looking for a serious team
  102. Looking for a competitive team
  103. [NA] Looking for a NA Paladins Competitive Team [PS4]
  104. Support master looking for a team
  105. ESL for Paladins
  106. South East Asia on "PALADINS $150,000 INVITATIONAL 2017"
  107. [Suggestion] 1v1 Ladder
  108. Looking for a paladins team
  109. HGL Paladins League
  110. front line/support main looking for a team for NA
  111. Infinity (EU) Is Recruiting!!!
  112. E-Sports Team E2N Recruiting!
  113. Magical Havoc Recruting
  114. Looking for NA paladins team
  115. [NA] Damage/Flank Main Looking For Serious Team
  116. [EU] Buscando un equipo / Looking for a team
  117. Paladins Event!
  118. Looking for serious players!
  119. [EU] Looking for a team
  120. Mortal Esports Looking For Players[NA]
  121. (NA) Team Voltaic recruiting for new Esports team
  122. Busco team SERIO
  123. [NA; Esports Team] FG - FlexGaming
  124. [NA] LF a serious Esports team to take me in
  125. Lft
  126. TransacT eSports is looking for a Coach ( aiming for a Top 3 - 4 spot in EU )
  127. Looking for a competitive team (tons of EXP) ----FREE AGENT
  128. [EU] LF mid-high tier team !
  129. [EU] Polish player dmg/flank looking for good team for tournaments
  130. [OC/EU] Looking for a serious team!
  131. Bloodthirsty gaming
  132. DPS Flank Flex LFT [NA]
  133. 20r ESL Team Recruiting (AUS) BE SERIOUS!
  134. Hks (Hexakill steal) is searching fo one more Player
  135. Suche ein Team
  136. NA Player looking for team
  137. ExileD Esport is recruiting a fifth member
  138. [NA] Heartless esports
  139. (NA) Looking For A New Team
  140. I am looking to join a OCE Team
  141. Nations cup
  142. Looking for a pro Team [ EUROPE ]
  143. 2062 ELO (4500 comp rating) is looking for a team ( EU )
  144. Sub me in coach! 5.6k elo, 2nd ranked player in NA
  145. SSQ recruiting <3
  146. Dansker Søges til team og hygge
  147. Suche Team
  148. [NA] LFT to become best with
  149. Looking for team.
  150. EU - Team Moriarty LF 2 players
  151. (EU)Looking for serious members
  152. FPL Amateur Mastery Tourney | Event
  153. Szukamy Drużyny
  154. Player (EU) 2k ELO LF competitive Team
  155. [EU] LoserS Team Paladins Recruiting for ESL and GGN
  156. [NA] Sigma eSports is Looking for members
  157. [NA] Looking For a serious team
  158. Belgian team looking for semi-serious team members.
  159. Velocity is looking for a flex!
  160. LF a Competitive Team
  161. Recruiting UK Players for Esports Level Comp's
  162. [EU] Looking for ESL/GGN/Esports Team
  163. Time Centurions recrutando player Flanco e sexto player
  164. Esport 2v2 every saturday on wannawar !
  165. (NA) Flex Player LF Solid Team
  166. [EU] ExileD Esport searching for a flanker
  167. E-Sports Team E2N Recruiting 1 Last Player!
  168. [SG] Looking for team (non-competitive)
  169. [EU] Front liner looking for serious team to play tournaments with etc
  170. Recruiting for a new esports team
  171. I am making free graphics for teams!
  172. 1v1 Tournament this Saturday
  173. NA Comp Team looking for Flank -Damage -Flex
  174. [NA] Exultance Gaming building a team
  175. [EU] LoserS Team Paladins Recruiting for ESL and GGN Tournaments:
  176. I am looking for a good team aiming for esports games!
  177. TenThirty aka 1030 is recruiting!
  178. (NA) Recruiting players to start a team! (name still deciding)
  179. I am looking for a team
  180. Delta Star recruiting
  181. Looking for a clan or group
  182. Insomnia 60 LAN event
  183. [EU] Synergy Squad eSports recruiting
  184. Signature Gaming Looking For Tank Main
  185. [BR/ENG]Procuro Equipe de Paladins/ I'm looking for Team Paladins!
  186. LFG DPS/support
  187. Paladins Community Competitive League
  188. PALADINS – GA2017 biggest lan in France with cash prize and 20k crystals as winnings
  189. Signature Gaming Looking for DPS/FLANK Main
  190. PS4 Competitive Team Search
  191. Looking for a team, any team.
  192. Estou a procura de algum Time ( BR )
  193. ExileD Esport is recruiting two members !!!
  194. North American Player looking for a team
  195. [German] ERZGamers sucht ESL Team
  196. Asterix Gaming EU - Recruiting players now!
  197. NA player looking for a team damage/flex
  198. eSports logos! - Selling!
  199. Looking for Team / Party to play
  200. Searching for a Clan
  201. Recrutement heal
  202. Looking for the team
  203. (NA) Looking for team
  204. I'm looking for a team!
  205. Grohk is fragging
  206. Quazality E-Sports NA
  207. Looking for spanish people
  208. Stop ruining the rep of esports
  209. Southeast Asia Elite Series Tournament
  210. Org looking for team
  211. LF 2 tank players to join a team.
  212. Coldfire Gaming| Chosen Champion 3v3 Tournament
  213. Looking to Start an Esports Team
  214. looking for a team))
  215. Looking for a team to practice with! (Recruit Type Deal?)
  216. Looking to start a team
  217. Player needed for Esport Team
  218. NA player looking nfor esports team
  219. [BR] Procurando time para treinar, etc.
  220. Ossuby LFT [EU] - Serious Team!
  221. Looking for First Team
  222. Paladin's team
  223. Project X Recruiting 3 Players for Scrims/Tourny
  224. LightCombatGaming Recruiting NOW (North America Only Currently)
  225. Recruiting Norht American Team
  226. Recruiting North American Team
  227. want to join an EU team
  228. Front Line/ Healer LF4T-- NA
  229. Lets team up - PLEASE READ CAREFULLY
  230. looking for a team
  231. 5k Comp rating looking for team.
  232. (NA) Resolute.GG is recruiting for a Paladins team!
  233. aWire eSports is Recruiting
  234. Lft eu 4.2-4.3 cr
  235. Console eSports Sponsorship
  236. recruiting for new esports team
  237. [EU] WLG is looking for 5k player
  238. french tank seek esport team
  239. Damage/Flank 5K elo LFT EU
  240. Synergy Squad eSports is Recruiting
  241. Tank 4k7 - jbayyzazz
  242. [FR] Cherche équipe ou construction d'une équipe
  243. [German] ERZGamers sucht ESL Team
  244. [GER] Auf der Suche nach Mitstreitern für ein 5er Team
  245. Recruiting for QN
  246. (NA) Looking to Join/Create a Team
  247. The TreeBeards Looking for players
  248. Knight Looking for Squad
  249. Three skilled players looking for NA team
  250. NA LF Main Healer 4.5+ MMR with alot of Experience in Paladins