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  1. LF Grover for 5th on NA Team
  2. LF EU Team
  3. Looking to make a competitive EU team for the qualifiers!
  4. Rise of the Champions debuts on ESL
  5. Looking for team[NA]
  6. [EU] Looking for competetive team
  7. {EU} looking for a competitive team to play
  8. High Skilled Multiclasser lfg Serious Team for Qualifiers and more!
  9. AleFyne Gaming is looking for 2 competitive members!
  10. Looking for a NA team to join
  11. All competative teams
  12. Highskill player in several esports games LFT EU
  13. Looking for Comp Team (Main-Pip,Drogoz,& Barik)
  14. Paladins latino
  15. New Player Looking for a Competitive Team to Join - NA
  16. Looking for EU team!
  17. unofficial list of competative EU and NA teams.
  18. Searching for EU or NA Team
  19. Looking for EU Team!!
  20. Looking to join NA team
  21. [EU/SWE] Experienced player looking for serious team!~Plazebo
  22. competitive Team looking for Main Barik
  23. Recruiting New Competitive EU Clan
  24. [NA] Team looking for 2 Members for 100k
  25. Team LF 1 for NA qualifiers
  26. [NA] Team looking for a few good men
  27. Busco equipo competitivo espa
  28. Top 3 barik main LFT
  29. Wanting to Start a Comp Team
  30. I search a Team [Which speaks English]
  31. [NA] Yggdrasil (YGD) is recruiting a fifth member
  32. English speaking Team
  33. USA clan team
  34. [ger/eng] lft
  35. ESP | MAD Team
  36. MAD Team
  37. Lft
  38. Draconic eSports is now recruiting a professional paladins team!
  39. [EU] Team Fal'Cie looking for two new memebers~
  40. Deity Gaming looking for Paladins team
  41. looking to join a tema NA english
  42. je cherche une team competitive / Looking for competetive team
  43. je cherche une team competitive / Looking for competetive team
  44. Looking for competitive team
  45. Recruiting A Team(Competetive)
  46. Want a team
  47. Looking to Help out a Team
  48. Recruiting(competetive)
  49. [EU][LFT] Looking for a Competitive Organisation/Team
  50. [EU/ENG] Arcadios eSport building a new Team and search YOU !
  51. Looking for an active Team (MM and ESL)
  52. Who would you like to see cast the Founders Tournament at Dreamhack this summer?
  53. Recruiting for comptetitive [EU] - Adria eSports
  54. [EU]Flash Gang looking for Paladins players!
  55. HonorBound is Looking for a Manager!
  56. Searching players to complete our team
  57. i am looking to join a team or find players to play with on a daily basis
  58. Competitive Team Composition
  59. Looking for team
  60. Looking for Serious players to join
  61. Pro Players average level?
  62. Loking for a team
  63. Looking for a team! (New to Paladins
  64. LF Competitive Team (Play Any Role)
  65. When is the better time for NA tournaments?
  66. [EU]Team Forsaken is recruiting
  67. How to sign up for the Summer Circuit
  68. ESL tournament now has CRYSTALS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  69. RevolutioN ( German Team searchs for +1 High skilled )
  70. (ESP) Mercury eSports club searching 4 persons for the team. EU.
  71. [EU] Recruiting players for Mercury eSports Club paladins team
  72. ESL - How to sign up
  73. Team District69 official Twitter account :)
  74. Looking for team (got no mic, 17 years old)
  75. [EU] A good player looking for team for the summer circuit
  76. Octo Gaming Abuse
  77. Looking for a team !
  78. Looking for a team
  79. still not good enough
  80. [EU] Team iCe is recruiting
  81. [EU ] LF Team
  82. Looking for active people - NA
  83. Summer Circuit week 2 recap
  84. Interview with Torpedo's Thiel
  85. Looking for people to play with!-EU
  86. We took a closer look at the decks of the pros in the Summer Circuit!
  87. Looking for a Team/People to play with
  88. Looking for active Player Base !!!
  89. Looking for competitive active players
  90. Cyko Gaming Try Outs!
  91. Looking for a team
  92. [EU] Looking for team
  93. 40 MINS untill esl starts
  94. LFT Looking for Competitive NA Team
  95. Anouncing Tj's Tuesday Tournament: an ESL style practice tournament for NA
  96. I am searching for an EU team!
  97. [EU] Crushade looking for player!
  98. GOTA NA Team now Recuriting
  99. Looking For 2 Members To Join My Comp Team!
  100. BR procurando guild?
  101. Looking for competitive Team
  102. Looking for an active competitive team
  103. Looking for an active competitive team
  104. [NA] Myth Makers
  105. Joker Squad (NA) Recruitment Forum!
  106. ~Looking For An Active Comp Team~
  107. [EU] CassieBestWaifu ESL team looking for players
  108. Looking to start a team NO EXP NEEDED!
  109. [LFM] 2 High Level Overwatch plays transitioning to Paladins
  110. Looking for team! (New)
  111. RevolutioN ( now named w4sp ) is looking for :
  112. Looking for a team !
  113. looking for team [ENG/Ger]
  114. UPDATED Competitive Team List!
  115. Team Information - W4SP_Paladins
  116. Competitive Kinessa
  117. Competitive Team! No Experience required!
  118. Team Nebula (NA) looking for 5th.
  119. We're Hunting For New Players!
  120. EU - Looking for competitive team
  121. LFT-Mostfastest
  122. EU - Looking for competitive team
  123. Competicion Equipo Espa
  124. team requirement
  125. LFT Osky
  126. Mind CTRL looking for 1 player
  127. Portuguese players wanted!
  128. Solo queue ONLY - mode
  129. Looking For Team/Create one-(invitational prospect)
  130. Duvida
  131. Pro Halo Team Looking to form Paladins Roster For ESL [NA]
  132. Ferdy [MrLeaving] Looking for an comp team
  133. Tournaments
  134. LFT SFOdin
  135. Looking for UK and/or PT players to team up and sponsor
  136. Looking For Pro Team ~ Oreie
  137. *Asterix Gaming - EU Paladins Team - Looking for Players
  138. ✦ Horus Nation Recruiting
  139. UK Player Looking for an Esports Team
  140. Looking for a team Can play any role needed
  141. Competetive team "Just in cane " is recruting.
  142. Recruting players !
  143. Comp player lf team can play any role needed
  144. Seek team
  145. Asterix gaming - esl team - looking for players!!!
  146. Looking for professional team or players for tournaments
  147. Aurora eSports
  148. Looking for team BR server
  149. Ex Overwatch Player Looking For Team EU
  150. SFOdin LF Team
  151. Comp team Lf Players pref flank and tank players
  152. Jogadores BR para time recém formado
  153. LFP All position
  154. [EU] Hitscan dps LF a decent team
  155. Recrutement ouvert team 100% fr !
  156. Busco Equipo para competir | Main Tank
  157. Astral eSports looking for team members (name is subject to change)
  158. Reddit Tuesday Tournament 7: Draft Edition!
  159. Esports Organisation looking for Competitive Teams (Amateur - Professional Level)
  160. Currenly LFT, Serious tournament experience team.
  161. Top leaderboard Frontline LF EU eSports team
  162. Comp play lf team Dmg/Flank player Top 100 vik in world
  163. Hydras Esport - Looking for Dansih players
  164. Asterix Gaming - Join our Paladins Community Today - Many Active Players
  165. Senzu team recruiting
  166. Killer0Z Looking for Team
  167. Looking for BR pro team/Procurando time Brasileiro profissional
  168. NA TOP PLAYER LF COMP TEAM Frontline/flank/dmg Top leaderboards on all roles
  169. Hydras Esport Looking for Danish players | Hydras Esport Leder efter danske spiller
  170. Competitive Team, need experienced players
  171. Asterix Gaming - Need Flank/Frontline - 4K+ Rating
  172. Simplistic LF a Frontline!!
  173. Semi-pro/pro OW player looking for team.
  174. Você quis dizer: Tornar minha liga no Brasil oficial Making my league official in Br
  175. Im looking for a team
  176. SEA Team?
  177. Swedish player looking for team [English/Swedish]
  178. Challenger's Circuit - How to Sign-Up!
  179. US player looking for team
  180. [Looking for Team] zKRANKiEz
  181. Devs i have a request!
  182. [EU] Loking for team
  183. EU | Looking for players to play with
  184. Anubis E-Sports Looking for players
  185. The Gravity Clan - EU/NA Paladins Team.
  186. NA 4k Front line/Flank Player lf comp team read below if interested
  187. Bad Organization in the first tournament of the Paladins Brazilian League / Leve Up
  188. Legion
  189. Ambitious player looking for pro team
  190. ~~~~~ Serious Team In Search For Serious Players! NA & EU ~~~~~
  191. [eu][eng/pl]flanker looking for competitive team
  192. any SEA team here?
  193. Looking for an EU team.
  194. Experienced csgo player looking to try and play with a competitive team in paladins
  195. Mystic.Pro [EU Team]
  196. Starting a Team
  197. [LFT EU] Couleur2Bronze aka Burger
  198. Reddit Tuesday Tournament 8: Draft Mode Returns!
  199. Ominous Gaming Looking for a team!
  200. (US) I need a team plz help
  201. Search for a clan!
  202. NA Team Above the Law Recruiting!
  203. Simplistic | Looking for TOP Cassie/Andorxus | EU Only!! |
  204. Equipa EU
  205. NA 4k Frontline/Dmg player lf team read below if interested
  206. 4.2k DPS Player LFT
  207. Search for a clan!
  208. -_supreme students-_
  209. busco team
  210. Vexed gaming - looking to recruit paladins team.
  211. [BR] Procuro Time Para Jogar Profissionalmente
  212. A Guide To Esports [Players And Management]
  213. Interested in a competitive team [EU]
  214. Active/Experienced Player LF Group
  215. Looking For A team in SEA
  216. Competitive Player for 10+ years Looking for active Pro team
  217. Lightning E-Sports Recruiting Now!
  218. 4k Rating Diamond Barik Main Looking for Team
  219. Reclutamiento | Equipo LasT | Latinoamerica Norte y Sur
  220. EU-Based Competitive Team Looking for Members!
  221. SUGGESTION: E-sports 3rp person and eagle eye camera angles?
  222. The Prodigy Crew - Recruitment Open[EU] - ESports
  223. NA - Team looking for players
  224. (BR) Team Versus Recrutamento
  225. Looking for professional team (EU ONLY)
  226. Need Good Players
  227. The Imperial Militia - TIM [Recruiting Players / Team Captains / Recruiters]
  228. [eng/de] drogoz/cassie player lookin for comp team
  229. German Paladins Team (AceSports)
  230. Look for a serious Esport Team
  231. Looking for a serious EU team
  232. AceSports sucht dich!
  233. looking for ESL team.
  234. 4.4k cr Front Line top 100 on makoa and fern both lf organized team
  235. Team GUDBJORN
  236. Sneaky NEED TEAM FR ( ESPORT ).
  237. Looking for a serious EU players
  238. (ESP) HardCore Cookies Gaming Reclutamiento
  239. Looking for 2 players from portugal for a team
  240. (ESP) Se buscan jugadores.
  241. Bon joueur Français Recherche equipe pour faire de la competition/Esports
  242. DMG main looking for a serious team
  243. Looking for team
  244. Procurando Equipe/Clan/Time
  245. Szukam drużyny do gry - Turnieje, być może ESL.
  246. Looking for team support main
  247. [PL] Lethal eSport poszukuje SUPPORTA
  248. looking for a team !!
  249. Looking for a serious team to join tournaments!
  250. Szukam drużyny (flanker)